"Political parties exist to secure responsible government and to execute the will of the people. From these great staffs, both of the old parties have ganged aside. Instead of instruments to promote the general welfare they have become the tools of corrupt interests which use them in martialling [sic] to serve their selfish purposes. Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people." -- Theodore Roosevelt

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Did you know there was a mass shooting in Indianapolis over the weekend? I briefly saw it on a news crawl, but didn’t hear another word about it, so, by Monday, I assumed I had dreamt it.

Nope. There was a real mass shooting, sending seven kids aged 12 to 17 to the hospital, one in critical condition. The gunfire came from a group of juveniles gathered outside a shopping mall in downtown Indianapolis Saturday night.

The New York Times didn’t report the shooting, which I found odd, because the gunmen were almost certainly black, meaning it was the gun’s fault. 

I say "almost certainly black" because kids as young as 12 were out on a downtown city street, unsupervised, at 11:36 p.m. the night before Easter; a Google search of "Indianapolis mugshots shootings" looks like Gemini’s artificial intelligence version of a “Founding Father”; and also—the Times didn’t mention it.

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Each new atrocity Israel commits would be the worst atrocity in decades, if presented on its own.

Even the sickening Ukrainian serial killers don’t slaughter aid workers like this.

Webmaster addition: The spacing of the three strikes shows it was deliberate. Israel hit the first car. The second car picked up the survivors. Then Israel hit the second car. The survivors were picked up by the third car, which was then hit by Israel!

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Dmitry Trenin reports that Russia has come to its senses and, as I have long recommended, turned her back on the West, a morally debauched, socially dysfunctional, and politically disunited and disintegrating polity.

For years Russia was handicapped by its pro-Western intellectuals, but the West’s demonization of Russia has forced them to change their spots or to leave. Free of the former influence of these Russian traitors, everyone of whom Stalin or Lenin would have shot, Russia has emerged as the leader of the world majority that is tired of Western bullying.

The fools in Washington, instead of undermining Russia in the interest of US hegemony, have created their replacement by Russia as world leader.

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Californians received a shock in the early hours of Tuesday morning when golden streaks from an apparent explosion appeared over Los Angeles.

Locals had believed it was the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that launched six hours prior or a giant meteor that combusted as it shot through Earth's atmosphere.

Aerospace researchers have determined that the fiery object was the orbital object of China's Shenzhou-15 rocket that launched in 2022.

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Have we reached peak DEI stupidity? 

Yes, we are well past the peak. As we explained in early March, "Both the DEI and ESG gravy trains on Wall Street are finally coming to an unceremonious end." 

The unraveling of "diversity, equity, and inclusion" initiatives was seen on the state level, as Red states rushed to ban DEI programs in 2023. Google, Facebook, and other tech companies slashed DEI staff by late last year. Early this year, universities began rolling back diversity programs, while Harvard President Claudine Gay was demoted. 

DEI was doomed to fail, and corporations have been quickly scrambling to abandon mindless and profitless diversity programs with Marxist roots. The latest earnings call data shows that "DEI" mentions have collapsed from their peak in 2021, according to Axios, citing data from AlphaSense. 

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Terrorists from the radical separatist Jaish al-Adl group launched simultaneous attacks on multiple bases of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan late on April 3, state media reported.

The Islamic Republic News Agency said that the terrorists attempted, albeit unsuccessfully, to seize control of IRGC bases in the cities of Rask and Chabahar within the province.

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Under the Biden administration's latest adjustments, Medicare Advantage plans will see a slight base payment cut of 0.16 percent next year, igniting concerns over potential reductions in supplemental benefits for seniors.

Critics, including Florida Senator Rick Scott, argue that the decision could translate into tangible decreases in health care coverage for those reliant on these plans, with projected reductions amounting to $33 monthly or $396 annually per beneficiary.

Webmaster addition: If Biden is doing this in an election year, then he knows the election is already stolen!

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released previously hidden reports of facial paralysis and other adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination.

The 780,000 reports were received shortly after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out and show that people experienced a wide range of post-vaccination problems, including heart inflammation, miscarriages, and seizures.

“Loss of consciousness and seizure immediately following injection. Went to ER by ambulance,” one person reported.

Another stated, “Diagnosed with Bells Palsy today due to left-sided facial numbness and paralysis.”

People lodged the reports with V-safe, a text-message system created by the CDC to monitor for possible side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

The CDC, for years, declined to make the V-safe data public, instead publishing studies that described the reports as providing reassurance about the safety of the vaccines. However, according to data released in 2022, nearly 8 percent of the 10 million users required medical attention or hospital care after vaccination, and many others reported missing school, work, or other normal activities.

That topline data came from check-the-box surveys.

The same judge who ordered the release of that data ordered the agency in January to disclose free-text entries from a different section in which individuals could describe their experiences. U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, appointed by former President Donald Trump, dismissed the government’s arguments that processing the responses and redacting sensitive information would require too much work.

The first two tranches, made up of 780,000 reports from some 523,000 people, include dozens of reports of heart inflammation, hundreds of reports of facial paralysis, and thousands of reports of tinnitus.

Claire's Observations:  IF the product was so damaging, how come so many people were forced to take it, and why were they not told about adverse reactions when they did?!?!?!?!?!?

When Deep Throat entreated Woodward and Bernstein to "Follow the Money" on the "Watergate Debacle", every time they could, none of these gentlemen understood that there was a whole new class of Parasite pharmaceutical vendors, getting filthy rich  from bad pharmaceutical products, which not only didn't do what they were advertised as doing, but also caused a hell of a lot of new damage along the way.

This..... is the absolute opposite of how the Pharmaceutical Industry is supposed to police itself, and the physical injuries incurred should NEVER have happened, period, end of discussion.




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Authored by Jim Bovard via The Libertarian Institute,

After enduring bullshit school shutdowns during the COVID pandemic, many students concluded that school itself must be bullshit and have skipped attending classes. Government bureaucrats are panicking since subsidies are tied to the number of students’ butts in chairs each day. Duke University Professor Katie Rosanbalm lamented that, thanks to the pandemic, "Our relationship with school became optional."

School absences have "exploded" almost everywhere, according to a New York Times report last week. Chronic absenteeism has almost doubled amongst public school students, rising from 15% pre-pandemic to 26% currently. Compulsory attendance laws are getting trampled far and wide.

The New York Times suggested that “something fundamental has shifted in American childhood and the culture of school, in ways that may be long lasting.” Connecticut Education Commissioner Charlene M. Russell-Tucker commented, “There is a sense of: ‘If I don’t show up, would people even miss the fact that I’m not there?'” The arbitrary, counterproductive school shutdowns destroyed the trust that many families had in the government education system.

The New York Times reflected the tizzy afflicting education bureaucrats across the land: “Students can’t learn if they aren’t in school.”

Like hell.

So kids are not enduring daily indoctrination to doubt their own genders? So kids’ heads are not being dunked into the latest social justice buckets of fear, loathing, and guilt? So kids are not being drilled with faulty methods of learning mathematics to satisfy the latest Common Core catechism and vainly try to close the “achievement gap”? A shortage of indoctrination is not the same as a shortfall of education.

More than seventy years ago, University of Chicago President Robert Hutchins aptly observed, “The tremendous waste of time in the American education system must result from the fact that there is so much time to waste.” John Taylor Gatto, New York’s Teacher of the Year of 1991 (according to the New York State Education Department), observed, “Government schooling…kills the family by monopolizing the best times of childhood and by teaching disrespect for home and parents.”

My view on school absenteeism is shaped by my dissident tendencies. Government schooling was the most brain deadening experience in my life. Early in elementary school, I relished reading even more than peanut butter. But I was obliged to put down books and listen to teachers, slowing my mental intake by 80% or 90%. By the time I reached fourth grade, my curiosity was fading.

Between my junior and senior years in high school, I lazed away a summer on the payroll of the Virginia Highway Department. I came to recognize that public schools were permeated by the same “Highway Department ethos.” Teachers leaned on badly-written textbooks instead of shovels. Going through the motions and staying awake until quitting time was all that mattered. Learning became equated with drudgery and submission to bored taskmasters with chalk and erasers.

And then came the wooden stakes hammered home in English classes. Devoting two months to dissecting Hamlet made me damn all Danes, courtiers, and psychoanalysts. The week spent on Mark Twain’s “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” story made me lust to cast all frogs and folksy nineteenth century authors into hell. The six weeks blighted by Paradise Lost convinced me Samuel Johnson was right: “None ever wished it longer than it is.” Old books, rather than sources of wisdom and inspiration, were mental castor oil—something to forcibly imbibe solely to emit the right answers on the exams.

I spent years mentally idling while teachers droned. As long as the government provided a seat in a classroom, it had fulfilled its obligations. There was never any inkling that later in life, I would need to mobilize every iota of talent I might possess. My brain was like the mythical village of Brigadoon. It showed up once every year or two to take a scholastic aptitude test and then vanished into the mists. Teachers chronically noted on my permanent record “not performing up to potential.” Mysteries never cease. As long as I didn’t fail a grade, I slipped under the radar

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Authored by Andrew Korybko via Substack,

This narrative is being pushed to deflect from the evidence tying Ukraine to the Crocus terrorist attack and to discredit the Russian security services...

Reuters cited three unnamed sources to exclusively report on Monday that Iran had allegedly tipped Russia off about a then-impending major terrorist attack after learning about it from ethnic Tajik ISIS-K terrorists who were detained after the group’s early January attack in Kerman. The information lacked specific details, but the outlet editorialized that “It is harder…for Russia to dismiss intelligence from diplomatic ally Iran on the attack” than from the West, the latter of which they claim that it downplayed.

Accordingly, Reuters wrote that this “raised questions over the effectiveness of Russian security services”, thus exposing the ulterior motive behind this report. The West has done all that it can to deflect from Russia’s accusations that Ukraine was tied to this terrorist attack via the evidence that its investigation has uncovered. This includes claiming that the vague warning that the US passed along to Russia was obtained from spying on ISIS-K, not on Kiev like this analysis here compellingly argues.

By including an Iranian dimension into the emerging narrative of early warnings ahead of the Crocus terrorist attack, the West via Reuters wants to further deflect from its own and Ukraine’s involvement in what happened while simultaneously discrediting the Russian security services. This analysis here debunks the false narrative that President Putin downplayed ISIS-K threats in the run-up to the attack, yet the West is doubling down on that claim, largely in response to evidence implicating Kiev.

To be sure, there’s a chance that one or some of those ethnic Tajik ISIS-K terrorists that Iran detained in January might have heard about the group’s plans to attack Russia, but that’s altogether different than them having knowledge of the then-impending Crocus plot. Russia already knows that it’s in that group’s crosshairs after they bombed its embassy in Kabul in September 2022. Without specific information, whether from Iran or anyone else, nothing on the home front would have changed in response to that.

For instance, Russia, the UK, or even a random social media person could vaguely claim that ISIS-K is planning to attack the US, which American officials themselves are already aware of but wouldn’t do anything differently on the home front upon being informed of the latest rumors. Likewise, it’s unrealistic to imagine that Russia would ramp up security at all large gatherings even if Iran told them that a detained ethnic Tajik ISIS-K terrorist might have claimed that the group is planning to attack it.

For what it’s worth, RT quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying that “I do not know anything about this” when asked about Reuters’ report, so objective observers should be skeptical of it. He either wasn’t informed ahead of his media briefing that such vague information was allegedly passed along to Russia by Iran or it simply didn’t happen. It doesn’t matter which of these two is true though since it wouldn’t have made a difference either way for the reasons that were explained

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Thursday, Apr 04, 2024 - 01:45 AM

Spain has been foremost among European countries which have repeatedly condemned Israel's ongoing military operation in Gaza and the resultant soaring Palestinian death toll. The EU country is also among those demanding answers for the drone strikes that killed a group of World Central Kitchen aid workers this week. "I expect and demand that the Israeli government clarify as soon as possible the circumstances of this brutal attack that has taken the lives of seven aid workers who were doing nothing but helping," Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in a fresh statement.

But Prime Minister Sanchez is also driving global headlines for his Tuesday statements declaring the Spanish government is moving forward with recognizing Palestinian statehood. The Financial Times reported that the country is ready to bestow formal recognition as early as July.

Claire's Observations:  God Bless the Spanish government on this!!!!!!

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The untold story of the toxic and abusive environment inside '90s kids' TV

Webmaster addition: I caught whiffs of this when I worked in Hollywood and I got hit on a few times, but I never knew it was this bad!

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