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FBI Director Christopher Wray said on Wednesday that it was not clear whether former President Donald Trump was shot or hit by shrapnel when a gunman opened fire at his rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, earlier this month.

The FBI is investigating the July 13 shooting, which killed one rally-goer and seriously injured two others before the gunman, 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, was shot dead by the Secret Service.

J6 Chair, Who Tried to Cut Trumps Secret Service, May Lead Assassination Probe MikeRivero

Democrats are reportedly eyeing Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., for the soon-to-be authorized bipartisan panel to investigate the assassination attempt against President Donald Trump.

416 to 0: U.S. House votes to establish task force probing Trump assassination attempt MikeRivero

The House passed a resolution to form a bipartisan task force on Wednesday to investigate the assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump on July 13.

Agent Who Ran Bidens Inauguration Wargame Says Trump Assassination A False Flag Event MikeRivero

Government insider calls into The Alex Jones Show to claim, based on his knowledge of security protocols at major events, that the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump was an inside job and not the act of a lone gunman.

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There Will Be No Real Investigation of the Assassination Attempt on Trump MikeRivero

Obviously, what is needed is a credible, brave forensic acoustic credentialed expert to analyze the acoustic evidence. This should be arranged by committees of the US Congress, such as the committees headed by Jim Jordan and James Comer.

The Body Count of the State MikeRivero

In early June, one of the most extraordinary interviews I’ve ever seen took place. Tucker Carlson sat down with Rep. Thomas Massie, by far the best of the typical sorry congressional lot. During the interview, Massie touched on the subject of Israeli influence in Congress. Boy, did he touch on it.

(SQAUK) — A harrowing assassination attempt on former President Donald J. Trump was thwarted at a rally in Butler County, Pennsylvania, leading to the detention of three suspicious individuals. The incident unfolded dramatically as law enforcement and a vigilant police sniper intervened to prevent what could have been a national tragedy.

Americans are still reeling from the shocking attempt on Donald Trump’s life. Congressional Republicans have blasted the Secret Service, who made numerous mistakes that led to the attack.

Plenty of people are demanding answers over how a gunman was able to get that close to the event. And how was he able to take a shot, missing Trump only by the grace of God?

There are far too questions with no answers. And we can be sure that the failed Biden presidency won’t be forthcoming with the truth.