"Incompetence, in the limit, is indistinguishable from sabotage." -- Elon Musk

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Later this month, people in Berlin will be able to book an hour with an AI sex doll as the world’s first cyber brothel rolls out the service following a test phase.

Customers will be able to interact verbally with the AI dolls as well as physically.

“Many people feel more comfortable sharing private matters with a machine because it doesn’t judge,” says Philipp Fussenegger, founder and owner of Cybrothel.

“Previously, there was significant interest in a doll with a voice actress, where users could only hear the voice and interact with the doll. Now, there is an even greater demand for interacting with artificial intelligence.”

It's just one of many ways that generative AI is being used by the adult entertainment business.

Analysis by SplitMetrics revealed that AI companion apps reached 225 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

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In this video I follow up on a recent story I covered about the separation & formation of St. George from the city of Baton Rouge & how the same activists who say they shouldn't leave are now claiming that Baton Rouge will be better off without whites

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Workers at a government institution in Mexico City have revolted by tearing down a large pride flag installed inside a building.

Video footage showed employees at the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) ripping down the rainbow flag in an apparent protest.

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It seems that many gun control activists want to take your guns so badly that they’re willing to take your voice, too. And increasingly, the war for the Second Amendment involves battles waged on a First Amendment front.

Just ask the National Rifle Association, which last week needed the Supreme Court to vindicate its right to free speech against New York’s attempts to suppress the gun rights organization’s pro-Second Amendment views.

New York’s unconstitutional assault on a Second Amendment advocacy group was, unfortunately, far from the first time that gun control activists have attacked the lawful gun industry and lawful gun owners by threatening their right to speak freely.

Particularly when it comes to the importance of armed self-defense, gun control activists know that the closest thing they have to a winning argument is a silent (or silenced) opposition. The numbers simply don’t work in their favor.

Almost every major study has found that Americans use their firearms in self-defense between 500,000 and 3 million times annually, according to a 2013 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2021, the most comprehensive study ever conducted on the issue concluded that roughly 1.6 million defensive gun uses occur in the United States every year.

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For years, Joe Biden shared a bookkeeper with his son, Hunter. He also shared a personal lawyer with his brother, Jim. And when Jim Biden wanted to know more about one of Hunter Biden’s associates, he hired the former head of Joe Biden’s Secret Service detail to investigate.

Since 2019, Joe Biden has repeatedly distanced himself from his family’s business dealings, saying that he has never so much as discussed them with his relatives or with anyone else. But House impeachment inquiry interviews, public records and emails reviewed by POLITICO show that members of his inner circle were regularly enmeshed in those dealings: Many of the president’s closest staffers and advisers have doubled as his relatives’ business associates, both during and after their stints working for the man at the center of the Biden family orbit.

Those overlaps reflect an all-in-the family approach to business and politicking that dates back a half-century to the president’s first Senate bid, run primarily by his parents and siblings. Since then, his political patrons have at times forged business ties with his relatives, who in turn have converted some of their business partners into campaign supporters. And over a lifetime in public life, some of the president’s aides have taken on roles as surrogate members of the tight-knit Biden clan.

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President Joe Biden claims he decided to run for president after hearing Donald Trump call neo-Nazis "very fine people." That's a hoax; video shows Trump explicitly condemning them. The "very fine people" were on both sides of the argument about whether or not to tear down Confederate statues.

The Biden campaign put out a new ad that touts Biden's accomplishments … just kidding. It revives the claim that Trump told Americans to drink bleach (usually they say "inject") as well as the claim that Trump tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo-op … something that we debunked earlier this week. Isn't it crazy that a pathological liar would rely on lies for his campaign?

As we reported earlier, the Biden campaign warned that Trump would prosecute and jail his political opponents if re-elected:

Biden-Harris HQ, the official rapid response page of the Biden-Harris campaign that offers "Just the facts, Jack," pounced on Axios' article about Trump jailing his opponents, in the meantime trying to revive the "bloodbath hoax" that dominated the news cycle for a week.

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The noise is coming from my personal Apple desktop computer in the small office adjacent to my bedroom. It’s starting up.

On its own.

“Reeeeeeeee…chik chik chik chik,” says the computer as it shakes itself awake.

The electronic sounds stir me from sleep. I squint my eyes at the clock radio on the table next to the bed. The numbers blink back: “3:14 a.m.”

Only a day earlier, my CBS-issued Toshiba laptop, perched at the front of my bed, had whirred to life on its own, untouched by human hands. What time was that? I think it was 4 a.m.

Some nights, both computers spark to life, one after the other. After thirty seconds, maybe a minute, they go back to sleep. I know this is not normal computer behavior.

It’s October 2012. I try to remember how long ago my computers started going rogue. A year? Two? It no longer startles me. But it’s definitely piquing my curiosity.

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German MEP Christine Anderson explains to Riks Europe how leftwing Members of European Parliament are fearing the success of national conservatives in the upcoming EP elections, as a lot of "ideological nonsense" in terms of "climate idiocy" and "gender mainstreaming" will no longer be possible.

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In the days and weeks leading up to January 6, the nation's highest-ranking military officer, then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, was moving in lockstep with the political anxieties of top Democratic leaders.

These Democrats grew anxious as over 140 House Republicans planned to contest the election results during the electoral college certification that day. Milley was then deeply engaged with a circle of confidants including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, among others—all of whom shared a unified disdain for President Donald Trump.

At a House Oversight Committee hearing in April addressing the 3-hour and 19-minute delay in mobilizing the D.C. National Guard on January 6, Colonel Earl Matthews, one of four Department of Defense witnesses, testified about an “irrational” fear among a “clique” of senior military officers concerning the potential misuse of the National Guard by the president. He indicated that these concerns were influenced behind the scenes by Milley, who often made disparaging remarks about the president and regularly referred to his fear of a so-called potential “Reichstag moment.”

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