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Tesla laid off a large portion of a key team in its electric vehicle (EV) charger division on Monday, a move that could pose problems for President Joe Biden’s broad EV agenda.

The company reportedly laid off nearly all of its employees working on the company’s “Superchargers,” which charge EVs quicker than other Tesla products and figured to play a major role in the nationwide public EV charging system envisioned by the Biden administration, according to E&E News. Tesla — which has benefitted from generous government subsidies for years — appears to be pivoting away from that aspect of its business; the layoffs could spell trouble for the already-struggling industry at a pivotal moment.

The Supercharger is considered one of the best chargers available because it can recharge EVs quickly and reliably, which cannot always be said of competitors’ products, according to E&E News. Other automobile companies, including Ford, saw the promise of Tesla’s Supercharger and made deals to have their EVs be able to access Tesla’s Supercharger infrastructure.

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When it comes to being prepared for a SHTF event, preppers are focused on threats from natural disasters to nuclear wars, EMPs, and devastating cosmic events.  The situations that people can focus on and become obsessed with preparing for and unpredictable and vary widely. There’s no way that one person or family could be completely prepared for every single type of event. So, most people choose one or several related events they believe are imminent and prepare as best they can for those.

But the less talked about threat that will be overwhelming no matter what the situation is that arises, is population density. For example, according to this map of population density by county shows that roughly two-thirds of the U.S population is located in the Eastern half of the United States. In fact, according to recent reports by the U.S. Census Bureau (2010 data), approximately half the population resided in just 146 counties out of 3000 counties in the United States.

That’s right. The biggest threat to your safety and the safety of your family is in fact, other people. They aren’t “bad” people out to get you. Some of them would likely give the shirt off the back to help others in normal circumstances. But in a SHTF situation, people just like you who are doing what they need to do to provide for their families can be a threat. Scared, and willing to do anything to get away from immediate danger, large numbers of these people can be the difference between life and death for your family.

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Radical liberal ideology pushed beyond acceptable boundaries in this latest incident of attempt to influence young people. Leftists have gained the sympathies and support of school officials and are working together in their attempts to erode American culture.

One of the greatest rites of passage for American teenagers is the high school prom. This is a traditional, festive event where young people get to celebrate together. Most schools take measures to ensure it is a night of fun undergirded with the safety of the teens in mind.

The problem is when leftist-sympathizing school officials get involved and secretly work to ruin an evening that should create positive lifelong memories. A high school in liberal-leaning New Mexico showcased an offensive form of entertainment and forever changed prom memories for its students.

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In the time (dis)honored tradition of Haruhiko Kuroda, the former governor of the Bank of Japan, Japan likely conducted its second currency intervention this week, current account figures from the central bank suggest, in another sign of the government’s intensified battle to prop up the yen.

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During the Reagan presidency years, one of first lady Nancy Reagan’s initiatives was the “Just Say No” approach to drug abuse.

Whether illicit drug use declined due to this slogan is controversial, but the premise is simple. When confronted by an unacceptable premise or option, saying 'no' is the simplest way to slap it down.

Drug use is still rampant and far worse than it was in the 1980s with drug overdose deaths now over 100,000 annually, according to the CDC. Obviously, too many Americans are saying 'yes' to drugs, rather than no.

Another social pathology, not much of an issue in the 1980s, is transgenderism. LGBTQIA2S+ and whatever additional letters are needed to make the letter salad current and incoherent, wasn’t a buzzword during Reagan’s years.

In the 1980s, no person of rational mind believed men could become pregnant or breastfeed, that men should use women’s bathrooms or locker rooms, or that men could fairly compete against women in sports. But here we are in 2024, when these concepts are in many quarters, as seemingly normal as sunrise and sunset.

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According to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, the United States has run out of so-called "Patriot" missiles to send to Ukraine, which means the Zelensky regime is now persisting on fumes.

In an interview with MSNBC, Sullivan told the cable news outlet that a recent request from Volodymyr Zelensky for "at least seven" more Patriot batteries will not be met by the U.S., Kiev's main sponsor, because there are no more available to spare.

"The U.S. Patriot systems right now are being deployed around the world, including in the Middle East, to protect troops," Sullivan said.

"If we can unlock further American Patriot batteries, we would send them. But we are doing a lot of the supplying of the actual missiles that go into those batteries that get fired."

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It is receiving almost no media attention, but a new bill in Congress threatens to remove non-profit status from all organizations in America that in any way criticize Israel.

House Resolution 6408 "To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to terminate the tax-exempt status of terrorist supporting organizations" and S. 1436 stipulate that non-profits will be expected to support Israel no matter what, or else face punishment by the IRS. Both companion bills were passed with bipartisan support from both Democrats and Republicans.

"This will give a single U.S. official authority to strip U.S. non-profits [sic] orgs of their non-profit status in a peremptory manner, w/ virtually no limitations, accountability, or meaningful recourse, based merely on his declaration they are "terrorist supporting organizations," tweeted Lara Friedman (@LaraFriedmanDC), president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

"The explicit target of this legislation is orgs involved in / supporting protest against Israel's war on Gaza, most notably SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine). But of course, if passed into law, it could be used against any tax-exempt org working for an objective disfavored by the Admin in power."

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