"All terrorist actions are staged incidents, because acts of terror alienate the very people whose support the people blamed for the terror act need." -- Michael Rivero

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By now it’s quite clear the delusion of a “peace” deal in Ukraine is the latest wet dream of the “non-agreement capable” usual suspects, always hooked on lies and plunder while deftly manipulating selected liberals among the Russian elite.

The goal would be to appease Moscow with a few concessions, while crucially keeping Odessa, Nikolaev and Dnipro, and safeguarding what would be NATO’s access to the Black Sea.

All that while investing in rabid, resentful Poland to become an armed to the teeth EU military militia.

So any “negotiations” towards “peace” in fact mask a drive to postpone – just for a little while – the original masterplan: dismembering and destroying Russia.

Posted on: May 17 14:00

The tech giant announced that thousands of abandoned email accounts could be deleted from December amid hacking and scam fears.

Users who rely on compromised passwords will be among those deleted, in addition to those whose accounts have gone without regular security checks for two years.

This includes the failure to set up two-factor verification, according to Google.

Posted on: May 17 13:57

Inhabitants of the tiny Baltic Sea island of Bornholm, near last year’s Nord Stream pipeline explosions, were alarmed Saturday when “acoustic pressure waves from an unknown source” sparked tremors, as first reported by AP News.

Around 3 pm local time, GEUS, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, said they received dozens of calls from Bornholm residents about the ground shaking. Seismologists initially thought the source of the earthquake was a controlled explosion in nearby Poland but have since ruled that out.

“The seismologists can report that it is unlikely that the tremors originate from a controlled explosion in Poland, which was carried out shortly before the first reports of tremors on Bornholm,” GEUS said. 

GEUS said the tremors were “most likely acoustic pressure waves from one or more events somewhere in the atmosphere.” It noted the seismic tremors were of a magnitude of 2.3. It wasn’t clear what “caused these powerful pressure waves.”

Webmaster addition: It could be a shockwave from a meteor or an aircraft, I remember feeling the "auroraquakes" in Southern California which were thought to be generated by an experimental multi-mach aircraft, called Aurora, descending towards Edwards AFB.

Posted on: May 17 13:53

A new Russian air-launched rocket with increased range and firepower has gone into serial production and could be deployed in action against Ukraine this year, its manufacturer has reported.

The deputy director of defense producer Tekhmash, Aleksandr Kochkin, shared the news about the S-8OFP with RIA Novosti on the sidelines of a military exhibition in Belarus on Wednesday.

The rocket, which is nicknamed ‘Broneboyshchik’ (armor piercer), is the latest addition to the S-8 family of unguided projectiles meant for aerial platforms, including close air support planes and helicopters. According to Tekhmash, the weapon’s main feature is a new engine that uses a more powerful propellant.

This has allowed the propulsion part of the rocket to be reduced, providing engineers with a greater payload allowance. The rocket is tipped with a new warhead designed to penetrate walls and other obstacles, if necessary, before detonating. Previous versions had other types of payload, from regular high explosives to flechette antipersonnel projectiles.

Posted on: May 17 13:52

America's largest children's hospital has been providing transgender treatments to children despite promising to stop the practice, according to a new report.

Whistleblower documents released by City Journal on Tuesday purportedly show that Texas Children's Hospital has continued to provide so-called 'gender affirming care' for young gender-dysphoric patients, including the administration of implantable puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

According to the documents, such procedures were carried out earlier this year, with more future treatments scheduled for June. 

The documents also include image grabs of a slide deck that was presented in January 2023 titled 'Medical and Psychological Care of Gender-Diverse Youth', in partnership with Baylor College of Medicine, City Journal reports.

Posted on: May 17 13:51

After revealing first-hand the US-led operation that blew up the Nordstream II pipelines, Pulitzer prize Winning journalist Seymour Hersh has a new explosive Substack article on the situation in Ukraine, regarding both the faulty information flow in the Biden administration, and a surprising development in Eastern Europe that could greatly impact the development of the 15-month long military conflict.

The pentagon leaks revealed how Ukraine’s Zelensky wants to attack further inside the Russian territory. But

Citing intelligence sources, Hersh states that his desire to take the war to Russia “may not be clear to the [US] president and senior foreign policy aides in the White House, but it is to those in the American intelligence community who have found it difficult to get their intelligence and their assessments a hearing in the Oval Office.”

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Not long ago, the sexualization of children in public schools was verboten. Abusers in the education system were actually prosecuted for luring a child for sex. Now, lawmakers like California’s Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) have authored legislation effectively legalizing it.

“Wiener, previously made national headlines for empowering judges to keep those guilty of ‘illegal sexual relations between a teenager age 15 and over and a partner within 10 years of age’ off the sex offender registry,” Daniel Greenfield wrote at Frontpage Mag, linking to our September 2020 Globe article about Wiener’s Senate Bill 145 which “states non-forcible sodomy, oral copulation, and sexual penetration with a minor do not require mandatory sex offender registration unless there is a ten-year gap between the minor and the other person.”

In “Democrats Create a Transgender Child Kidnapping Network,” Greenfield addresses laws being passed in states to allow children to seek “health services” without parental approval, knowledge or involvement. The dirty little secret here is these children aren’t seeking “health services” for allergies or headaches; these health services are for transgender students seeking hormone blockers and even gender-transition surgeries.

Sen. Wiener initiated this concept and dangerous law with passage of his bill, SB 107, in August 2022, which became law January 1st, and now erodes parents’ rights by allowing minor children to travel to California for trans procedures, puberty blockers, known as “gender-affirming health care.”

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A number of seniors at Texas A&M University–Commerce who already walked the stage at graduation this year have been temporarily denied their diplomas after a professor ineptly used AI software to assess their final assignments, the partner of a student in his class — known as DearKick on Reddit — claims to Rolling Stone.

Dr. Jared Mumm, a campus rodeo instructor who also teaches agricultural classes, sent an email on Monday to a group of students informing them that he had submitted grades for their last three essay assignments of the semester. Everyone would be receiving an “X” in the course, Mumm explained, because he had used “Chat GTP” (the OpenAI chatbot is actually called “ChatGPT”) to test whether they’d used the software to write the papers — and the bot claimed to have authored every single one.

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According to some reports, the station is capable of detecting any target with an effective spread area of about 5 m² at a distance of about 225 km. This means that an F-22-type target with an EPR of 0.5 m² will be detected by Russian radar already at a distance of 80 miles (126 km) from the carrier – a distance proportional to the 4th power of 10.

The older “birds” – F-15, F-16, F-18 – will appear on the radar from a distance of 200 km. In general, the functionality of Zhuk-AM is similar to the capabilities of the F-16 radar.

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I write about some dark, dark things in this space, and it’s common to receive expressions of despair in response to the subjects I focus on.

This is perfectly understandable. Not only is our world hurtling toward nuclear armageddon and environmental collapse while surging authoritarianism threatens our ability to even talk about these things with each other, but most people are completely oblivious to it all. Even relatively politically engaged people tend to believe society’s biggest problems are things like sexism or drag shows, and they generally support one of the two mainstream political factions who are both driving us toward destruction.

And this is of course because we live in a mind-controlled dystopia where everything is fake and stupid. Western civilization is dominated by a power structure that has invested more heavily in “soft power” (mass-scale psychological manipulation) than any other power structure in history. It pervades our media, our internet services, our art — literally all of mainstream culture.

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 North Carolina Republicans voted to override Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of a 12-week abortion ban, using their supermajority to put the pro-life measure into law. 

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During an appearance at the 34th annual GLAAD Media Awards over the weekend, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre suggested that the “LGBTQ+ community” holds collective ownership of children suffering from gender dysphoria. GLAAD is an acronym for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, an American non-governmental media monitoring organization.

Jean-Pierre, who identifies as “queer,” declared these children are “our kids” and “belong to all of us” and slammed what she called “anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.”

Speaking with the website Jezebel at the event on Saturday, Jean-Pierre rallied fellow travelers to “call out” Republican legislation for the sake of so-called “trans kids.”

“There are more than 600 pieces of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation out there. A few hundred of them are anti-trans community, and that matters because we have to call that out. And we’ve never seen this level. It’s historic in the number of pieces of legislation,” she said.

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 unites in demanding freedom for Mark Swidan, an American who has been “unjustly detained” for more than a decade, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) declared on Tuesday.

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Posted on: May 17 13:41

 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Tuesday that he is sending more than 1,100 assets to Texas to assist Governor Greg Abbott in combatting the illegal immigration crisis that President Joe Biden caused on the southern border with his policies.

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When ProPublica’s investigation into links between Republican donor Harlan Crow and the US Supreme Court surfaced, there was a sense that dark waters lurked beneath the revelations.  While Justice Clarence Thomas featured prominently as the recipient of largesse and pomp from Crow – island hopping in Indonesia, private jet travel, among other treats – things were bound to get worse. 

At the time of the unveiling of such ignominious conduct, Thomas did not heed the wise injunction of Lord Acton to avoid too much explaining lest the excuses become too many.  His hand caught in the till, Thomas dismissed such generosity as mere hospitality, a point reiterated in a statement from Crow.  Besides, he had been advised by his fellow brethren – troublingly so – that he could accept such gifts of hospitality without fear of conflict and compromise.  The clincher here: that Crow did not have any business before the court.

The Thomas-Crow relationship has had a decent pickling, stretching back a good number of years.  In 2011, Crow lavished $500,000 upon Thomas’ wife to form a Tea Party Group.  Thomas also received a $19,000 Bible said to belong to Frederick Douglass.  In rather smelly fashion – odorous, that is, in the links between think-tank land, wealth and policy – Thomas received a $15,000 gift from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), with Crow serving on the board at the time.  More recently, it has also been revealed that Crow’s generosity extended to funding the private school education of Thomas’s grandnephew to the sum of $6,000 a month.

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 Former U.S. Attorney General William Barr said during an interview this week that special counsel John Durham’s report on the origins of the FBI’s investigation into former President Donald Trump “vindicated” the former president and that Trump was right from the beginning about what the Left was trying to do to him.

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The terrorist Kiev regime is openly declaring its responsibility for terrorist attacks against the Russians. The so-called “international community” is turning a blind eye and continues arming the terrorists in Ukraine.

On May 16, the narcissistic head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Major General Kirill Budanov once again de facto took responsibility for assassinations of Russian public figures. He makes such claims on a regular basis and with the smug smile of a true Ukrainian patriot.

In his recent interview the head of the Ukrainian intelligence was asked wether Kiev is able to kill more Russians, including public figures, journalists and philosophers. The Ukrainian Nazi did not provide the interviewer with a direct answer, as it would be the acknowledge of the terrorist essence of the Kiev regime, but he proudly declared that Kiev has already killed a lot of them.

“We have already got many, including public, media personalities,” Budanov said.

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 Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron won the state’s GOP gubernatorial primary, according to a poll projection from The Associated Press.

Posted on: May 17 13:39

Russian President Vladimir Putin has chillingly stationed 18 nuclear-capable tactical bombers near the NATO border in a stark caution to the West.

A haunting new satellite image exposes the extent of the display, revealing a variety of these nuclear jets readied at Olenya Air Base on Russia's Kola Peninsula - simply 130 miles from Finland and Norway.

Posted on: May 17 13:37

When the federal government sent $9,000 to Patty Myers to pay for her husband’s funeral, she got angry. “I didn’t want to take a penny. It felt like hush money, like they were paying me to keep quiet about how my husband died in the hospital.” 

In a burst of inspiration, Patty decided to take the government’s money and use it to make a documentary. She found a director through a church friend on Facebook and created Making A Killing, which exposes the covid hospital protocol that she believes killed her husband and thousands of other Americans.

“When I started making this film, I didn’t know about the federal money driving the protocol. I do now,” Patty told me. The federal money was titanic, flooding hospitals with cash that stimulated record-breaking profits. A new report from Open The Books reveals that the 20 largest nonprofit hospitals in America received more than $23 billion in federal aid during the 2018 – 2021 time period, and “their cumulative net assets soared to $324.3 billion in 2021, up from 200.6 billion in 2018.” And, in a wonderful development for the hospitals’ top executives, those lavish taxpayer funds enabled many of them to get paid $10 million or more a year. 

Alas, as Patty discovered, all that sweet federal money came with a catch: it incentivized specific medical treatments for Covid that happened to be deadly. If the hospital admitted you with a Covid diagnosis – great, they got paid more! If they “treated” you with remdesivir, a drug well-documented as lethal – fantastic, they got a 20% bonus on the whole bill! If the hospital tortured you with mechanical ventilation that caused secondary bacterial pneumonia – hooray, they got an even bigger payout! And if the hospital really lucked out and you died of Covid (even if not directly of Covid) – the cash bonanza was absolutely awesome.

“The hospital billed over $500,000 for Tony’s treatment and they couldn’t even find someone to give him water,” Patty said. I notice that Patty can’t talk too long about Tony without breaking into sobs. “He was my best friend. He was my partner. We did everything together.” 

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Nearly half of all activity online is the work of automated 'bots' rather than humans, a new study has claimed.

Apparently the proportion of human activity online is at its lowest level in eight years, with AI-powered bots rapidly 'taking over the Internet' with spam and cybercrime.

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In 2020 the California legislature passed AB 3121 which created a 9-person task force to study California’s "complicity in slavery." The task force would also be authorized to make recommendations to the state legislature about payments – also known as reparations.

Even if one could prove the dubious theory that the economic state of Blacks today is a result of America’s legacy of slavery, the state of California wouldn’t be the first place or even the second place to focus on this slavery.  Since 1850 when California became a state its Constitution expressly forbid slavery, and it never supported the Confederacy during the Civil War.

It turns out that though California didn’t promote slavery, today it is one of the places willing to entertain bad ideas, however.

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) is under pressure to withdraw guidance for schools recommending that toddlers “ask questions about sexuality”, “explore gender identities” and learn about “enjoyment” of “early childhood masturbation”. The Telegraph has the story.

The guidance says that “sexuality education starts from birth” and is described as a “framework for policy makers, educational and health authorities and specialists”.

Its advice on how to “talk about sexual matters” with young children was aimed at policymakers across Europe, and was translated into several European languages and promoted at national and international events, according to the WHO.

The document was also cited in a report consulted by Welsh ministers who last year rolled out a mandatory sexual education syllabus to schools in Wales, and has led to a backlash from the Government, MPs and activists.

The advice proposes that four-to-six year-olds should be taught to “talk about sexual matters” and “consolidate their gender identity”.

It recommends that children under the age of four should be told they have “the right to ask questions about sexuality” and “the right to explore gender identities”.

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 Sales for Bud Light continue to plummet more than one month after the beer brand’s partnership with self-identified transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

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 Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) doubled down on Tuesday, calling the just-concluded Durham investigation “flawed from the start” and claiming that it had only begun on the political whim of former President Donald Trump.

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Posted on: May 17 13:29

 House Republicans issued a subpoena threat to the CIA, escalating their investigation into a letter used to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

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