"Globalism is the curse of the modern era, a means of taking the same Federal Reserve scam that ruined the United States and shoving it down the throats of the rest of the world." -- Michael Rivero

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India completed its seven-phase election process for the Lower House (Lok Sabha) of parliament on June 1, with results likely to be officially announced on June 4, but it appears likely is that India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to win a third consecutive term in office, exit polls suggest.

Analysts warn the polls, released by various news agencies, have often been wrong in the past and are not impartial. However, they have placed Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as the frontrunner in the general election.

The BJP, the main opposition Congress party and regional rivals battled it out in a fierce campaign over seven phases of polling.

A party or coalition needs 272 seats in parliament to form a government. The BJP led-coalition, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), will cross this target - according to exit polls, which forecast it being close to taking about two-thirds of the seats.

In his first comments after voting ended, Modi claimed victory without referring to the exit polls.

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German government records have shown that the country naturalised over 200,000 immigrants in 2023 alone, which amounts to more than the entire population of more than half of its cities.

The statistics, released by the German Federal Statistical Office reveal that most of the immigrants came from Syria, with 75,485 receiving German citizenship in 2023.

Most of them arrived in the country in 2015 and 2016 when former Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the floodgates.

A further 10,735 German passports were handed to Turkish immigrants in 2023, with a further 10,710 Iraqi nationals becoming German citizens.

The overall number is the highest in a quarter of a century. There has been a more than 50 percent increase in Iraqis, Syrians, and Afghans becoming citizens compared to the previous year.

A statement from the right wing Alternative For Germany (AfD) Party noted that the amount of immigrants becoming citizens “is more people than the population of Potsdam, Saarbrücken or Leverkusen.”

“The number of naturalizations has thus reached a historic record level, while the traffic-light coalition and the CDU want to fool us into believing that migration is being limited,” the statement further urged.

The massive uptick in naturalised citizens is being put down to a change in the law which allows immigrants to much more easily and quickly obtain passports.

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Young girls are starting their first periods earlier than they have in previous decades—a shift associated with adverse health outcomes later in life.

A new study published on May 29 in JAMA Network Open revealed that the median age at menarche has remained relatively stable at around 12 years, and the proportion of girls starting menstruation before age 11 has significantly increased over time.

Menarche, or the first menstrual period, marks the beginning of the monthly hormonal cycle and reproductive lifespan. Additionally, it signifies the end of female puberty.

Researchers with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Apple Women’s Health Study examined data from more than 71,000 U.S. women born between 1950 and 2005, encompassing various ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. They aimed to determine the age at which these women experienced their first menstrual cycle and how long it took for their cycle to become regular.

The study found that nearly 16 percent of women born between 2000 and 2005 started their menstrual cycles between ages 9 and 11, compared to almost 9 percent of those born between 1950 and 1969. Additionally, researchers observed an increase in the number of women experiencing irregular menstrual cycles for three years or more after menarche.

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The US Secret Service on Friday said that Donald Trump's conviction in his 'hush money' trial will have "no bearing" on whether the agency will protect him.

According to the agency, "today’s outcome has no bearing on the manner in which the United States Secret Service carries out its protective mission," adding that "our security measures will proceed unchanged," the Epoch Times' Jack Phillips reports.

Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts for falsifying business records in connection with a 2016 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels. He will face sentencing on July 11, during which Judge Juan Merchan could toss the former president in jail. Prosecutors have not indicated whether they will push for this, while Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg (who downgraded 60% of felonies in his district to misdemeanors, while elevating a an obscure, rarely prosecuted crime to a felony in Trump's case).

As the Epoch Times notes, several weeks ago, the Secret Service issued a similar statement to The Epoch Times regarding how it would handle the former president’s security if he were jailed, coming after Judge Merchan warned him that he would be prepared to send him to jail over comments that he said violated his earlier gag order.

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Boeing is literally facing a Foreigner style “Final Countdown” like no one has ever witnessed before in the history of Fortune 100 companies.

The only people facing a worse Foreigner style countdown are the Jews.

Sorry, that song is by Europe. I think it should have been by Foreigner, but that isn’t really my choice I guess. I mean, Europeans are foreigners to me. Right?

Anyway, Boeing can do all of the damage control they want, they can kill whistleblowers and whatever, but in the end: the planes are still in the air, and none of them are safe, and a massive disaster is bound to happen eventually.

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Star Rookie of Whiteness Caitlin Clark has been getting knocked around by cheap shots in her first weeks in the black lesbian-dominated WNBA. The press is trying hard not to point out the obvious racism, much less the heterophobia, of the violence.

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“For two years Biden was absolutely adamant that no US weapons could be used to strike Russia. Now he reverses the policy — aka, he lied. So where’s the pushback? Congress, media? What could be of greater consequence than lying the country into war with a nuclear superpower?” — Michael Tracey

Are the peoples of the Western world so completely insouciant that they do not notice that their politicians are pushing them into direct conflict with Russia? It seems Hungarians are the only European people who have any sense.

The Kremlin could not issue any warnings more dire, and in response moronic Western politicians provoke harder. Are they unable to comprehend that they are provoking a nuclear war, or is it their intention to provoke a nuclear war?

Biden, Blinken, and NATO have made another U-turn. The long range missiles that Ukraine could not use for attacks on Russian territory can now be used that way, but, for now, only on military targets. But the distinction between military and non-military targets is a distinction without meaning or substance. All modern wars are attacks on civilians and infrastructure.

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Joe Biden is trying to end the war in Gaza. He’s not trying that hard. But he’s trying.

Biden knows that the Democratic base is on fire. He knows that for a certain bloc of voters in American society – Genocide is not acceptable. Sadly, most people will go along fine with a genocide. That’s what history tells us and what the U.S. establishment is demonstrating right now. Samantha Power wrote a whole book about the Sarajevo genocide and launched a great career but now she’s a top Biden aide and just keeps her head down. It’s not fair to single her out — because all the editorial writers and politicians have a similar stance. It’s a terrible thing that so many civilians and babies are being killed by American weaponry in Gaza, but hey, look what Hamas did on October 7. That’s the ultimate in whatabboutery. What about Hamas? While we are burning up civilians.

Something else they do, on the cables and PBS, is to publicize the poll showing that only 8 percent of the U.S. population thinks that the Gaza war is an issue for the U.S. So it hardly matters in the presidential race, after inflation, immigration, guns, climate change, abortion, crime and racial equality. (But that poll is obviously biased. It’s by my old friend Mark Penn, a longtime supporter of right-wing Israeli politicians).

They can say that all they want. Let’s say only one in 12 care about genocide– for or against it. 8 percent is an important bloc in a presidential race that is sure to be decided by a single digit. And the Democratic base is on fire. Many Democrats don’t want to vote for a president who has approved genocide.

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Israel’s Smotrich Threatens To Turn West Bank Into ‘Ruins’ Like Gaza

Smotrich holds a minister position in the Defense Ministry that gives him power to expand settlements in the West Bank by Dave DeCamp June 2, 2024 at 2:24 pm ET Categories NewsTags Israel, Palestine

Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich has threatened Palestinians in the West Bank that Israel could turn their cities “into ruins like the Gaza Strip.”

Smotrich’s threat comes as violence from Israeli soldiers and settlers in the West Bank against Palestinians continues to escalate. Since October 7, over 500 Palestinians have been killed in the territory.

In a video posted on May 30, Smotrich addressed his “neighbors beyond the fence” in the West Bank cities of Tulkarem, Nur al-Shams, Shuweika, and Qalqilya.

“We will turn you into ruins like in the Gaza Strip if the terror you are inflicting on the settlements continues. Terrorism against the citizens of Israel must stop,” Smotrich said, according to HuffPost.

Smotrich, leader of the Religious Zionism party, is a settler himself and holds another minister position in the Defense Ministry that gives him the power to expand settlements in the West Bank, essentially making him the occupation governor of the territory.

Smotrich and other members of the Netanyahu government are not shy about their desire to annex the West Bank and push Palestinians out. When the government was first formed in December 2022, the coalition released a statement that said it would prioritize the expansion of West Bank settlements, with annexation being the ultimate goal

Claire's Observations  Minister Smotrich, we do, very completely, understand your quasi-religious zeal about getting Palestinians "out of the West Bank and Gaza."  and this scares the stuffing out of thinking people, including many of your brother and sister Israelis. 

But short of assassinating them all,  the mandate for which we understand is being feverishly implemented courtesy of the Assassination Nation's Murder Machine,  (the ANMM, FKA the IDF),  to where, please, are they supposed to migrate, when neighboring countries cannot take them in, like Egypt, which is struggling with a baby boom in the poorest of its communities, and can barely handle that right now?!?  Jordan is up to its ears in Palestinian migrants, and cannot accept any more.  

Your regime consistently talks about "voluntary migration", but to where?!?

Before the genocide in Gaza, you could have potentially had a conversation with the leadership of the House of Saud, or the leadership in the Emirates; unfortunately, right now, the collective response is going to be  one big, fat "Fugettaboutit"! 

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The armed forces of North Korea, the Korean People’s Army, on May 30 launched a large salvo using over a dozen new KN-25 600mm rocket artillery systems, deploying both wheeled and tracked variants of the system in a significant show of force. State media outlets highlighted that the demonstration showed that the country was ready to carry out pre-emptive strikes on its adversaries, with 18 long range rockets fired. The KN-25 is by far the worlds longest ranged rocket artillery system in service anywhere in the world outside China, and has an engagement range of approximately 400km - longer than those of many ballistic missile types. Introduced from 2019, there have been multiple indications that the system has been produced on a very large scale, and has been deployed in both nuclear armed and conventionally armed variants. There has also been considerable speculation along Western sources that some variants could carry chemical weapons. The U.S. Congressional Research Service has reported that the system  “blurs the line between rocket and missile,” sporting “advanced avionics, inertial and satellite guidance systems, and aerodynamic structures.” 

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Mexico has elected Claudia Sheinbaum, a former mayor of the capital, as the country’s first female president after a heated election on Sunday, with the nation’s top election authority projecting a comfortable win for the 61-year-old physicist-turned-politician.

Sheinbaum, a protege of Mexico’s outgoing President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, is expected to win more than 58 percent of the national vote, the National Electoral Institute of Mexico (INE) said, in what is known as a “quick count” of the vote.

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  • More than one million people forcefully displaced from Rafah, as Israeli forces kill 40 people in last 24 hours in attacks across Gaza.
  • Doubts grow over the latest truce proposal after Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who are facing potential arrest warrants from the ICC, cast doubt on the US-backed proposal.
  • Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan has welcomed the truce plan but told Al Jazeera on Sunday that the group is yet to receive any written documents.
  • Jabalia and Beit Hanoon have been declared “disaster areas” shortly after an Israeli military operation in the northern Gaza cities.
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It was a case where the president’s words — and his administration’s actions — did not seem to match.

On Tuesday, the International Court of Justice announced that Mexico had requested to join South Africa’s case accusing the Israeli government of committing genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

But the very next day, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, known as AMLO, refused to define Israel’s actions as genocide.

“We don’t want to put ourselves into a definition of this type that, instead of resolving a conflict, aggravates it,” he said in his morning news conference.

It was the latest evidence of Lopez Obrador’s ambiguous, somewhat contradictory stance towards Israel and its war in Gaza, which is nearing its eighth month.

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When a book titled Terrorism: A Very Short Introduction, written by the British professor and historian Charles Townshend, was found by police near the pro-Palestine student encampment at Columbia University, it was held up by New York Police Department (NYPD) Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry as evidence of some kind of foreign, radicalising influence on student activism.

Apparently, for Daughtry, reading a book on terrorism is evidence of radicalisation. Knowing about terrorism makes you at risk of committing terrorism. Finding a book near a student encampment confirms that pro-Palestine solidarity is linked to terrorism.

What Daughtry was arguably trying to do was darken Palestine activism on college campuses across the United States with the association of terrorism.

But doing so did not require much ideological work. After all, Daughtry had the media establishment on his side, an industry that had been furiously working well before October 7 to ensure that Palestinian resistance was entrenched in the public imaginary as a “conflict” between so-called moderates and extremists and to set Palestinian violence as “terrorism” in opposition to Israeli violence as “self-defence”.

However, the cracks emerging in the dominant narrative – exemplified by the student-led sit-in at Columbia University – required Daughtry to pose with a college textbook in a cringe-inducing photo spectacle.

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Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine in 2014, there has been repeated talk of NATO’s expansion to the east and the advance of Western strategic missile systems.

At that time, the head of the Russian Institute for Strategic Research, General Leonid Reshetnikov, also mentioned this when he gave an interview for Austrian media.He spoke of the possibility that one day there could be American missiles in Kharkov. He also mentioned Ukraine’s possible accession to NATO.

We are currently seeing how Ukraine is successfully attacking several targets in Russia, which are located far behind the front, using Western weapon systems. This increases the radius of the zone that can be assessed as a conflict area. More and more new weapons with longer ranges are now being used. This development is very dangerous because Russia must respond to this situation. Russia cannot possibly accept this.

The deployment of long-range weapons in Ukraine reminds us of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis in the Cold War. At that time, the USA also could not accept the stationing of soviet nuclear weapons on Cuba. There are red lines in matters of national security interests and these must be observed by all participants in a conflict.

At that time, the crisis was resolved through the clear and deliberate actions of statesmen from the United States and the Soviet Union. Today, with the Biden administration, we have a completely different prerequisite. Since Obama and the Maidan coup, the flag has been pointing to escalation and President Biden is continuing this course.

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