“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world : My own Government, I can not be Silent.”
―Martin Luther King Jr.

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November 20, 2023, the leftist Organization Washington State Alliance for Retired Americans via the leftist Elias Law Group filed a 22-page Amended Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief in US District Court, Western District of Washington, against the Dem WA SoS and two leftist county auditors in King and Thurston Counties.

Among other things, the carefully crafted complaint targets the homeless, illegals, newcomers, etc., who may arrive in Washington within 30 days of an election, and reads:

The Voting Rights Act (“VRA”) prohibits states from preventing otherwise eligible voters from voting for president and vice president based on how long they have resided in the state before election day. And the United States Constitution prohibits such requirements in all elections. Section 202 of the VRA is explicit: “No citizen of the United States who is otherwise qualified to vote in any election for President and Vice President shall be denied the right to vote . . . in such election because of the failure of such citizen to comply with any durational residency requirement of such State or political subdivision.” 52 U.S.C. § 10502(c).”

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A newly surfaced document has revealed that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and intelligence systems had detailed knowledge of Hamas's plan to raid Israel and kidnap 250 people weeks before the October 7 massacre.

The document, which was compiled in the Gaza Division, outlined Hamas's intentions and was known to top intelligence officials, according to a report by Kan News.

The document, titled "Detailed End-to-End Raid Training," was distributed on September 19, 2023, and described in detail the series of exercises conducted by Hamas's elite units.

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Liberal, self-described ‘sanctuary city’ Denver, Colorado is paying for illegal immigrants to travel to Utah, according to Republican Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox.

“We recently learned that the Democrat mayor of Denver has been sending illegal immigrants to Utah without proper notification or approval,” Republican Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox wrote Friday on X. “This is completely unacceptable and follows on the failed catch-and-release policy of the Biden administration.”

Without the approval or advance knowledge of local officials, Denver has been paying for migrants to relocate to other places, including Utah, where approximately 2,000 have been sent, 2KUTV News reported Thursday. Cox said Friday the practice is “unacceptable” and a result of the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

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A federal judge in Iowa halted the state's effort to enforce its own immigration laws on Monday.

The Iowa law would have allowed the state to file criminal charges against illegal immigrants who have outstanding deportation orders or who previously had been denied entry to the U.S.

U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Locher's block on enforcement is only temporary as the Iowa legislation is further litigated. Locher said he nevertheless believes the law will fail because federal immigration law supersedes that of states.

"As a matter of politics, the new legislation might be defensible. As a matter of constitutional law, it is not," Locher's ruling read. "Under binding Supreme Court precedent, Senate File 2340 is preempted in its entirety by federal law and thus is invalid under the Supremacy Clause."

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House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.), House Committee on the Judiciary Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), and House Committee on Ways and Means Jason Smith (R-Mo.) today sent criminal referrals to the Department of Justice recommending Hunter and James Biden be charged with making false statements to Congress about key aspects of the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden. These false statements implicate Joe Biden’s knowledge of and role in his family’s influence peddling schemes and appear to be a calculated effort to shield Joe Biden from the impeachment inquiry.

“Our investigation has revealed President Biden knew about, participated in, and benefitted from his family cashing in on the Biden name around the world. Despite this record of evidence, President Biden continues to lie to the American people about his involvement in these influence peddling schemes. It appears making false statements runs in the Biden family. We’ve caught President Biden’s son and brother making blatant lies to Congress in what appears to be a concerted effort to hide Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s schemes. As part of our efforts to hold the Bidens accountable for profiting off public office, we are today referring Hunter and James Biden to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution for making false statements to Congress. This is not the end of our efforts to hold the Bidens accountable; it’s only the beginning,” said Chairman Comer.

“Lying to Congress is a serious crime with serious consequences. Both Hunter and James Biden did just that. They lied to coverup President Biden’s involvement in their family’s international influence peddling schemes that have generated millions of dollars. These criminal referrals are a reflection of criminal wrongdoing by the Biden family, and the Department of Justice must take steps to hold the Bidens accountable,” said Chairman Jordan.

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Four individuals were detained following reports of a shooting outside the Walt Disney Concert Hall on Thursday night.

The location was hosting a graduation ceremony for over 100 L.A. County high school graduates, including 29 students who were currently detained youth on probation.

The ceremony ended in chaos when a person attacked one of the teen graduates.

A person reportedly leaped from a second-story balcony, attacking one of the teen graduates. This action triggers a further escalation, resulting in a brawl involving multiple individuals, according to KTLA.

Webmaster addition: What are the schools teaching those kids?!?

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Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) on Sunday threw a tantrum over ‘outside’ money raised to unseat Democrat Jamaal Bowman.

Bowman’s challenger, George Latimer, has raised more than $14 million of outside money in his fight for New York’s 16th congressional district.

Meanwhile, Jamaal Bowman has only raised $1.9 million outside money in this year’s Democrat primary race.

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“I’m not alone in suggesting that Biden replace Harris, perhaps in exchange for a key role in his administration. Serving as attorney general at least would be in her wheelhouse. Several alternative candidates have been suggested, including Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth and, needless to say, Taylor Swift. (Kidding, though her outspoken contempt for Trump isn’t nothing.),” Parker wrote.

She noted a recent controversy over former secretary of State and failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, getting involved in a primary challenge against a sitting Democratic lawmaker.

“We are left to speculate about motive, but the effect of Clinton inserting herself into the news cycle is to remind voters that, but for her defeat in 2016, we wouldn’t be stuck in this old-White-men dilemma. She is also reminding people of her relative centrism, her support for Israel and her broadly respected role as secretary of state,” Parker wrote.

Webmaster addition: Making Hillary VP will put a target on Joe Biden's back!

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Three people have been hospitalized after being struck by a water cannon police used against an anti-government protest outside of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Jerusalem home.

One of the injured was a volunteer doctor. Dr. Tal Weissbach’s colleagues say she was standing off to the side of the road wearing a bright orange vest so she could be easily spotted by those seeking treatment. Weissbach was struck in the eye and later checked herself into the Tel Hashomer hospital, Channel 12 reports.

Two other protesters were taken by Magen David Adom medics to nearby Jerusalem hospitals. One of them was unconscious after being struck by the water cannon and the other — a 63-year-old woman — was severely injured after being thrown into a wall, the network says.

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Since 2020, the liberal media has been pushing the idea of “misinformation” and “disinformation.” Major outlets and online platforms have gone out of their way to silence or suppress numerous stories and posts—claiming they were crafted by Russia to manipulate Americans.

But many times, these posts were proven to not be “disinformation.” Instead, Americans began to question what these outlets were trying to do.

When you consider that Democrats in Congress frequently use these terms as well, Americans start to question what’s really going on in Washington. President Biden even tried to create a “Disinformation Board” that could decide what would be said online. Now, House Republicans are launching an investigation into a company that can determine whether a news organization is trustworthy or should be censored.

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It is no secret that millions of Americans believe Donald Trump’s criminal conviction was a sham. They accuse Democrats of waging “lawfare” against the man, hoping to stop him from winning the election. But more than just regular Americans are saying this.

Legal experts, even on liberal media outlets, have criticized the New York trial. Some have claimed it violated law and justice.

Others have rebuked the court’s ongoing gag order against Trump, claiming it violates his rights. Claims from experts carry weight as well; they undermine the left’s narrative that Trump is a “convicted criminal.” Now, it appears a blue state Bar association is trying to shame lawyers who are speaking up for Trump.

From Daily Caller:
The Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) issued a warning Friday to public officials who speak out against former President Donald Trump’s prosecution…

The CBA leadership acknowledged that “free speech includes criticism.” The statement, however, claimed that “headlines’ grabbing, baseless allegations” made by public officials against Trump’s prosecution “have no place in the public discourse.”…

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Over the weekend, Donald Trump visited Detroit, Michigan. Not only did he attend a Turning Point rally, but he met with key leaders from the community. Detroit, like so many other cities, has been hit hard by Biden’s economic policies.

But something happened that nobody expected. Local black leaders called on Trump for help.

From The Post Millennial:
Former President Donald Trump engaged in a roundtable discussion on Saturday at a Detroit church, where local community leaders raised concerns about current military policies, particularly focusing on transgender issues. The event saw community leaders urging Trump, should he be reelected, to reverse these woke policies within the military.

Local community leaders in Detroit, including black Americans, called on Trump to reverse the unpopular Biden policies. They especially asked him to end the woke agenda within the military.

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Trump is hitting the campaign trail hard and even Democrats are noticing Trump’s bizarre 2024 strategy. Instead of spending all his time in red or swing states—he’s going to places nobody expected. He is appearing in the inner city. He’s talking to black community leaders. And he’s holding rallies in Democratic strongholds.

Has he taken a leave of his senses? Not quite. With Biden tanking hard, Trump is eyeing new opportunities that might rewrite the political map.

Newly announced polls out of a heavy blue stronghold are terrifying Democrats. They never thought they’d have to fight for this territory. And, if they are not careful, they could lose big time. That is probably why they are spending so much money in the least likely places.

From Daily Caller:
A number of recent polls have shown former President Donald Trump polling surprisingly well in New York, a trend that could force Democrats to defend the state they have historically taken for granted…

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CNN laid out new rules for the presidential debate it will be hosting between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on June 27th, including a provision that they will mute the candidates’ microphones until their allotted speaking times and will promptly switch them off again when their time is up.

“Microphones will be muted throughout the debate except for the candidate designated to speak,” the memo reads, which was provided by CNN to the presidential campaigns and was obtained by The New York Times.

The venue will not grant time for the candidates to have opening statements, and each candidate will have two minutes to answer questions, with one-minute rebuttals and then one-minute responses to the rebuttals.

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A groundbreaking new study has finally confirmed what many had suspected all along – that Covid mRNA shots are far more deadly to humans than the virus they were supposed to protect against.

Researchers recently and “reluctantly” concluded, as reported by the Brownstone Institute, that for the COVID-19 pandemic, “nothing that governments did had any effect,” and there was “only cost, no benefit.”

Other researchers reported that “despite the implementation of containment measures and COVID-19 vaccines,” global excess mortality has been rising.

With the death spikes and disabilities aligning with the dates of the vaccine and booster rollouts and mandates, doctors are concerned the vaccines were the cause.

In hindsight, it appears the most important, hard-earned lesson of the last pandemic is that we need a “vaccine” against the authoritarian impulses that a pandemic can inflame and empower.

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A former Google Maps UX researcher has shed light on the company’s decision not to include a “scenic route” option in its navigation app, citing potential bias against low-income areas. The thinking of Google engineers in designing a product less useful for consumers is a clear reflection of corporate DEI policies.

Toms Guide reports that in a recently deleted thread on X/Twitter, Kasey Klimes, who worked as a Senior UX Researcher for Google Maps between 2017 and 2021, revealed the reasoning behind the absence of a scenic route option in the popular navigation app. According to Klimes, the current Google Maps algorithm is objective, and any shift towards “nice” or “scenic” routes would require the incorporation of a new subset of variables that would introduce bias into the product.

Webmaster addition: To me, it is just common sense to have the maps trace out a route that avoids high-crime areas!

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The glitz and glamour of being a young influencer on Instagram may seem alluring, but beneath the surface lies a disturbing reality that threatens the safety and well-being of these vulnerable stars. Young girls on the platform can have massive followings with up to 92 percent of followers being adult men.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the rise of social media platforms like Instagram has given birth to a new generation of young influencers, many of whom are guided by their parents in the quest for online fame and fortune. However, as one Midwestern mom and her daughter discovered, the journey to becoming a successful influencer is not without its perils.

The mom, a former marketing manager, started an Instagram account for her preteen daughter three years ago as a way to share photos with family, friends, and other young dancers. The account quickly gained popularity, attracting the attention of photographers and brands eager to showcase the girl’s talent. “We didn’t even have the page for a month, and brands were like, ‘Can we send her dancewear?’” the mom recalled. “She became popular really fast.”

But as the account grew, the mom noticed a disturbing trend: most of her daughter’s followers were adult men. They left comments with fire and heart emojis, proclaimed their obsessions, and even sent inappropriate pictures and links. The mom spent hours each day blocking users and deleting comments, all while trying to balance her daughter’s influencer aspirations with her safety.

Webmaster addition: I think part of the problem is an acceptance of such behavior by the adults, and not all of them are men. The liberals have created a permissive environment with drag queens in schools and parading naked in front of children.

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The establishment in Washington, DC, is preparing to resist and thwart reforms to the federal bureaucracy proposed by a potential second Trump administration.

Trump plans to purge the administrative state by firing career bureaucrats from the DOJ and the FBI if he wins reelection, nine people involved in the effort told Reuters in May. Trump has repeatedly vowed to drain the administrative state, or “deep state” as he termed it, upon returning to office.

The term “administrative state” specifically describes the phenomenon of unaccountable and unelected administrative agencies, including the national security apparatus, exercising power to create and enforce their own rules. The administrative state uses its rule-making ability and raw power to essentially usurp the separation of powers between the three branches of government by creating a so-called fourth branch of government not formed by the Constitution.

Democrats, fearing a Trump return to the White House, are working to thwart any reforms from a Trump administration. Interviews conducted by the New York Times with more than 30 officials and leaders of organizations told the paper they plan to use mass protests and legal means to stop a second Trump administration.

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After a major Hollywood fundraiser Saturday night, His Fraudulency Joe Biden appeared to freeze up in one of those increasingly frequent “senior moments” of his. But then something truly bizarre happened: former President Barry Obama made the moment worse—much, much worse.

Watch the video. Watch how Obama handles the moment and ask yourself if there was any way, other than dialing 9-1-1, that Obama could have brought more attention to Biden’s obvious mental decline.

Within a few seconds, it sure looks as though Biden goes from soaking up the audience’s applause to freezing and blanking out. Jimmy Kimmel and Obama are ready to exit the stage, but Biden just stands there with that waxy look and his mouth hanging half open.

Okay, we’ve seen that before, but then…

Obama awkwardly reaches in and practically takes Biden by the hand. Sure, Obama grabbed the old man’s wrist, but the optics are exactly the same and utterly damning. Then, without a word, Obama puts his arm on Joe’s back and leads him off the stage.

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Attorneys for Hunter Biden reportedly filed a motion on Monday requesting a “new trial on all counts,” then withdrew the motion.

NBC News reporter Gary Grumbach reported that attorneys for the son of President Joe Biden had filed a motion asking Judge Maryellen Noreika, who oversaw Hunter’s gun trial, for a “new trial on all counts for lack of jurisdiction.”

“The Third Circuit [appeals court], however, did not then and has not yet issued its mandate as to the orders dismissing either appeal,” Abbe Lowell, the attorney for Hunter wrote in the filing, according to the New York Post. “Thus, when this Court empaneled the jury on June 3, 2024 and proceeded to trial, it was without jurisdiction to do so.”

Webmaster addition: I guess they didn't want to raise the issue over lack of jurisdiction as it would further undermine Jack Smith's case!

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Boys across six states have left girls in the dust and taken track & field titles and other placing positions from them despite being a tiny percentage of high school athletes.

The five boys who claim to identify as girls have won titles in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon, and Washington, according to the Washington Times.

Three other boys who competed but did not place first also took spots away from girls in events in the states of Connecticut, Hawaii, and Washington.

The issue of transgender athletes in primary and secondary education has been contentious. To date, 24 states have passed some measure of bans or restrictions on transgender athletes in state-sponsored schools and athletic contests. But the rest of the country has gone in the opposite direction. Furthermore, Joe Biden’s politicized Title IX rules have also mandated the inclusion of transgender athletes in all schools quite, despite any state regulations to the contrary. It is an imbalance that seems destined to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court at some point.

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Former President Donald Trump is blaming President Joe Biden’s policies at the United States-Mexico border for the rape and murder of 37-year-old Rachel Morin, a mother of five children, allegedly at the hands of an illegal alien.

On August 5, 2023, Rachel Morin was last seen heading out for a walk at the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail in Bel Air, Maryland, in Harford County. When Morin did not return home, her boyfriend reported her missing. The following day, her body was found on the side of the trail.

On June 15, the Tulsa Police Department announced that they had arrested 23-year-old Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez, an illegal alien from El Salvador, in connection with Morin’s rape and murder as well as a violent assault of a nine-year-old girl and her mother in Los Angeles, California.

Martinez Hernandez crossed the United States–Mexico border in February 2023, fleeing murder charges in his native El Salvador. According to law enforcement, Martinez Hernandez murdered a young woman in his home country in January 2023 — just a month before he successfully crossed the southern border.

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