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"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate." -- Noam Chomsky


Germany farmers ordered to SLASH fertilizer usage by EU green tyrants who want FAMINE MikeRivero Tue, 12/06/2022 - 11:04
Everything And Everybody Is More Important Than You MikeRivero Tue, 12/06/2022 - 07:20

If we’re all responsible to everybody, what’s in it for you? How does it work, exactly? Can you claim anything—your production, property, expression, body, mind, life, or soul—for yourself? If you can’t, if everyone else has first claim to them, what can you claim for yourself? Do you give up everything for our eight billion fellow earth-citizens as they give up everything for you? Do you get one eight-billioneth of what’s nominally everyone else’s? Or is this supposed to be pure sacrifice—give up everything and receive nothing in return?

Noting that David is an ambassador for the Qatar World Cup, one Twitter user said he should be 'nowhere near' Boston, which is more than 6,380 miles away from Qatar.

'David Beckham should be nowhere near this, he is literally the ambassador for the World Cup with the biggest ever carbon footprint, absolute hypocrite,' they wrote.

Over the past weeks a coordinated all-out assault on our agriculture—the ability to produce food for human existence—has begun. The recent G20 governmental meeting in Bali, the UN Agenda 2030 Cop27 meeting in Egypt, the Davos World Economic Forum and Bill Gates are all complicit. Typically, they are using dystopian linguistic framing to give the illusion they are up to good when they are actually advancing an agenda that will lead to famine and death for hundreds of millions not billions if allowed to proceed. It’s driven by a coalition of money

War against humanity: Netherlands to shut down 3,000 farms MikeRivero Mon, 12/05/2022 - 06:36

Say whatever you will about Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, but at the very least, you couldn’t really question her commitment to actually “saving” the planet (whatever that means in 2022).

European Commission chief has urged the bloc to address "distortion" created by Washington’s multibillion-dollar plan to incentivize climate-friendly technologies in the United States amid the simmering energy crisis. 

Ursula von der Leyen made the remarks on Sunday, a day before the US-EU Trade and Technology Council ministerial meeting to be held at the University of Maryland, where the law is likely to figure on top of the agenda.

There are wind farms being put up all over the place these days, including in many rural areas of the United States. But the offshore wind farms that have been constructed in the North Sea by various European power companies have created a forest of towers rising up over the waves. But that’s not a problem, right? After all, this is the “clean energy” we were all promised and we’re saving the planet so everyone can feel better about themselves.