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An Israeli MP in the governing coalition said earlier this week that he is working on proposing a bill to annex the Jordan Valley, which constitutes about 30 percent of the occupied West Bank.

The bill by Danny Danon, who previously served as Israel's ambassador to the UN, intends to achieve the "full application of Israeli law to all areas of the Jordan Valley", including industrial and archaeological sites as well as main roads, Jewish News website reported on Wednesday.

"The annexation of the Jordan Valley is a significant issue for Israel from an historical, economical as well as crucially, from a security perspective. We know that there is support for the application of Israel's sovereignty of the Jordan Valley, both in the government's coalition as well as in the opposition," Danon said.

"I am optimistic that many MKs on both sides of the aisle will voice their support. There is no better time to apply sovereignty and we must join forces to do so imminently," he added. 

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Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian on Sunday morning near the occupied West Bank town of Silwad, raising the death toll of Palestinians killed this week to nine.

Eyewitnesses said Israeli soldiers manning a temporary checkpoint at the western entrance of the town shot Ahmed Abdel-Jalil Kahla, 45, at close range after forcing him to exit his car following a verbal altercation, according to Palestinian state news agency Wafa.

The Palestinian health ministry said Kahla was shot in the neck with a live bullet and died in hospital in Ramallah soon after. 

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The religious and authoritarian character of the new Israeli government has given some American supporters the opportunity to hit Reset on the special relationship, and call for U.S. governmental measures to punish Israeli actions. That alarm increased this week as the new government moved to grant itself power to override supreme court rulings, so as to legalize land theft from Palestinians and exonerate Premier Benjamin Netanyahu from corruption charges. There are mass demonstrations against the changes, while opposition leaders accuse Netanyahu of destroying institutions that preserve civil rights.

But U.S. Ambassador Tom Nides sees his role as cheerleading Netanyahu, and he appeared to side with the government over any protesters during an interview this week with an Israeli broadcaster, stating repeatedly that the government has a mandate from the public.

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Israel's Cognyte Software Ltd won a tender to sell intercept spyware to a Myanmar state-backed telecommunications firm a month before the Asian nation's February 2021 military coup, according to documents reviewed by Reuters.

The deal was made even though Israel has claimed it stopped defence technology transfers to Myanmar following a 2017 ruling by Israel's Supreme Court, according to a legal complaint recently filed with Israel's attorney general and disclosed on Sunday.

While the ruling was subjected to a rare gag order at the request of the state and media cannot cite the verdict, Israel's government has publicly stated on numerous occasions that defence exports to Myanmar are banned.

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Myanmar’s shadow National Unity Government said it has raised more than US$100 million to fund its democracy effort and topple the junta.

About 45 per cent of the funds are from the sales of so-called Spring Revolution Special Treasury Bonds, according to Tin Tun Naing, shadow minister for planning, finance and investment. The debt does not pay interest and the capital will be repaid only when the democracy effort is successful.

Funds were also raised through the auction of military-linked properties. While buyers will not have immediate access to the properties which they had successfully bid on and paid for, the National Unity Government has promised they will be awarded the assets after the junta rule.

Webmaster addition: Recall that the Junta took control of Myanmar following election seen by many as crooked.

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The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, held a large conference this week that was reportedly focused on congressional elections.

The conference brought together “1,000 of our top political leaders to strategize for the 2024 election cycle,” an AIPAC official told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, one of the few news outlets to cover the event.

The two-day Washington gathering (separate from its annual conference in March) that took place on 9-10 January was closed to the press. However, prior to the meeting several political leaders issued public statements sharing their positions and plans for what they would discuss at the meeting.

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The U.S. military and Hawaii officials said Friday the Air Force has returned 363 acres it leased on Molokai Island to the Department of Hawaiian Homelands, opening the possibility Native Hawaiians could move onto the land.

Air Force Col. Michal Holliday said the U.S. government has used the Molokai parcel since the Federal Aviation Administration leased it in 1960s. It was initially used to support telecommunications for the Apollo program.

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Peru’s government has declared a state of emergency in the capital Lima and three other regions following protests which have killed at least 42 in recent weeks.

The measure, announced late on Saturday and in force for 30 days, authorises the army to intervene to maintain order and suspends several constitutional rights such as freedom of movement and assembly.

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Jewish settlers have written racist slurs in Hebrew on the wall of the Armenian Church in Occupied East Jerusalem, Anadolu News Agency reported.

The incident took place late Thursday, the High Presidency Committee of Churches of the Palestinian Authority said.

“The racist attack by fanatical religious settlers, with sinful hands writing the words ‘Revenge and death to Arabs, Armenians and Christians’ on the walls of the Armenian Patriarchate in Occupied Jerusalem, is an inevitable result of hate speech and ugly provocation,” the Committee said.

The Committee held the Israeli government responsible for the incident with its “racist-colonial” policies.

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Remember Nuremberg

A reminder to the participants (government officials, heads of state, heads of government, billionaire philanthropists, UN officials et al) of the 2023 WEF Davos Venue regarding what is best understood and described by Peter Koenig below, as

The Globalists’ Criminal agenda directed against humanity:

“The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law, acted as Head of State or responsible government official, does not relieve him [her] from responsibility under international law. (Nuremberg, Principle III)

“Leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices participating in the formulation or execution of a common plan or conspiracy [WEF] to commit any of the foregoing crimes [see full text] are responsible for all acts performed by any persons in execution of such plan” (Nuremberg Principle VI)


The World Economic Forum (WEF) – with its noble logo: “Committed to Improving the State of the World” (really?) – will be holding its 53rd Annual Meeting from 16-20 January 2023 in Davos Switzerland.

The official WEF Agenda for 2023 is known and available on WEF’s website. This year’s Conference goes under the honorable title of “Cooperation in a Fractured World”.

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Officials within Brussels are mulling a possible ban on Pfizer officials from being allowed into the European Parliament, a report suggests.

Officials from Big Pharma company Pfizer, including the multinational’s CEO, Albert Bourla, could soon be banned from the European Parliament, a report on Friday has revealed.

It comes as the group finds itself at the centre of numerous controversies in Europe, with both senior officials within the EU and the vaccine manufacturer refusing to release details relating to the EU’s procurement of jabs during the pandemic.

According to a report by Euroactiv, the European Parliament’s committee on COVID (COVI) has now voted in favour of the ban, with only two political groups — the European People’s Party and Renew Europe — voting against the resolution.

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Germany will send 19 old Piranha armored personnel carriers to Moldova free of charge, which will be used allegedly in peacekeeping missions, the head of the Moldovan Defense Ministry Anatoli Nosatii said on January 11 during the procedure of handing over the first vehicles.

He said that the vehicles would be equipped with machine guns in Moldova. According to him, all armored vehicles will arrive in the country by mid-2023.

The military budget of Moldova in 2023 increased by 68%. The republic’s authorities reported that the United States, the European Union and NATO promised to allocate more than €40 million as support for military purposes.

The Transnistrian authorities expressed their concern over Moldova’s drastic militarization course, saying that they see it as a threat to the stability of the Dnestr region.

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The Kiev’s regime and its methods have nothing to do with the free world it allegedly fights for, Polish journalist Jan Engelhard wrote in an article published on January 12 on the Myśl Polska website.

The West is misleading the public that Ukraine is allegedly fighting for a free world, noted the author. In reality, the opposite takes place. In fact, the Zelensky regime banned the Russian language, destroys monuments to Russian writers and poets, replacing them with statues of odious Ukrainian nationalists, such as Stepan Bandera.

In addition to the cultural war, the Kiev authorities are waging a religious war with Russia, when Ukrainian churches belonging to the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate are being violently seized with the help of nationalist militants. In addition, the Security Service of Ukraine or SBU conducts searches in cathedrals, diocesan centers, and monasteries in order to prevent the use of religious communities as the Russian world cells.

“Behind all these phenomena, there is a clearly visible image of Stepan Bandera and his Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (an organization banned in Russia). And for some reason, no one in Poland and in the whole free world reacts to it,” stressed Engelhard.

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It is a constant of History: changes are rare, but sudden. Those who bear the brunt of them are generally the last to see them coming. They perceive them only too late. Contrary to the static image that prevails in the West, international relations have been turned upside down in 2022, mainly to the detriment of the United States, the United Kingdom and France, often to the benefit of China and Russia. With their eyes riveted on Ukraine, Westerners do not perceive the redistribution of the cards.

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The Swiss town of Davos (10,000 inhabitants) in the lovely canton of Graubünden is getting ready for the annual invasion of thousands of high-profile visitors from all over the world. They will attend this year's World Economic Forum meeting, arriving by private jet and special flights, while their safety will be entrusted to five thousand Swiss soldiers and policemen. Thousands of others will make their beds, cook their meals, make their coffee and tea, serve their drinks and clean their rooms. The conference participants each fork over 50,000 dollars for the privilege of attending. Most don't pay that out of their own pockets, though. The shekels are paid by the companies and organizations they represent. In case they represent governments, as many of the participants do, the money ultimately comes from taxes paid by citizens.

In short, the WEF meeting is a massive multi-million dollar operation. All participants have to promise they will not divulge what is being discussed at the many meetings. In other words, whatever is being discussed, whatever commitments and promises are made at Davos, is a secret. In this respect it is, to say the least, interesting that there are so many journalists and media executives among the participants. In doing so and in promising secrecy, they are actually betraying their professional code of ethics. Invariably, when asked about the Davos meetings, participants will answer that it just a "debating club,” where people come to see each other and to discuss themes of common interest. Really?

See more at

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The authors of the article believe that US President Joe Biden, who is in no hurry to send state-of-the-art weapons to Ukraine, is helping Russia in the special operation. It is the President of the United States who appears to be Putin's unwitting ally, who helps the Russian army win in Ukraine.

Toth and Sweet expressed bewilderment at Biden's attitude towards the Ukrainian crisis.

First, he made it clear to Ukraine that he was ready to help Kyiv to the end, but then he began to drag out the conflict.

Since the beginning of the special military operation, the Russian army has studied the tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and learned how to effectively fight Western weapons.


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The United States - as announced last month - began shipping the new B61-12 nuclear bombs to Italy and other European countries in December. An official document from the US Air Force Department confirms this. It establishes "safety standards for operations of C-17 aircraft carrying B61-12 weapons in the U.S. European Command area of responsibility. This area, in the Pentagon’s geography, includes not only the European Union, but also the entire Russian Federation.

The document specifies which nuclear weapons are transported with the C-17 Globemasters, the largest US military transport aircraft. They bring from the United States to Europe the bombs they replace: the B61-3, B61-4 and B61-7. A single B61-12 has in fact four power options depending on the target to be hit. The C-17 Globemasters - the document further specifies - also carry other nuclear weapons: B61-11, W78 W80-1, B83-1, W87-0.

The safety standards listed in the document confirm the dangers inherent in the loading, transport and unloading operations of nuclear weapons. There can be "the probability of fire in an aircraft with nuclear weapons on board" and a failure of the aircraft while in flight forcing "an emergency landing" or "the release of a nuclear weapon".

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Ukraine can win the war this year if Western powers increase weapons supplies, particularly long-range missile systems, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhaylo Podolyak told AFP Wednesday.

“Only missiles with a range of more than 100 kilometers (60 miles) will allow us to significantly accelerate the de-occupation of our territories,” he told AFP in an interview.

This scenario would end the war by autumn at the latest, he added.

Long-range missiles would allow Ukraine to target Russian arms depots deep inside Ukrainian territory controlled by Moscow but currently out of range of the weapons in Kyiv’s arsenal.

The United States last year supplied Ukraine with long-range missile systems that have a range of around 80 kilometers that were credited with turning the tide of the conflict in Kyiv’s favor on several fronts.

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Germany’s vice chancellor said Thursday that Berlin won’t stand in the way of Poland sending German-made Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, a move that would significantly escalate Western military aid for Kyiv and risk provoking Moscow.

“There is a difference between making a decision for oneself and preventing the decision of others,” Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said. “And accordingly, Germany should not stand in the way when other countries make decisions to support Ukraine, regardless of what decision Germany makes.”

Habeck’s comments come after Polish President Andrzej Duda said his government decided to send about 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, a move that needs Berlin’s approval. It’s still not clear if Warsaw has formally made the request of Germany. Poland could be waiting for other countries to send tanks as Duda said he wants to transfer them as part of an “international coalition.”

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Georgia’s Vice Prime Minister Thea Tsulukiani on Saturday told the media the Georgian Government would not allow the country to be involved in the military confrontation.

It is “regrettable” that the attempts, in “various forms”, to involve Georgia in military conflict have been continuing, Tsulukiani said while responding to the comment made by Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Mykhailo Podolyak on Georgia’s “refusal” to transfer Buk missile system to Kyiv, saying the Georgian Government did not “understand whose side [in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war] it should be on”.

The Vice PM noted the country would not provide military assistance to any side of the conflict, stressing it was the Government’s main stance on this question. Georgia has gone through “too many wars” and it has been the responsibility of the authorities to maintain peace for the future of the country, she added.

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German authorities want to put a famous Jewish composer and Holocaust survivor into a psychiatric clinic and force her to take the COVID injection.

Inna Zhvanetskaya, who lives in Stuttgart, Germany, was supposed to be taken to a psychiatric institution and forcefully injected with the COVID jabs on January 11, according to the news outlet Report24, which has been in personal contact with Zhvanetskaya.

However, according to several reports, she has been transferred to a safe place by friendly activists who wanted to prevent her arrest.

The 85-year-old Zhvanetskaya sent a video message to Report24 saying that “music is my life, and if they take away music from me then they take my life.”

Report24 also received a copy of the court order, which authorizes her forceful transfer to a psychiatric institution and for her to be forcefully injected with the COVID-19 shots “for her own good.”

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Major investment firm BlackRock, which has drawn substantial backlash for embracing controversial left-wing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ideology, has reportedly lost $1.5 trillion and plans major layoffs.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink and president Rob Kapito made the announcement in a memo sent to employees and viewed by Business Insider.

“Taking a targeted and disciplined approach to how we shape our teams, we will adapt our workforce to align even more closely with our strategic priorities and create opportunities for the immense talent inside the firm to develop and prosper,” the executives wrote.

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 An unvaccinated transplant candidate filed a court application this week asking the Supreme Court of Canada to hear her case against Alberta Health Services (“AHS”) and six doctors who removed her from a high priority organ transplant waiting list because she refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sheila Annette Lewis is dying of a terminal illness. She has been challenging the constitutionality of COVID-19 vaccine requirements for transplant candidates put in place by AHS, an Alberta Hospital, and six transplant doctors, for more than a year. She was unsuccessful at both the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench and the Alberta Court of Appeal in 2022, with both levels of court finding that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (“Charter”) does not apply to the Covid-19 vaccine policies of AHS, the Alberta Hospital where she would receive her transplant, or her transplant doctors. Both courts also dismissed her claims under The Alberta Bill of Rights.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ruled out the possibility of restoring relations with Russia even after the conflict in Ukraine was ended in an interview with the German newspaper Handelsblatt on January 15.

“It won’t be like it was before. Even if the guns are silenced in Ukraine, we should not expect our relations with Russia to normalize,” Stoltenberg said.

On January 12, at a conference in Norway, North Atlantic Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that regardless of whether the conflict in Ukraine is ended or not, it is necessary to recognize the fact that the security situation in Europe has changed definitively.

According to Stoltenberg, Russia intends to control neighboring countries and is in an ongoing conflict with the West.

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Using a novel imaging technique for volcanoes that produces high-resolution pictures of seismic wave properties, a new study reveals a large, previously undetected body of mobile magma underneath Kolumbo, an active submarine volcano near Santorini, Greece. The presence of the magma chamber increases the chances of a future eruption, prompting the researchers to recommend real-time hazard monitoring stations near other active submarine volcanoes to improve estimations of when an eruption might be likely to occur.

Nearly four hundred years ago, in 1650 C.E., Kolumbo breached the sea surface and erupted, killing 70 people in Santorini. This eruption, not to be confused with the catastrophic Thera (Santorini) volcanic eruption that occurred around 1600 B.C.E., was triggered by growing magma reservoirs beneath the surface of Kolumbo. Now researchers say the molten rock in the chamber is reaching a similar volume.

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Appliance retailers in Australia are facing new problems this year, with bans on gas appliances set to kick in as Canberra reacts to concerns.

Around the world, Governments and woke lobby groups including Australia want to ban gas fires and stoves, claiming they are a danger to health and that they are adding to environment issues. This is despite decades of use by Australians with no ill effects. Manufacturers of gas products claim those calling for a ban are “misguided”

In the future, retailers face being stopped from selling any gas cooking or heating products according experts.

Natural gas distributors, whose business is threatened by the growing push to electrify homes, argue that a ban on natural gas stoves would drive up costs for homeowners and restaurants with little environmental gain.

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NATO was excoriated by Mick Wallace, a member of the European Parliament from Ireland, on Sunday, when he lashed out at the Washington-led military bloc as a tool to keep Europe subservient to US imperialism.

He said politicians "need to start representing the people and stop representing NATO and [the] Military Industrial Complex." "NATO was formed by [the] US to keep European countries subservient to US Imperialism," he posted on his Twitter account. "The people want Peace not War, they want an end to US / NATO Proxy War."

Earlier, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said that the United States and NATO were engaged in proxy warfare against Russia on the territory of Ukraine.

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HBO’s “Watchmen” show is based on the comic book of the same name. In that comic book, one of the plots involves a villain staging an alien invasion that is meant to be so catastrophic, terrifying and deadly that it would unite all the various peoples of a deeply fractured world.

It appears that a different HBO project could be utilizing a similar philosophy, though perhaps inadvertently.

HBO Max’s “Velma,” an adult cartoon re-imagining of the beloved “Scooby-Doo” franchise, has garnered such widespread disdain and vitriolic reviews that some are thinking the lambasted project is a “psyop” in its own right, which is somehow unifying the left and right in disgust of the cartoon project.

Forbes, in an article titled, “‘Velma’ Is So Bad It’s Spawned Psyop Conspiracy Theories,” saw fit to stress that the adult show was, indeed, “very, very bad.”

“Velma is so bad in fact, that it’s spawning conspiracy theories that creator Mindy Kaling made what is essentially a parody of what the right wing thinks left wing comedy is like,” Forbes contributor Paul Tassi wrote. “As in, a show that not just recast most roles with new races, but also features loads and loads of ‘white guys, amiright?’ jokes.”

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