"The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations." -- Thomas Jefferson

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Russia is calling upon international organizations to stop covering up for the Kiev regime and its role in perpetrating the events almost two years ago in the Kiev suburb of Bucha, and instead to push for a thorough investigation, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a comment ahead of the second anniversary of what she called the staged incident in Bucha.

"Once again, we demand that international organizations stop covering up for the Kiev regime and instead work toward conducting a thoroughgoing investigation that will, at long last, disclose the names of those killed, the time and cause of their deaths <…> as well as of those responsible for that terrible crime committed by the Kiev regime," Zakharova said.

Meanwhile, numerous previous calls by Russia for international organizations, including agencies of the United Nations, to conduct a serious investigation of precisely what transpired in Bucha two years ago have to date remained unanswered, the Russian diplomat added.

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In the past 24 hours, Hualien City has had 55 quakes of magnitudes above 4 and up to 7.4 within up to 100 km (63 mi) distance:

  • 1 quake above magnitude 7
  • 1 quake between magnitude 6 and 7
  • 13 quakes between magnitude 5 and 6
  • 40 quakes between magnitude 4 and 5
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Authored by James Rickards via DailyReckoning.com,

A lot of people seem to have forgotten about the war in Ukraine. That’s a mistake.

Russia is slowly but steadily defeating Ukraine, which is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone except the most anti-Russian diehards.

That’s leading to desperation in elite Western circles determined to stop Russia one way or the other. In their minds, they simply can’t let Putin win. They think that if Putin wins in Ukraine, he’ll next move on to the Baltic states, Poland and elsewhere.

You know the West is getting desperate based on recent threats by France’s Emmanuel Macron to send troops to Ukraine.

The vice president of the Russia Duma, Pyotr Tolstoy (descendant of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy), warned that French troops would be priority targets for Russian forces if they entered Ukraine.

Even though France would send troops independent of NATO, that puts us on a very dangerous path that ultimately leads to direct conflict between NATO and Russia. And that path ends in nuclear war ultimately.

Tolstoy added that it would take “just two minutes to nuke Paris.” It’s not hard to envision how quickly things could escalate if France decided to send troops to Ukraine.

More Escalation

Meanwhile, NATO is preparing to send F-16s to Ukraine. Airfields in Ukraine are highly vulnerable to Russian attack, especially since Ukraine’s air defenses are heavily depleted at this point and the Russian air force is becoming increasingly active in Ukraine.

But if NATO allows the F-16s to be based on its own airbases, Putin has warned that these airfields would become a “legitimate target” if strikes against Russian forces were launched from them.

By the way, Russia has hypersonic missiles that NATO has no practical ability to shoot down, so these attacks would likely be successful. Of course, NATO would have to retaliate in kind. You can imagine where all this could lead.

We’re already well along the escalation ladder. And the higher you go, the more face you stand to lose if you back down. I warned about that from the outset of the war.

But the entire notion that Russia poses some existential threat to NATO or Europe is absurd.

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GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado underwent surgery after "severe swelling" in one of her legs led to the discovery of "an acute blood clot" and a diagnosis of May-Thurner syndrome, according to a statement by the lawmaker's campaign posted on Facebook.

"Yesterday afternoon, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was admitted to UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland after experiencing severe swelling in her upper left leg. After undergoing a CT Scan, doctors found an acute blood clot and diagnosed her with May-Thurner Syndrome," the statement explains.

Webmaster addition: See Post-COVID-19 Vaccine Thromboembolic Complication in the Setting of Newly Diagnosed May-Thurner Syndrome 

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Authored by Brad Jones via The Epoch Times 

A leaked video and documents exposing the inner workings of the organization responsible for setting the so-called “standards of care” for gender transition treatments and surgeries on children is a “shocking” and “horrific” admission, critics say.

In a file photo, a detransitioner looks at a letter from her former doctor who authorized a double mastectomy for transitioning into a male, at her home on Nov. 1, 2022. The woman now regrets the procedure. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

The leaked files from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health—better known as WPATH—reveal “widespread medical malpractice on children and vulnerable adults,” according to a 241-page report disclosing emails, documents, and an 82-minute video.

Environmental Progress, a nonprofit organization led by founder and president Michael Shellenberger that obtained the files, released them to the public in an exposé on March 4.

The WPATH Files show that what is called ‘gender medicine’ is neither science nor medicine,” Mr. Shellenberger said in a statement. “The experiments are not randomized, double-blind, or controlled. It’s not medicine since the first rule is to do no harm. And that requires informed consent.”

The files are “a shocking admission” by WPATH doctors and other medical practitioners privately acknowledging they’re not getting proper informed consent from parents and children before proceeding with gender transition treatments and surgeries, prominent civil rights attorney Harmeet Dhillon told The Epoch Times.

Ms. Dhillon, the founder and CEO of the Center for American Liberty, which is representing several women who’ve allegedly suffered harm and irreversible damage as a result of WPATH’s recommendations of transgender surgery for gender dysphoric children and young adults, called the exposé “an important act of journalism.”

These leaked files show that behind closed doors, WPATH members are admitting to the fact that they’re not getting informed consent for hormonal and surgical interventions from young patients, which is the very premise of our litigation for young women who’ve been mutilated by these doctors when they were children,” she said.

The Center for American Liberty has taken on three pro-bono cases representing detransitioners Chole Cole, Layla Jane, and Luka Hein, who are suing Kaiser Permanente and doctors who performed double mastectomies on these young women.

The Report

WPATH advocates for children to have access to puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries to alter their body according to their gender identity, according to the report. This suggests that children should be able to understand the full ramifications of these drugs and procedures, and that their parents can provide informed consent.

“But while WPATH publicly supports minors and their families consenting to these hormonal and surgical treatments based on a nebulous inner sense of self, privately, some members admit that consent is not possible,” states the report. “Behind closed doors, WPATH-affiliated healthcare professionals confess that their practices are based on improvisation, that children cannot comprehend them, and that the consent process is not ethical.

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The 7.7-, 6.6- and 6,3-magnitude earthquakes were registered in the vicinity of Taiwan early on Wednesday, and tremors were felt on the southern Japanese islands of Okinawa and Miyako, prompting authorities to issue tsunami warnings for the islands, data of the Japan Meteorological Agency showed.

The 7.7-magnitude earthquake was recorded at 8:58 a.m. local time on Wednesday (23:58 GMT on Tuesday) near the eastern coast of Taiwan at a "very shallow depth," the agency said without providing further details. The second earthquake was recorded in less than 15 minutes - at 9:11 a.m. local time.

The 6.3-magnitude earthquake was recorded in the same region at 9:35 a.m. local time at a depth of 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) underwater.

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With hindsight, it was not a coincidence that the retirement of US Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was announced on March 5 so soon after her return to Washington from Kiev, where after consultations with top Ukrainian security officials she announced dramatically“I leave Kyiv… more confident that, as Ukraine strengthens its defenses, Mr. [Vladimir] Putin is going to get some nice surprises on the battlefield and that Ukraine will make some very strong success.” 

Nuland did not divulge what those “nice surprises” might be, but her superiors in DC were certain to have been curious to know since they know her ingenuity is limitless. At any rate, we now know that within hours of the superhawk’s premature retirement on March 5, instructions went out from Washington to the American embassy in Moscow to issue an advisory that “extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts” and warning US citizens to “avoid large gatherings.” 

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Iran and one of its key proxies have vowed to respond to a strike widely attributed to Israel that demolished Iran's consulate in Damascus. The attack killed seven people, including two Iranian generals. Mohammad Marandi from the University of Tehran explains.

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Israel has come under intense international criticism after its warplanes targeted vehicles carrying aid workers in Gaza, killing seven.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has tried to brush-off the incident, saying, “This happens in war”.

However, the strike follows an increasingly familiar pattern where Israeli forces target medical facilities or aid efforts striving to stave off food shortages and famine in Gaza.

The two vehicles struck were both emblazoned with World Central Kitchen (WCK) logos on their roofs and sides, making claims of mistaken identification sound unconvincing. In addition, both vehicles had just left a humanitarian aid supply warehouse in Gaza when they were struck.

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Estonia has long been no friend of Russia, and a leading anti-Moscow hawkish voice within the Baltics, and that's why a fresh interview by Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur in European media is raising eyebrows as he issued some very revealing statements.

The defense chief said in the interview with the Austrian newspaper Die Presse that all NATO countries already have NATO personnel stationed in Ukraine, but that they aren't directly engaged in hostilities as they are there in advisory roles. He was responding to recent provocative statements by France's Macron.

"The reality is that every NATO member country already has military personnel in Ukraine, such as military attaches or people who travel to Ukraine from time to time," the Estonian defense chief said. "What [French] President [Emmanuel] Macron said mainly related to personnel training," he added, according to a translation in Russian media.

Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur (right) with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. Image via: Estonian MoD

Starting in late February Macron had told a gathering of top defense officials in Paris that Western boots on the ground in Ukraine should be an option as "we cannot exclude anything" in the pursuit of preventing Russia from winning the war.

Still, in the interview Pevkur emphasized that currently there's no serious talk of NATO troops directly participating in fighting and that "this has already been ruled out."

However, he did preview a very dangerous potential plan which would certainly lead to escalation: "Western defense officials are currently planning to set up training camps in Ukraine in a bid to avoid issues with border crossings and to speed up the preparation process," Pevkur said to the Vienna-based publication.

Already, Moscow has accused France of having significant numbers of its Foreign Legion present on the front lines. Russia has said it has attacked their positions in places like Kharkiv.

Some European leaders have revealed information in the recent past which shows Defense Minister Pevkur's words to be accurate.

For example in February British Prime Minister Sunak's office said that the UK is not planning a "large-scale deployment of troops" in Ukraine... "Other than a small number of personnel who are in the country supporting the Ukrainian armed forces, we have no plans for a large-scale deployment."

Dangerously, this shows that little by little, inch by inch, nuclear armed superpowers are at this rate continuously moving toward direct conflict in Ukraine

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Self-proclaimed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has visited the border city of Grodno and stated that Belarus is indeed preparing for war. However, it does not want to engage in it.

Source: Lukashenko’s website

Quote: “Do not believe anyone who says we want to fight. We are preparing for war. I speak frankly about it. ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’, that’s not my words. But it is very well said.”

Details: Lukashenko emphasised that Belarus is conducting necessary preparations for a possible conflict, which includes preparing relevant units and supplying various types of weapons and equipment to the military.

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Authored by Nick Corbishley via NakedCapitalism.com,

This is the culmination of a process that began at least a decade ago.

One of the most important (albeit least reported) developments of 2023 was the launch of the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA), which came into full effect in late August and which we covered in the article, The EU’s Mass Censorship Regime Is Almost Fully Operational. Will It Go Global? The goal of the DSA is to combat — i.e., suppress — mis- and disinformation online, not just in Europe but potentially across the world and is part of a broader trend of Western governments actively pushing to censor information on the Internet as they gradually lose control over the narrative.

Here’s how it works: so-called Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs) and Search Engines (VLSEs) — those with more than 45 million active monthly users in the EU — are required to censor content hosted on their platforms deemed to be illegal by removing it, blocking it, or providing certain information to the authorities concerned. Platforms are also required to tackle hate speech, dis- or misinformation if it is deemed to have “actual or foreseeable negative effects on civic discourse and electoral processes, and public security” and/or “actual or foreseeable negative effects in relation to gender-based violence, the protection of public health and minors and serious negative consequences to the person’s physical and mental well-being.”

Besides take-downs and outright suspensions, other familiar tools at the disposal of tech platforms include de-monetisation, content demotion, shadow-banning and account visibility filtering. The European Commission has primary, but not exclusive, regulatory responsibility for VLOPs and VLOSEs. The same requirements now also apply to all other online service providers, though responsibility for execution and enforcement lies not with the Commission but national authorities.

Staying Mum

So far, the platforms, including even Elon Musk’s X, appear to be adhering to the EU’s rules on disinformation. If they weren’t, they could face serious economic consequences, including fines of up to 6% of global turnover, as well as the looming threat of warrantless inspections of company premises. The X platform (formerly known as Twitter) may have left the EU’s voluntary code of practice last summer and in December was hit with a probe over disinformation related to Hamas’s October 7 attack, but its actions — or rather lack of actions — since then suggest it is indeed complying with the rules.

As Robert Kogon reports for Brownstone Institute, (granted, not the most popular source of information on NC, but this is another solid, well researched piece by Kogon on a topic virtually no one else is talking about), “while Musk and the Twitter Files are so verbose about alleged ‘US government censorship,'” they “have remained suitably mum about EU censorship demands”

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The new Gallup poll of 18-29-year-olds validates the Biden administration, which seemingly cares more about illegal aliens and the LGBTQQIP2SAA community (not sure what all those letters mean), is quickly losing the young vote. 

People in that age cohort are more than twice as likely to cite the economy as their top concern compared with older adults in recent Gallup data. And while all voters are more worried about the economy now than they were heading into the 2020 presidential election, the pessimism has spiked the most among those under 30. -Bloomberg 

Source: Bloomberg

It's a wake-up call for the Biden administration. A recent Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll reveals a surprising trend: Former President Trump is leading President Biden 47% to 40% among voters 18-34 in swing states. This is a significant shift from the last presidential cycle when Biden won 61% of voters under 30. 

The Biden administration understands they desperately need Gen-Z and millennial support to win in November. They are trying everything in their power to buy votes by bailing out youngsters with student debt (despite the Supreme Court ruling). 

Youngsters are coming of age in one of the worst economic periods this nation has seen in a generation. Elevated inflation is crushing household finances.

With the election cycle well underway, there are mounting risks inflation could accelerate once again, and gas prices at the pump are rising.

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The Biden administration is set to supply Israel with some 50 American-made F-15 fighter jets worth $18 billion and approve the shipment of another "large" supply of missiles and precision-guided munitions kits, CNN reports. 

The transfer is set to be approved despite Israel massacring aid workers, attacking hospitals and trying to kick off WWIII and drag America into the war directly by bombing Iran's embassy in Syria.

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On the day the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, U.S. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller deflected press questions about whether the U.S. would compel Israel to comply by saying that the resolution was “non-binding.”

He went on to say that “it’s nonbinding in that it does not impose any new obligations on the parties, but we do believe it should be respected, that it carries weight, and that it should be implemented, as has always been our belief when it comes to UN Security Council resolutions.”

Contrary to the U.S. position, U.N. ambassadors from China and Mozambique, as well as the UK's former U.N. envoy, have publicly stated that it is binding, along with U.N. Secretary General spokesperson Farhan Haq, who said “all the resolutions of the Security Council are international law, so to that extent, they are as binding as international law is.”

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It’s really shocking that the Jews would destroy a hospital and kill everyone there – especially after what Hitler did to them, stacking all of their shoes in a pile like he did.

Wait just a second and remember: there are a lot of people who literally believe that last sentence. There are people, throughout the Western world, who believed that because of the “Holocaust,” the Jews were very good people (because victims are always very good people), and they actually are in shock that these Jews are just slaughtering people like this.

It is taking people a while to figure out what is going on. It will take people a while to understand that actually, Jews are evil and in league with Satan (and always have been).

It will take them a while to realize the Holocaust was faked, in large part for the explicit purpose of being able to create the state of Israel.

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That race does not exist is a popular view, but whenever liberals get in power, do they act upon it? If you believed this, you might assume that the current Democratic administration would therefore phase out the benighted federal racial categories.

Yet last week the Biden administration’s Office of Management & Budget announced a new set of even more precise racial categories that pleased white nationalists by announcing that Middle Eastern and North African Caucasians were no longer officially white. Nationalities like Iranian, Egyptian, and Israeli now have been lumped and split into their own separate Not White race.

Of course, this was due to Arab lobbyists demanding to be included in the Flight From White so they can qualify for affirmative action. Unlike delusional white nationalists, they understand that it doesn’t pay to be white anymore.

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Did you know that there were a bunch of primary races happening this week?

The primaries have been out of the news for a while because Trump and Biden are already the presumptive nominees for their parties, but the contests go on and Trump just won all of the GOP contests.

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Lucas Leiroz, member of the BRICS Journalists Association, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, military expert.

Despite the deterioration of its defense industry, the West still appears willing to continue arming Ukraine. Without the ability to produce modern weapons in sufficient quantity and at an appropriate time to supply Kiev, the only alternative left to the regime’s sponsors is to resort to obsolete and disused arms – which, if they were not sent to Ukraine, would be discarded.

Recently, France, the country that currently leads anti-Russian efforts and is even considering direct intervention in Ukraine, announced that it will provide the neo-Nazi regime with a new military package. The equipment of the aid includes surface-to-air missiles and hundreds of armored vehicles. However, these are not new weapons in perfect working condition. These are very old equipment, taken from the Ministry of Defense’s warehouses – some of which are over 40 years old.

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