"One should not wave the flag so furiously before ones face that it becomes a blindfold!" -- Michael Rivero

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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tried to explain the danger of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) hiring practices to former CNN host Don Lemon during a recent interview for Lemon’s now-canceled news show on X, formerly Twitter. But everything the tech industry titan had to say went right over the mainstream corporate news journalist’s head.

An astounding clip from the video has racked up millions of views on X, and conservatives cannot believe Lemon could be as obtuse as he appears in it.

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During congressional testimony on Wednesday, Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra disclosed that over the last three years, more than 300,000 unaccompanied migrant children have been released into the United States, sparking heated discussions on immigration policy and border security. During the hearing before the joint Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee, Becerra shared these figures while discussing the department’s budget requests for 2025.

Republican lawmakers questioned the oversight of these minors, particularly those placed with unrelated adults. Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) asked Becerra about the follow-up process for these children, to which the secretary responded that while it is not a statutory obligation, HHS makes a “concerted effort” to maintain contact, committing to at least three phone calls to both the child and the sponsor.

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This is a heads up for those out there that live anywhere near the border.

Come April 1st, the government might just be cutting off the allowence of these invaders.

Was that always the plan?

Give millions of people free money to get them where you want, among the cities and suburbs?

Then once they’re there, pull the plug, knowing they’ll freak out?

What will that be like to have many of these immigrants suddenly in a frantic to get housing or food?

Will they be on the side of the roads, with signs, asking for handouts?

“Please good sir, could you find it in your heart to spare a bit of pocket change for me and the wee ones? We’d be ever so grateful.”

Or will they be a bit more uncivilized?

Violent even?

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Another day in clown world.

In case you missed it, the State of California has a new law.

And who does this new law protect in Commifornia?

That’s right, you guessed it. The criminals!

This new law seeks to protect the privacy and IDs of criminals.

They can’t let the public see who’s commiting these crimes.

If they did that, pattern recognition might happen and they won’t tolerate that.

So how do they hide these criminal’s identification?

By using Lego heads.

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I had an interesting discussion last week with a Washington-based political pundit who expressed some what I thought to be eccentric views on possible developments in the presidential campaign over the next six months. He said that that strange little man Jared Kushner is at it again engaged in secret meetings, but this time he is being promoted as a possible Vice-Presidential candidate to run alongside his father-in-law ex-president Donald Trump. Reportedly, he is being pushed by a number of hard right ardently pro-Israel Republican Senators, to include folks like Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz, who are arguing that it would solve the loyalty issue for his father-in-law, a major concern for Trump given the perceived betrayal by ex-VP Mike Pence. Kushner would also be on the right side of a number of issues that Republican conservatives feel strongly about, most certainly including Israel. And, bear in mind, if a seventy-eight year old Donald Trump were to be re-elected and not finish his full term of office, Kushner would be his successor and the first Jewish president of the United States. You can bet that there are some people out there with long memories and deep pockets who might be longing for just that.

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Residents of Haifa, the Sharon region, and the Lower Galilee reported shaking windows, but the municipality said that no damage was reported as result of the quake, and there are no known injuries.

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France has raised the level of terrorist threat to "extreme threat of terrorist attack" due to the deadly attack on the Crocus City Hall concert venue near Moscow, Le Figaro newspaper reported, citing a statement by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal.

Earlier on Sunday, French media reported that President Emmanuel Macron convened a meeting of the defense council to discuss the terrorist attack near Moscow, as well as its consequences.

The report added that France had also allegedly received threats of terrorist attacks in the country.

A shooting occurred on Friday evening in the Crocus City Hall concert venue in the city of Krasnogorsk, outside Moscow, followed by a massive fire. A Sputnik correspondent who witnessed the attack reported that at least three men in camouflage had broken into the music hall, shooting people point-blank and throwing incendiary bombs.

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Early on March 24, a large-scale attack with missiles and drones targeted the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, as well as regions in the west and south of the country.

The Ukrainian Air Force alleged in a statement that its air defenses intercepted 18 of 29 Kh-101/555 missiles launched by Tu-95MS strategic bombers as well as 25 of 28 Geran-1/2 suicide drones. However, video footage that surfaced online, remarks by Ukrainian officials and reports by Russian sources indicate that these claims were not accurate.

In Kiev, mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Telegram that a series of blasts had occurred in the Ukrainian capital, with “missile fragments” falling in the Desnianskyi district. There were no reports of casualties, however.

Sergiy Popko, head of the Kiev city military administration, announced later that the missiles were fired at the capital “in groups”.

Meanwhile, in the western region of Lviv, mayor Andrii Sadovyi said that some 20 Russian missiles and seven suicide drones had targeted critical infrastructure.

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French President Emmanuel Macron is increasingly concerned about his personal security, Marianne magazine reported on Sunday citing multiple sources within Macron’s detail, the country’s Interior Ministry, and his notorious ex-bodyguard Alexandre Benalla.

Macron has always been concerned with his personal security, Benalla claimed, revealing the president had bolstered the ranks of his guard right after assuming office.

“As soon as we arrived at the Elysee, the staff responsible for the president’s security were immediately doubled compared to those responsible for that of [predecessor] Francois Hollande. There are two reasons for this. First, Macron makes contact, within a slap range. Then, from the beginning, it creates a form of antipathy. It electrifies,” the bodyguard explained.

During his time with Macron’s security team, Benalla became embroiled in multiple scandals, including getting caught beating up demonstrators alongside riot police during the Yellow Vest protests.

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The Russian military has successfully targeted yet another Norwegian-American NASAMS air defense system of Kiev forces.

Videos showing the successful strike were posted to social media on March 22. The videos shows an unidentified Russian precision-guided missile destroying a NASAMS missile launcher deployed near the settlement of Privolnoye in the Zaporozhye region. The system’s Fire Distribution Center vehicle was parked nearby. However, it is unclear if it was targeted later.

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The Kiev regime with the help of its NATO patrons is terrorising the civilian population of the Russian Federation. While Russia is mourning for the victims of the terrorist attack in Moscow, the Ukrainian military has significantly intensified attacks on the Russian rear regions. On the night of March 24, the Crimean peninsula came under one of the heaviest attacks since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict. Among the military targets, Ukrainian Nazis struck civilian facilities.

According to the local reports, the peninsula was targeted by about 40 different missiles and UAVs. The Ukrainian military targeted the southwestern city of Sevastopol, the western Crimean coast, the city of Sevastopol and other settlements in the centre of the peninsula.

The Russian military  did not officially reveal the details of the attack; but the Russian Ministry of Defense reported the number of intercepted missiles in its daily briefing.

In total, 11 Storm Shadow missiles, 3 Neptune anti-ship missiles, four MALD air-launched decoy missiles were destroyed by the Russian air defense forces in Ukraine over the past day. These missiles were used for the attack on Crimea. The Russian MoD also reported that in total 172 Ukrainian UAVs were destroyed in Ukraine, this number includes dozens of drones that also targeted the peninsula.

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A day after the massive attack on Crimea, on the evening of March 24, Ukrainian military sources published the satellite imagery in an attempt to assure the public that the  billions-worth strikes resulted in heavy damage to the Russian military; but the footage revealed that Kiev lied about the results of the attack. LINK, LINK

On the morning of March 25, the Armed Forces of Ukraine officially declared that two large landing ships Yamal and Azov of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were destroyed in Sevastopol.

Indeed, the satellite imagery of the Sevastopol Bay showed confirmed that two Storm Shadow missiles broke through Russian air defense forces; but they missed their targets. One of the missiles hit the pier next to the large landing ship. Another missile struck an empty dockage facility.

There were no casualties among the sailors during the strike on the ships in the harbor.

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... that an important event has happened in the "alternative" media, many of which are fast becoming very mainstream--Mr. Shapiro who is an Exhibit A of Zionist and Israeli-firster, "fired" Candace Owens. Unlike Shapiro who is a demagogue who passes for "conservative" in his Daily Wire org, Candace is a combination of intellect, beauty and guts. The girl got it in a really big way. I doubt she would suffer much from leaving a media org which openly supports Israel's atrocity in Gaza. 

Here is the issue which Candace tackled, implicitly, by the virtue of her whole media activity--American "conservatism" does not exist as such anymore, American "conservatism" transitioned from William Buckley's Cold War demagoguery presented as "conservative scholarship" to a full blown Zionist "conservatism", bypassing the American nationalism stage. It is very much defined in terms of loyalty to Israel as an alleged front of "democratic values", which many US so called "conservatives" hold dear (not really). Remarkably, Candace has this feature which goes contrary to modern American "conservatism"--she acts as a moral American nationalist, this is a No-No for the masters of discourse who need American "conservatives" lick Israel's boot and worship at the altar of Zionism. 

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  • Russian strikes caused damage in Kiev;
  • Russian strikes targeted Stryi Air Base in Lviv;
  • Russian strikes targeted gas storage facilities in Lviv;
  • Russian strikes destroyed targets in Ivano-Frankivsk;
  • Russian strikes destroyed targets in Kulbakino air base;
  • Russian strikes destroyed targets in Voznesensk air base;
  • Russian strikes damaged the Ismail port;
  • Russian strikes were reported in Krivyi Rih;
  • Russian strikes were reported in the Khmelnitsky region;
  • Russian strikes were reported in the Vinnytsia region;
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If you want a real and very current example of how politicians are literally empty suits who only pretend to be smart, one need only look at yesterdays conduct of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak . . .

Rishi Sunak, to thunderous applause turning into a standing ovation, proudly announced that the UK would no longer depend on Russian energy and, with camera flashes, signed a contract with a French energy company . . . . . . that imports its Liquified National Gas (LNG) from . . . . . . . . .Russia.

Is Rishi Sunak just stupid?  Or does he just think everyone is?

My bet:   He thinks everyone else is.

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This should give you a good belly-laugh:  Britain "Warns" Russia not to use Moscow Attack to Intensify Warn on Ukraine."   Warns?  Really?  Warns of what?  Their rinky-dink 77,000 man "army???"

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During three months of bombing, NATO forces fired 3,000 cruise missiles and dropped 80,000 tons of bombs, including cluster bombs and depleted uranium bombs, across the country in central Europe.

According to official data alone, about 1,700 people died, including 400 children, during the bombing and thousands after.

In June, the Yugoslav army retreated with a UN resolution guaranteeing its return, and NATO troops began to control Kosovo.

Nine years later, Kosovo declared independence.

I remind you of this historical fact to make a point: NATO does NOT follow the "rules-based-order" that it presently touts over Ukraine.   NATO attacked Serbia without a UN mandate and without any declaration of war.  They simply attacked.

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The practice of sexually ‘transitioning’ children will be remembered as one of the “greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine,” a report commissioned by French senators stated.

A landmark report produced at the behest of the centre-right Les Républicains in the French Senate found that the medical industry embarked upon the practice of giving children life-altering transgender treatments with little evidence of its effectiveness while ignoring the side effects.

The report found that while parents were often pressured by doctors to put their children on puberty-blocking drugs to prevent suicide, there is little proof that this course of action has any better outcomes for the child.

The head of the plastic surgery department at the Georges-Pompidou hospital in Paris, Laurent Lantieri told the report that there was “no evidence”  that sex changes for children improved their quality of life because “there are obviously no randomized trials”.

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How much longer will the Biden administration and the mainstream media continue to deny that we are in the midst of a very painful economic downturn? Debt levels have never been higher, delinquency rates are spiking, the commercial real estate market is crashing, the banking industry is mired in turmoil and large companies are conducting mass layoffs all over the nation. Anyone that attempts to claim that the U.S. economy is in good shape is just being delusional. Unfortunately, it is those that are at the bottom of the economic food chain that are being hurt the most.
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The European Commission has proposed sending up to 3 billion euros to Ukraine per year using the revenue. About 90% would go to a fund called the “European Peace Facility” that can be used to buy weapons for Ukraine, and the remaining funds would go to the EU’s central budget for other types of aid. Russia has slammed the plan and has vowed to respond. “This is outright banditry and theft. These actions are a gross and unprecedented violation of basic international norms. We said that we would respond, and so we shall,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday. Sources told Reuters that banks fear they could be held liable by Russia in the future for being involved in the transaction. The report said once sanctions on Russia are eased or lifted, they could face decades of legal action. The banks also worry the move would erode trust in the Western banking system. One source said it would set a bad precedent and that stealing the funds would amount to the “weaponization of foreign-held reserves and assets.”
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Who wouldn't want a house on the beach? For some on Israel's far-right, desirable beachfront now includes the sands of Gaza. Just ask Daniella Weiss, 78, the grandmother of Israel's settler movement, who says she already has a list of 500 families ready to move to Gaza immediately. "I have friends in Tel Aviv," she says, "so they say, 'Don't forget to keep for me a plot near the coast in Gaza,' because it's a beautiful, beautiful coast, beautiful golden sand". She tells them the plots on the coast are already booked.
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A group of protesters holding signs with messages, including “Kamala Harris war criminal,” and calling the United States “genocidal” met the vice president outside of the community center, along with a band playing music. Video captured the hilarious moment when Harris went from smiling and clapping along to dropping her hands when a staffer next to her reportedly translated the Spanish lyrics. “We want to know, Kamala, what did you come here for? We want to know what you think of the colony,” an activist sang, accompanied by percussion instruments. The song also included the lyrics “Long live Free Palestine and Haiti too,” according to Puerto Rican journalist Istra Pacheco.
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Budget Chairman Sheldon Whitehouse invited Olympic skier Gus Schumacher to give his perspective as the committee considered the impact of climate change on the recreation industry. But it was all downhill for the 23-year-old as he struggled to answer basic questions and could not remember his tweets claiming the war on drugs was designed to jail black people, and calling for the police to be abolished. The excruciating exchange continued with Schumacher insisting carbon dioxide is a 'huge part of our atmosphere', before Kennedy pointed out that it accounts for 0.04 percent. 'Well, okay. But, yeah. I don't know,' the skier admitted.
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The CDC was hiding their findings about covid vaccines causing myocarditis in young people. The Epoch Times filed a Freedom of Information Request to force the CDC to reveal their findings. They complied last week with the court order by releasing 148 pages, of which, 148 pages were fully redacted. The arrogance and lawlessness of these petty tyrants is beyond the pale.
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