"It is not the duty of a patriotic American to listen to the government's lies. It is the duty of a patriotic American to listen to the government's lies, and shout 'BULLSHIT' at the top of their lungs!" -- Michael Rivero 

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Israel launched air strikes on Rafah in southern Gaza in the early hours of Monday morning, killing scores of Palestinians sheltering in houses and tents and stoking fears of an imminent offensive on the area, which is densely packed with displaced people.

The attacks targeted 14 homes and three mosques in Rafah, Palestinian officials said. The Palestinian health ministry said at least 67 people were killed. 

Several people told Middle East Eye they were shot by quadcopters inside their tents on Monday.

A displaced Palestinian from Khan Younis, Wesam Abu Jamee, said he lost two of his sons, one of them disabled, in a quadcopter attack that targeted their tent at 1:45 am.

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The US has given Israel support the green light to launch a military assault on Gaza's southern city of Rafah, a leading Palestinian politician has reported, despite reports that relations between Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu are at breaking point.

Mustafa Barghouti, General Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative, told Al-Jazeera that Biden's warning to Israel that it should not launch an attack without a plan to safeguard the city's inhabitants is de-facto support for a military campaign, which NGOs warn could kill thousands.

Without publicly backing a ceasefire, Biden is effectively giving Israel the green light to assault Rafah, whose population has swelled from around 180,000 to 1.5 million since the war on Gaza began on 7 October.

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After months of dangerous drama in Kiev, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has finally acted on his promise to fire Ukraine’s top general Valerii Zaluzhny.

Their long private conflict first became public on November 1, 2023 when Zaluzhny made his views public to the West in an interview and essay with The Economist that made clear his assessment that the war with Russia had become a stalemate that Ukraine could not win. Days later, Zelensky rebuked him with a rebuttal on NBC’s Meet the Press.

The firing of Zaluzhny is not just the mundane firing of a general during wartime: that frequently happens when a war is not going well. Its significance is not just that it suggests a recognition that Ukraine is losing the war and that the game changing city of Avdiivka is about to fall. On February 5, Zelensky partially conceded Zaluzhny’s statement, admitting in an interview that “As far as the war on the ground is concerned, there is a stalemate, that’s a fact,” and Zaluzhny likely would not have been fired were Avdiivka not about to be lost. The firing of the general is significant because of what it publicly contributes to the diagnosis of the condition of the leadership in Kiev and to the prognosis of the war and how it will end.

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Peeling back the layers of the Obama era is like opening Pandora’s box and finding out it’s deeper than we thought. Obama might have slithered out of the White House without a flashy “legacy” tag, but he sure did leave a mess. It’s as if he was the Dems and Deep State’s MVP, playing a long game we’re still trying to wrap our heads around. He wasn’t just about making policy changes; he was on a mission to infiltrate every corner of our sacred institutions and flip them inside out for his—and their—advantage. Just look what he did by weaponizing the intel community, churches, health care, and so much more. But if you think Obama had nothing to do with the wild turn our media took, guess again. Obama had a hand in turning our media into a progressive propaganda machine.

How did he do it? Well, back in 2013, he made a move to ditch the Smith-Mundt Act, basically rolling out the red carpet for propaganda in our national media. This wasn’t just a small change; it was a game changer for how stories are told and sold to us to this day.

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A "woke" couple in Massachusetts recently signed up to house some of the illegal alien migrants who are pouring across the southern border. Their only problem is they have no idea how many are coming, where they are coming from, or how old they are.

Watch below as the couple explains how a carload of four illegals was dropped off at their home within one hour of signing up to house the border invaders...

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Disney is actually doubling down on the wokeness, sticking to its guns with the “DEI hiring strategy” that prioritizes skin color, gender identity, and sexual orientation over actual talent or expertise. It’s like the US has swapped the pursuit of excellence for a culture of “charity,” and Disney’s leading the charge. Seven box office duds aren’t enough; Disney is eyeing an eighth. And with its latest twist on “Pirates of the Caribbean,” brace yourself for some legendary disappointment. They’re going to swap out iconic Johnny Depp and his beloved Captain Jack Sparrow character for a new lead named “Anne,” played by some black chick. Oh, and that sound you hear is probably the box office numbers taking a wild nosedive.

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Rafah is the town that borders Egypt and the Sinai desert, where one million Palestinian refugees have fled to escape the merciless Israeli attacks against them. More than 100,000 Palestinian civilians, including 70,000 Palestinian women and children, have already been killed and wounded. Most of these poor refugees are literally starving to death because of the 3-month long Israeli blockade of water, food, electricity, and medicine to Gaza.

If Israel launches this attack on Rafah, with the aim of driving one million Palestinians into the desert — and killing all those who refuse to leave Gaza– Egypt warns that a regional war will likely result, one which could conceivably become a World War.

Biden could prevent this with a single phone call. If the US cut off all military and financial aid to Israel, the Israelis could not continue to prosecute its genocidal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from Gaza. However, just the opposite seems to be happening, with the full support and complicity of the United States.

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They’re still doing that protesting the opposition thing

This was not a secret meeting.

It was also not “high treason.”

The German government has gone completely insane. Frankly, they’ve gone beyond the lunacy of the Americans or even the British. This situation is now totally out of control.

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Three House committees have asked the DOJ to turn over transcripts and recordings of President Joe Biden's interviews with special counsel Robert Hur, following an explosive report that concluded Biden is too cognitively impaired to be charged with a crime.

The request, sent by the three GOP leaders to Attorney General Merrick Garland, echoes many Republican concerns that Biden is receiving more favorable treatment than Donald Trump for the same crime.

"The Committee on the Judiciary requires these documents for its ongoing oversight of the Department’s commitment to impartial justice and its handling of the investigation and prosecution of President Biden’s presumptive opponent, Donald J. Trump, in the November 2024 presidential election," wrote the chairs of the three committees - House Oversight and Accountability Chair James Comer (R-KY), House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH), and House Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith (R-MO), who are demanding the information no later than February 19.

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As some fans celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers (the game was so much like bread and circuses from the Roman Empire except for who is being thrown to the lions), we have been distracted from the horrible state of the US economy. Just review that horrible December Jobs report where the US actually LOST full-time jobs, replaced by part-time jobs.

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If February’s Black History Month seems to have come around again very quickly, that is because it never really goes away. In fact, if it appears about to become year-round.The Black caucus behind the organization’s UK chapter is attempting to make that the case officially. Why stop the carnival?

BHM falls in October in the UK, but by the time Brits get to celebrate once again, it may already be permanent.

The argument for permanent Black History was recently made in an article by three academics from The University of Westminster Deborah Husbands [Tweet her], Stephen Bunbury [Email him]and Dibyesh Anand[Tweet him].

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Israel’s stated plan to forcibly transfer more than 1.4 million Palestinians in Rafah “amounts to a continuing Nakba, and a genocidal act,” three human rights groups said on Monday, urging immediate international intervention.

Rafah, located in southern Gaza along the border with Egypt, endured some of the deadliest hours of Israel’s military offensive, now in its fifth month, in the early hours of Monday.

More than 28,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed since 7 October, with thousands more missing under the rubble. An untold number of Palestinians have died from hunger and disease in a secondary wave of mortality resulting from Israel’s military offensive and siege.

The vast majority of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million people have been displaced, many of them repeatedly, and most are now sheltering in Rafah in inhumane conditions.

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President Joe Biden wandered around the podium like a 'lost puppy' during a crucial press conference regarding the on going conflict in Israel alongside Jordanian King Abdullah at the White House on Tuesday. 

After delivering remarks, Biden, 81, told the king: 'Your majesty, over to you.' The Scranton-native proceeded to stand back to the king's left, laser focused on the floor, apparently looking for a marker. Right-wing commentator Benny Johnson described the president as looking like a 'lost puppy.'

A few seconds later, Biden walks to the other side of the king, still looking for a mark. He then goes back to his first choice, in front of Jordan's flag. 'I switched sides on you,' he remarked while smiling at the king. 

This latest embarrassing moment comes after a week of a gaffes which saw him forget the name of terror group Hamas, refer to 46-year-old French President Emmanuel Macron by name of deceased president François Mitterrand, who passed away age 79 in 1996, and finally referring to former German leader Angela Merkel as deceased chancellor Helmut Kohl. 

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President Joe Biden is refusing to fold a losing hand as he bets with Ukrainian lives and U.S. taxpayer money. Biden and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer propose to squander the lives of tens of thousands more Ukrainians and $61 billions of federal funds to keep Biden’s disastrous foreign policy failure hidden from view until after the November election.

The $61 billion will make no difference on the battlefield except to prolong the war, the tens of thousands of deaths, and the physical destruction of Ukraine. It will not “save” Ukraine. Ukraine’s security can only be achieved at the negotiating table, not by some fantasized military triumph over Russia.

$61 billion is not nothing. This worse-than-useless outlay would exceed the combined budgets of the U.S. Department of Labor, Environmental Protection Agency, National Science Foundation, and the Women, Infant, and Children nutrition program.

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A preliminary analysis concluded that Russia hit Kyiv last week with the hypersonic Zircon missile, its first use in the nearly two-year-old war, the head of a Kyiv research institute said on Monday, presenting a new challenge to Ukraine's air defences.

Oleksandr Ruvin, director of the Kyiv Scientific-Research Institute for Forensic Examinations, said on his Telegram channel that his institute completed a preliminary analysis of missile fragments from a Russian attack on Feb. 7.

He included a video of alleged missile wreckage showing specific markings. "In this case, we see elements that are characteristic of the 3M22 Zircon missile. Parts and fragments of the engine and steering mechanisms have specific markings," he wrote.

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A Geneva-based human rights organization says Israeli forces allow settlers to watch the torture and humiliation of Palestinians who have been abducted from the Gaza Strip during the regime’s ongoing genocidal war.

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor revealed the information on Monday, citing shocking testimonies by recently released Palestinians.

According to Euro-Med, the development took place at the Zikim military base to the north of Gaza’s border with the occupied territories and the Negev prison to the south of the besieged Palestinian territory.

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Migrants in Mexico made over 64 million requests in just the past 13 months to enter the US through the "CBP One" app pushed by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

The CBP One app, which has been described as a "concierge service" for illegal aliens, has been pushed by Mayorkas as the "main gateway to the American asylum system," CBS News reports. 

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Israel’s loyal supporters in the West combat rising world indignation over the suffering of the Palestinian people by changing the subject.

When Gazan families are buried under the rubble of their homes, it’s not about the plight of the dispossessed Palestinians; it’s about eternal Jewish victims; it’s about “Islamic terrorism;” or it’s about a threat to “Western values.”

That is the line taken by most of the French media and political class.

Or there is recourse to Biblical story-telling, featuring vengeance, ethnic slaughter and prophecy of doom. In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declares a struggle between good and evil:

“We are the people of the light, they are the people of darkness and light shall triumph over darkness . Now my role is to lead all Israelis to an overpowering victory… We shall realize the prophecy of Isaiah…”

In the United States of America, the crazed prophecies of the Israeli leader find support from an American variant of Judeo-Christianity, more Judeo than Christian, whose followers are taught to believe that gentle Jesus will zoom back to earth as a murderous Avenger while his faithful float up to heaven.

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Electricity is among the most essential sources of America’s unparalleled prosperity and productivity; it is also the greatest vulnerability.

Giant wind turbines are powered by strong winds in front of solar panels in Palm Springs, Calif., on March 27, 2013. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The United States has become so utterly dependent upon an uninterrupted supply of affordable electricity that, as our grid becomes ever more fragile American society has become fragile along with it.

Former CIA director James Woolsey testified before the U.S. Senate in 2015 that, if America’s electric grid were to go down for an extended period, such as one year, “there are essentially two estimates on how many people would die from hunger, from starvation, from lack of water, and from social disruption.

One estimate is that within a year or so, two-thirds of the United States population would die,” Mr. Woolsey said. “The other estimate is that within a year or so, 90 percent of the U.S. population would die.”

Chris Keefer, president of Canadians for Nuclear Energy, concurred.

The energy grid is a civilizational life support system, and without it, modern society collapses very quickly,” he said.

Mr. Keefer is one of the experts featured in energy analyst, author, and documentarian Robert Bryce’s new film, “Juice: Power, Politics and the Grid.” This five-part docuseries looks at how and why America is now “fragilizing” and destabilizing the engineering marvel that is the central pillar of our society.

We are seeing the grid’s reliability, resilience, and affordability all declining,” Mr. Bryce told The Epoch Times. “We wanted to get people and policy makers to understand that our most important energy network is being fragilized, and we ignore this danger at our peril,” Mr. Bryce said.

He has been fixated on America’s electric grid for decades and authored the 2020 book, “A Question of Power,” one of the more comprehensive studies of how electricity grids work and why they may not work as well in the coming years.

Steven Pinker, author and Harvard psychology professor, wrote in a review of the book that “energy is our primary defense against poverty, disorder, hunger, and death.”

And yet, many nations in the West have engaged in a game of Russian roulette with their power grids, in an attempt to reduce global temperatures.

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Israel massacred civilians in the previously declared "safe zone" of Rafah in southern Gaza on Sunday night while they were running ads during the Super Bowl playing up their own victimhood. 

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