"Nobody loves America more than I do, you know. That's why we left, because I couldn't bare to watch. You kids have got to understand this. Like when my mother died, she'd been strong as an ox, fell down, broke her hip, went into the hospital and caught double pneumonia. She's laying in bed dying and I went over and held her hand. She looked up to me and you know what she said? "Why don't you give me some rat poison?" Couldn't listen, couldn't watch, so I went away. People said that I was at the height of callousness, it's not true. I loved her too much to watch her die." -- Allie, The Mosquito Coast

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Independent Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr. is not on pace to qualify for next week’s presidential debate with former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kennedy — who initially ran as a Democrat before launching an independent bid last year — will reportedly fall short of CNN’s ballot access requirements to qualify for the debate by Thursday, the Washington Post reported.

When the debate was agreed to last month, CNN noted that candidates must “appear on a sufficient number of state ballots to reach the 270 electoral vote threshold” necessary to win the presidency in order to qualify for the June 27 debate. The Washington Post reported that Kennedy is currently eligible for 100 electoral votes based on the states he has currently gained ballot access in.

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The National Republican Senatorial Committee is readying a $100 million dollar ad blitz with hopes of taking back the upper chamber in November, POLITICO confirms.


The NRSC will begin placing reservations for independent expenditures on Thursday in four states: Ohio, Nevada, Michigan and Arizona. The committee described the buys as “multimillion dollar” investments in TV and digital but declined to specify the total size of them or the breakdown per state.

Republicans will need to maximize the use of their dollars as they try to win back the Senate. They will gain control if they flip just one additional seat in addition to the near-guaranteed pickup in West Virginia following the retirement of Sen. Joe Manchin (I-W.Va.) (The NRSC recruited West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice into that race and does not expect to need to spend in it.)

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 On the 5th anniversary of the state’s apology to California Native American peoples, Governor Gavin Newsom today announced the state’s support for the return of over 2,800 acres of ancestral land to the Shasta Indian Nation. This return is one of the largest in state history and part of the state’s ongoing efforts to right the historical wrongs committed against the Native communities of California.

Webmaster addition: This may be a desperate effort to generate new tax revenue by allowing the Shasta Indian Nation to operate casinos on their land!

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A federal judge has sided with Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch and Louisiana Attorney General Liz Murrill issuing a preliminary injunction against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) attempt to hijack the protections of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. In May, the Attorneys General filed the complaint against the EEOC and their attempt to impose a national abortion regime.

“The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is an important measure to support women in the workplace when they are pregnant and following childbirth. It is a shame that the Biden Administration is shortchanging the needs of working women in its single-minded drive to undo the Dobbs opinion and overrule the right of the people to make decisions about abortion policy. We appreciate the court’s thoughtful opinion and look forward to working toward a commonsense implementation of the Act, which would accommodate pregnant women while respecting state laws to protect life,” said Attorney General Lynn Fitch.

“The District Court applied a common sense interpretation of the plain words of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. When this law was debated, members of Congress uniformly agreed it did not apply to abortion. The Biden Administration continues to re-write laws in ways Congress never intended, which violates the United States Constitution. We are grateful the District Court blocked the rule. I would specifically like to thank the hard work of my Solicitor General Ben Aguinaga and his team for their continued dedication and hard work defending Louisiana and the Constitution,” said Attorney General Liz Murrill.

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Good news, everyone. The federal deficit for fiscal year 2024 is going to hit $1.9 trillion! That's 27% higher than the original CBO estimate of $1.5 trillion from back in February. One of the main reasons for that 27% jump: Biden's $145 billion in student debt relief.

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In a Wednesday discussion on the WarRoom program with Steve Bannon, John Solomon from Just the News unveiled significant new findings regarding Hunter Biden and the alleged influence-peddling scheme linked to Burisma Holdings. Based on documents obtained over five years, Solomon’s revelations detail a complex web of financial transactions and political maneuvers involving Hunter Biden, his business partners, and Ukrainian oligarchs.

“It’s an extraordinary story,” Solomon told Bannon, emphasizing that the FBI had these documents as early as 2016, yet they were not made available during Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. He suggested that if the American public had known about this potential $120 million payday for Hunter Biden, it could have influenced the impeachment outcome.

Solomon highlighted that the documents reveal Hunter Biden and his associates had orchestrated a deal to route $120 million from Burisma Holdings to a company they were setting up in Liechtenstein, a known tax haven. This arrangement granted them 25% of all future business profits of Burisma without any initial investment.

Addressing the authenticity and origin of these documents, Solomon explained, “These documents are part of a 3.39 million-page cache turned over to Congress by Devin Archer, one of Hunter Biden’s business partners. They were initially gathered in 2016 during an unrelated securities fraud case involving Hunter Biden and his partners.” The documents, which include business plans and email correspondences, reveal extensive influence-peddling and suggest that the FBI was aware of these activities long before the public became aware.

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In Michigan, a battleground state, elections have been scrutinized in recent years, and this year’s presidential election will be no exception. That’s likely one reason a proposed change to Michigan’s election laws is garnering social media attention. 

"Voter fraud investigations are being banned by Michigan lawmakers!" read a May 4 Facebook post.  

The post was flagged as part of Meta’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram.)

We searched Google for "voter fraud investigations," "ban" and "Michigan" and found a May 2 article by the conservative news website The Daily Wire. It said Michigan Senate Bill 603 would "ban bipartisan election boards from investigating voter fraud." That bill passed the Democratic-controlled Michigan Senate on April 30 without Republican support.

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The evidence continues to mount that the most likely source of the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was not a wet market as was originally claimed. The evidence likewise continues to mount that the research involved in the leak was likely gain-of-function research that was funded, at least in part, with our own tax dollars.

While much of the world has only recently woken up to this reality, one man, Dr. Richard Ebright, has been warning us for 20 years that this day was coming.

For 20 years, his warnings have largely been ignored, primarily thanks to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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In a third video in a series investigating the U.S. State Department, officials provide an inside look at the Biden Administration’s disastrous handling of the mass illegal immigration crisis, and even provide a theory for why the Southern Border has been left wide open – to change the population demographics of the United States. What do you think? Is it incompetence or something more sinister driving this Administration’s failed immigration policy?

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The chief of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has notified the political leadership "The Army is ready for war against Hezbollah."   Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah announces "Start a war, and we'll enter and conquer the Galilee."

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah stated that although the Iranian-backed group does not intend to engage in a broader conflict with Israel, "the possibility of the situation escalating into a major war is real at any moment."

During a speech commemorating the slain senior commander Taleb Abdallah, Nasrallah mentioned that "storming the Galilee remains an option if the confrontation escalates."

Nasrallah also remarked: "The loss of Abu Taleb is undoubtedly significant, but we take solace in the fact that he died a martyr, achieving his highest aspirations. Our resolve to continue the fight against Israel is now stronger than ever." 

Meanwhile, Israeli forces on northern front have been told to maintain high level of readiness as security situation can deteriorate rapidly.

The eruption of outright war is expected on or about June 24.

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The globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling on the governments of “sovereign” nations to begin censoring their citizens who express “gendered disinformation.”

According to the unelected WEF, “harmful content” such as “misleading gender and sex-based narratives” are allegedly causing “widespread societal harm.”

Interestingly, Democrat President Joe Biden’s State Department has already defined “gendered disinformation” as the promotion of “narratives” that conflict with the far-left dogma regarding “people with intersecting identities.”

The Biden administration warns that “gendered disinformation” discourages “women and people with intersecting identities” in the public sphere, such as politicians, journalists, and activists.

According to government bureaucrats, this, in turn, “harms democracy.”

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In a stunning new CV19 vax lawsuit filed this week by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, there is new hope to finally bring down the CV19 bioweapon vax industry.  AG Kobach filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, the biggest maker of the CV19 so-called “vaccine” with more than 60% of the market globally. 

Kobach is alleging “unlawful misrepresentation” of the efficacy of the injections and “censoring public discussion” of the disastrous effects of the injections.  On top of that, it is reported by Kobach that four other states are going to join the Kansas AG’s lawsuit. 

This is big, and biotech analyst Karen Kingston, who has warned from the beginning of the murderous and disabling effects of the CV19 injections, explains why, “I am overjoyed to share this.  Again, AG Kobach is suing Pfizer for ‘fraud and unconscionable acts.’ 

Ten counts have been brought against Pfizer, including conspiring with Health and Human Services (HHS), the (legacy) media, social media, other agencies and even the lobbying group ‘Bio.’  Even bigger than that, Kobach announced four other states will be joining this lawsuit and potentially even more. . .”

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The Biden administration is seeking to delay until at least 2026 the release of COVID-19 vaccine safety data that has been kept outside the government’s normal adverse events reporting system.

The Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services asked U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton this week to issue an 18-month stay that keeps them from having to release the Food and Drug  Administration’s data to Just the News under the Freedom of Information Act.

The federal agencies alleged that “exceptional circumstances” exist to necessitate the delay in compliance with the open records law because the FDA is stretched thin by numerous other requests for public information related to the pandemic.

The agency “has been dealing with an unprecedented workload requiring FOIA productions involving approximately 5.7 million pages of COVID-19 vaccine records in a compressed timeframe,” the government argued in the motion filed Tuesday night.

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As Donald Trump gears up for his Saturday night rally in Philadelphia, Republicans on the ground are preparing to welcome him with open arms — and hoping he’ll keep his message laser-focused.

“I’m a strong supporter of President Trump,” said Bill Allen, president of the Pennsylvania Integrity Network. “I’ll be right up front!”

Trump’s visit to the Liacouras Center — the 10,200-seat North Philly arena home to Temple University basketball and various other events — comes as polls show him opening up a narrow lead over President Biden in Pennsylvania. A Marist College poll released last week found voters in Biden’s birth state prefer the former prez to the incumbent by 2 percentage points (47% to 45%).

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The Hinduja family, owners of the multinational conglomerate Hinduja Group, have topped the 2024 Sunday Times Rich List, becoming recognized as the richest family in the UK.

Originally from India, the Hinduja relocated their businesses to London back in 1979, steadily expanding its global presence until they became worth an estimated £37bn ($47bn).

Their business operations span 48 countries across various sectors: oil, chemicals, IT, cyber security, automotive, healthcare, trading, infrastructure, media, property, and power.

So it’s a bit surprising to find some senior members of the family involved in a scandal of alleged exploitation and human trafficking.

Four members of Hinduja family are on trial in Switzerland, amid allegations ‘they spent more money caring for their dog than their servants’.

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In other words, over 500,000 jobs that were supposedly added to the economy in the last quarter of 2023 never even existed. Even more troubling, the previous two quarterly reports from the Philadelphia Fed also pointed to overestimation of payroll growth by the monthly job reports.

This all adds up to a labor market that is less healthy than what is reported in the news headlines.

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The number of migrants flocking to the US-Mexico border from a country known as a hotbed of ISIS recruitment has skyrocketed under President Biden.

More than 1,500 migrants from Tajikistan are known to have crossed the border between October 2020 and May 2024, according to leaked border dated obtained by The Post.

At least 500 Tajiks have been caught so far this year.

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Mark Twain was said to have written: “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”  Today, we look back a half-century to see what precedents exist for how Democrat power brokers just might address the problem of keeping their party in power, without relying on either a mentally challenged President or an intellectually challenged Vice President. 

            Make no mistake about it.  There are powerful Democrat forces lurking behind Joe Biden’s throne who even now are plotting ways to shove him to the side.  His performance at the G7 conference in Italy, where Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to take him by the arm after he wandered off from his colleagues, might have been the final straw.  The problem they face is how to avoid elevating to the Presidency the nation’s first female and first non-white Vice President without losing support from the Democrats’ most reliable constituencies.  With these people, no strategy is off the table in order to retain political power.  Let’s consider one approach that could be hatched in a smoke-filled room in the coming weeks that could turn the 2024 Presidential election on its head. 

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