'Global warming' alarmist spewed nothing but climate doom last summer about how the world would imminently burn if no 'government' actions were taken. The folks operating Mammoth Mountain in the Eastern Sierra might be perplexed about that assumption considering they've had to shutter operations this week because of too much snow. 

A moisture conveyor belt of atmospheric rivers for nearly three weeks has pounded lower elevations of California with record amounts of rain. As for higher elevations, such as the area where Mammoth is located, feet of snow buried the region. 

"Due to continued intense snowfall, very difficult road conditions, and extensive avalanche mitigation work, Main Lodge will be closed tomorrow," Mammoth posted on Facebook earlier this week. 

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The deadline has passed for Pfizer to submit the results of a study exploring the frequency of heart inflammation following receipt of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine.

A man is inoculated with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at La Colaborativa in Chelsea, Mass., on Feb. 16, 2021. (Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images)

Pfizer was required by the U.S. and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct multiple studies on its vaccine after the FDA approved the shot in August 2021 because regulators determined that without the studies, there would not be sufficient data to assess the “known serious risks of myocarditis and pericarditis,” or heart inflammation and a related condition.

Regulators were also concerned about the potential risk of subclinical myocarditis, or heart inflammation without typical symptoms.

The FDA told Pfizer to carry out six studies, with various deadlines for completion and reporting final results to the agency. The first final deadline arrived on Dec. 31, 2022.

Pfizer was required to submit a report on the study, which was to assess the incidence of subclinical myocarditis following administration of a third dose of Pfizer’s vaccine, or a booster shot, in people aged 16 to 30.

It’s unclear whether Pfizer met the deadline. The company and the FDA did not respond to requests for comment, and neither have issued any information about the study or its results since the deadline passed.

According to the FDA, Pfizer had until June 30, 2022, to complete the study and then another six months to prepare and submit the final results.

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It seems the dam is truly breaking after all. A new Rasmussen poll – recently shared on Twitter – shows a staggering shift in what Democrats once believed to be true about the COVID-19 injections.

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The House on Thursday voted to pass a bill to ban President Biden from tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to sell U.S. oil to China

On the Democratic side 113 members vote for the the bill, joining all Republicans.  

The bill became a first-week priority for Republicans after reports that Chinese buyers purchased oil during the record-breaking drawdown of the U.S's emergency oil supply, at a time when gas prices peaked at $5 a gallon. 

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So if these documents were removed when Biden left office, where were they in the prior year and were they moved repeatedly before they ended up in the Washington office? This does not appear to be a “one-and-done” mistake. Rather documents may have been at various locations over a five-year period.

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot's campaign sent an email to Chicago Public Schools teachers asking them to notify students that the campaign is seeking volunteers as the mayor pursues reelection.
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Long-serving Republican Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina has put forward a resolution that calls for displaying a bust of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the U.S. Capitol.
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Numerous sheriffs across Illinois are refusing to enforce the state's ban on semiautomatic weapons, signed into law by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who threatened those who dared to dissent.
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A Democratic politician who had been endorsed by Black Lives Matter was sentenced to 22 months in prison for stealing from the Democratic Party in order to gamble at casinos.
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Robert Contee, chief of police in Washington, D.C., was visibly angry during a Tuesday news conference during which he confirmed that the homeowner who fatally shot a 13-year-old black male amid a 4 a.m. confrontation over car break-ins also is black — and that "misinformation" about the case and "allegations centered around race" are putting innocent people in danger.
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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission chair Alexander Hoehn-Saric said in a statement that he is not seeking to ban gas stoves and that the agency does not have a proceeding to make such a move.
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Erika Donalds, the wife of Rep. Byron Donalds, responded on Wednesday to the vitriolic critics of her husband, a second-term Republican congressman from Florida.
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Within the next six months, the United States Navy may need to decide whether to arm itself or Ukraine due to a reported weapons shortage.

The comment was made Wednesday by Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro to a group of reporters on the sidelines of the 2023 Surface Navy Association National Symposium in Arlington, Virginia, Defense One editor Marcus Weisberger reported.

Weisberger tweeted that although the bulk of American weapons given to Ukraine are land weapons and not naval weapons, Del Toro's concerns are shared by others.

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Residents of a Detroit-area community with a large Muslim population can sacrifice animals at home for religious reasons.

The Hamtramck City Council explicitly approved the practice, 3-2, Tuesday, another step in recognizing a cultural shift in a city whose 20th century history was shaped by Polish immigrants.

Muslims often slaughter animals, typically goats or sheep, or pay someone to do it for them during the holy holiday of Eid al-Adha. Meat is shared with family, friends and the poor.

The Hamtramck council in December had voted to continue a ban on animal slaughter but reversed course, at least for religious reasons, after legal advice and objections from people who follow the Islamic faith, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Webmaster addition: So, Muslims are allowed to follow their religious beliefs to the point of animal cruelty but Christians following their religious beliefs to protect the unborn are not?

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The United States and Japan are advancing their alliance by sending anti-ship missiles, a logistics battalion, and an air defense battalion to Okinawa by 2025 in order to increase the preparedness of the marine forces stationed there.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and their Japanese counterparts, Yoshimasa Hayashi and Yasukazu Hamada, met on Wednesday to revise their joint defense posture, increasing the American troop presence on the island.

This comes amid the rising threats from North Korea and increasing aggressiveness from China. Other areas in the Indo-Pacific region that contain U.S. and allied forces that are within the range of missile strikes are also being changed and amped up with better defense.

According to officials, a Marine littoral regiment has already been established in Hawaii, a second will soon be in Okinawa, and a third is expected later this decade with Guam as a potential location.

A joint statement will be released following the talks. The agreements come after Japan’s declaration last year that it will increase its defense spending to 2% of its GDP over five years.

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Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and several federal law enforcement agencies have issued a public safety alert about “an alarming increase” of online exploitation of children and teens.

Referred to as “sextortion,” derived from “sex” and “extortion,” this crime occurs when a victim, “often a child, is threatened or blackmailed, usually online, by a person demanding sexual content (photos/videos) or money from the child against his or her will,” the Department of Justice explains.

Last month, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania, in partnership with Homeland Security Investigations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), issued a public safety alert about “the alarming increase” in cases of sextortion.

On Tuesday, Moody issued a public safety alert urging parents and guardians to “please talk to your children about this disturbing crime and make sure they know not to take or send explicit images to anyone. Keep an open dialog with your children and urge them to tell you if they are ever asked to exchange inappropriate content.”

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U.S. House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., has launched an investigation into the classified documents found at a private office used by President Joe Biden after his time as vice president ended years ago.

Comer sent a letter to the National Archives and Records Administration and the White House Counsel’s Office demanding answers and pointing out that “NARA instigated a public and unprecedented FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago – former President Trump’s home.”

Comer is calling for communications records between the Department of Justice, the White House and Nara as well as interviews with NARA staff.

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Joy Behar openly admitted on Tuesday that there is a double standard in how Joe Biden and Donald Trump are handled on ‘The View’ and in the media at large. The latest example surrounds the discovery of classified documents from Biden’s Vice Presidency in a private office.

Reports first broke this week that Biden’s personal lawyers had reported finding classified materials in his office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a “think tank” at the University of Pennsylvania where Biden was an honorary professor from 2017 to 2019, back in November. 

While it might seem like an eternity, Trump was the in the spotlight for his handling of classified documents not that long ago.

Let’s look at how the media, politicians, and even the public reacted to the mishandling of classified documents by Trump v. Biden.

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With natural gas prices over $100 more per megawatt hour than they were a year ago, the Western European economies are heading to the Middle Ages.

Forests are being cut for firewood as Russia retaliates with its own Ukraine war sanctions by shutting off the trickle of natural gas it was still piping into Europe.

Germany, watching companies suffer high electricity bills (Arcelor Mittal is closing two steel mills there), is finally talking about decoupling from China. The energy crisis is making them nervous. They want to make it harder for manufacturers to outsource now that their energy bill is at an all-time high.

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Assault-style weapons are banned Wednesday morning in Illinois.

The Illinois legislature passed a bill outlawing the high-powered weapons. Governor J.B. Pritzker signed it into law. Illinois becomes the ninth state to pass an assault weapons ban.

Supporters shared that the new law will help make Illinois safer; but opponents are vowing legal challenges calling the measure unconstitutional.

Governor Pritzker signed the bill Tuesday night in Springfield after the Illinois house passed it earlier in the day 68 to 41. The bill initially cleared the house last week, but then the house had to pass it again after the senate approved the legislation with some changes.

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A new report states that the Biden Administration is allegedly considering a national ban on gas stoves. You read that right. The New York Post has reported on the consideration by the Biden Administration for a nationwide ban on gas stoves.

This is precisely the kind of thing that gets so many frustrated when they hear about it because it is yet another infringement on the rights and freedoms of the American public.

According to reporting by Bloomberg, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is the government agency considering the move. They cite the environmental harm that gas stoves can do in their report. This is why they have made yet another stab at curbing the freedoms many Americans enjoy.

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Mexico’s President Andrés Lopez Obrador says 40 million Mexicans are living in the United States.

“Just imagine: There are 40 million Mexicans in the United States — 40 million [including people] who were born here in Mexico, [or] who are the children of people who were born in Mexico,” President Andrés Lopez Obrador gushed at a January 10 press conference with President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Obrador’s proud Mexican-first advocacy for ethnic Mexicans — including ethnic Mexicans in the United States — is very different from the globalist, investor-first policies pushed by Trudeau and Biden.

At the Tuesday summit, Biden pushed the globalist, pro-migration “Nation of Immigrants” narrative as he described all Americans — including the descendants of Americans — as mere immigrants.

“Look, all of you know all of us in the United States are immigrants,” Biden said. “Mine go all the way back to the Irish famine,” Biden told the press conference.

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South Africa has criticized Washington over its pressure campaign on African nations for maintaining relations with Russia. Defense and Military Veterans Minister Thandi Modise was quoted as saying that the US threatens African nations over “anything that is even smelling of Russia.”

South African Defense and Military Veterans Minister Thandi Modise’s criticism was sparked by reports concerning a delivery of “unidentified” cargo to the Simon’s Town naval base in December 2022 by an alleged Russia-flagged merchant ship.

In November, when the US learned that the vessel in question was headed toward South Africa, the US Embassy alerted Pretoria that the ship had been subject to Washington’s sanctions since May 2022. In accordance with US laws, Washington can impose restrictions on any entity, person or country that provides services to a sanctioned vessel.

The US press said that the embassy received no response from the South African government, adding that the alleged sanctioned freighter was accepted at the nation’s port in December.

Addressing the issue earlier this week, Defense and Military Veterans Minister Thandi Modise told US media that “whatever contents this vessel was getting were ordered long before COVID,” and lambasted Washington over the unjustified pressure the latter has imposed on African states maintaining ties with Moscow.

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Mitch McConnell has recently come under fire for how he seems to cater to his Democrat colleagues.

He doesn’t stand up for Republicans the way he used to, and Donald Trump has noticed. Now, he wants Mitch McConnell and those that vote in step with him to face primary challenges.

Trump recently posted about it on Truth Social. The Blaze reports, “It’s as though he doesn’t care anymore. He pushes through anything the Democrats want,” Trump continued.

“The $1.7 TRILLION quickly approved Bill of the week before was HORRIBLE. Zero for USA Border Security. If he had waited just ten days, the now ‘United Republican Congress’ could have made it MUCH BETTER or KILLED IT. Something is wrong with McConnell and those Republican Senators that Vote with him. PRIMARY THEM ALL!!!”

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Russia's space agency will launch an empty Soyuz capsule to the International Space Station February to replace a damaged spacecraft that is unsafe to return its crew of three to Earth, NASA and Russian space officials said Wednesday (Jan. 11). 

The new MS-23 Soyuz spacecraft will launch on Feb. 20 from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to replace the stricken Soyuz MS-22 capsule on the station, which suffered a coolant leak on Dec. 14 after being struck by a likely micrometeoroid, NASA and Russia's Roscosmos agency said. 

"We're not calling this a rescue Soyuz," Joel Montalbano, NASA's space station program manager, told reporters Wednesday. "I'm calling it a replacement Soyuz. This is the next Soyuz that was scheduled to fly in March. It will just fly a little early."

The replacement Soyuz spacecraft will serve as the new lifeboat and return craft for NASA astronaut Frank Rubio and Roscosmos cosmonauts Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitry Petelin, who have been living on the International Space Station without a return ship since their MS-22 Soyuz was damaged last month. It's an unprecedented scenario, officials have said. 

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NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has discovered its first planet - and the rocky world is a similar size to our own.

Formally classified as LHS 475 b., the exoplanet is 99 per cent of Earth's diameter, and while it is terrestrial, scientists do not yet know if it has an atmosphere.

Although the team cannot conclude what is present, they have ruled out a thick methane-dominated atmosphere similar to that of Saturn's moon Titan.

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The FDIC’s Systemic Resolution Advisory Committee (SRAC) held a meeting in November to discuss how the next market crash would occur and what steps would need to be taken to ensure not everybody tries pulling their money out of the financial system at the same time. One FDIC member noted that while institutions will soon be able to figure out the dire implications of a financial collapse, the general public should not, because that would lead to “unintended consequences.” The FDIC insures $9 TRILLION of bank deposits with only $125 billion worth of assets. The FDIC cannot insure everybody in a crisis when many people want to withdraw their money all at once. A critic on Twitter wrote: ‘If this goes down during 2023 … we can expect the mother of all Fed QE … $5 trillion instantly on the balance sheet expansion to bailout the banking system and massive amounts of Congressional stimulus and bailouts.” The article concludes that Federal Reserve-orchestrated bail-outs – and more inflation – are inevitable if there is a market crash.

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32-year-old Riverside County deputy Isaiah Cordero was murdered last month by a felon who was supposed to be given a life sentence but instead was released back onto the streets of California after posting bail.

The murderer, 44-year-old William Shae McKay, faced a kidnapping charge for imprisoning a woman for four days in March 2021. Prior to this crime, he had been convicted of two previous violent crimes.

The Democrat judge in charge of his case, San Bernardino County Superior Court trial judge Cara D. Hutson, acquitted McKay of the kidnapping charge and delayed his sentencing at the request of the defendant’s lawyers.

The judge then proceeded to drop the convict’s bail from $950,000 to $500,000 which he was able to post in March 2022 thus allowing him to roam the streets of the Golden State, according to Breitbart. McKay should have been convicted under California’s three strike law, however, the judge failed to convict him.

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