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Hard-line conservatives are fuming over the debt deal compromise being negotiated between Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and the White House — and they’re warning about collapsing GOP support.

Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) said he was “concerned about rumors” he was hearing about a deal that would raise the debt ceiling higher than what House Republicans proposed without getting more concessions in return.

He offered a stark prediction of the consequences.

“If that were true, that would absolutely collapse the Republican majority for this debt ceiling increase,” Good said, adding the rumors he has heard mean the deal would be “less than desirable, I believe, to the majority of Republicans.”

Posted on: May 26 07:46

 On May 24, the National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies released a critical new analysis of the militarized budget in the United States, “The Warfare State: How Funding for Militarism Compromises our Welfare.”

The new report found that this past year, out of a $1.8 trillion federal discretionary budget, the U.S. spent a staggering $1.1 trillion – or 62% – of that budget on militarism and war.

Threats to cut spending for vital domestic programs have featured prominently in the debt ceiling debate in recent weeks, but spending on militarism has been almost entirely exempt from the discussion. Meanwhile, clawing back failed military, homeland security and law enforcement spending could instead fund programs and measures to address the true needs of American communities.

Read the full analysis.

Webmaster addition: It's like I said on yesterday's radio show. We are in a wartime economy. The government just doesn't want to admit it.

Posted on: May 26 07:45

Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek's criticism of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for supporting the Parental Rights in Education bill has sparked a feud that continues today.

Chapek's comments accused DeSantis of promoting legislation that would "unfairly target gay, lesbian, nonbinary, and transgender kids and families." Since then, Disney's stock price has plummeted by 33.1% in just over 14 months. Disney shares opened at $89.44 and continued to fall on Wednesday ahead of DeSantis's formal entry into the 2024 presidential campaign.

In addition to the stock decline, Disney announced on Wednesday that it would lay off over 2,500 employees to save money. Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis was reelected in November 2022 by a margin of 19.4 percentage points.

Posted on: May 26 07:40

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon is set to face trial on May 27, 2024, for allegedly defrauding donors who paid for constructing a wall at the southern border.

After being accused of diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars to his associates, Bannon surrendered himself to New York State authorities in September. Bannon pleaded not guilty to conspiracy, money laundering, and scheme to defraud. Brain Kolfage and Andrew Badolato, allegedly involved in the case, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in April 2022.

According to the indictment, Bannon raised over $25 million and promised donors that "100% of the funds raised… will be used in the execution of our mission and purpose." Bannon accused DA Bragg of using the charges to keep him from being involved in the Midterms. He claimed prosecutors "did the exact same thing in August 2020 to try to take me out of the election."

Posted on: May 26 07:39

It is clear from the Durham report and the work of House Republican hearings that the current scandals in the Biden White House — and senior bureaucracies at the Justice Department, IRS and elsewhere — are much deeper and more cancerous than Watergate ever was.

It may be hard to remember, but Watergate came about due to a weird, dumb and fairly narrow set of criminal behaviors which mushroomed into 69 officials being indicted and 48 imprisoned.

I remember Watergate vividly, because I first ran for Congress in 1974 during the Watergate scandal.

Webmaster addition: Gingrich calls the Watergate break-in idiotic, but he is missing a key piece of data. The Democrats had acquired photographic evidence linking Nixon associates with the assassination of JFK. They could have used it to force Nixon to self-destruct his campaign or blackmail him while he was in office. That made the break-in imperative.

Posted on: May 26 07:35

A North Face advertisement featuring a drag queen in rainbow-themed outdoor sports gear has sparked backlash after going viral online. The popular outdoor apparel company has learned nothing from mounting customer boycotts against Bud Light and Target in recent weeks

"Hi, it's me, Pattie Gonia, a real-life homosexual," drag queen and self-described environmentalist and community organizer Pattie Gonia said in The North Face ad, adding, "Today I'm here with the North Face. We are here to invite you to come out ... in nature with us!"

"We like to call this little tour, the Summer of Pride. This tour has everything: hiking, community, art, lesbians, lesbians making art. Last year we gay sashayed across the nation and celebrated pride," the drag queen continued. 

Webmaster addition: The percentage of Americans who are LGBTQ+ is about 7%. So why are corporations willing to alienate the other 93% of their customer base to cater to this minority?

Posted on: May 26 07:33