Judicial Watch announced today that YouTube censored a Judicial Watch video about Biden corruption and election integrity issues in the 2020 election. The video titled “Impeach? Biden Corruption Threatens National Security” was falsely determined to be “election misinformation” and removed by YouTube, and Judicial Watch’s YouTube account was suspended for a week. The video featured an interview of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Imagine, if you will, the following system...

Government is managed by elected representatives who are in turn elected by the people. Government is further restrained by checks and balances between three branches, each of which is accountable ultimately to the people who live under the laws.

Unlike the ancient system of government in which the only people who were truly free were the aristocracy, under this new system, every adult citizen has political rights. No one rules over anyone without accountability. 

Ottawa Police violently arrest Canadians at freedom rally on the eve of Canada Day
‘What do I have to do? I want to cooperate,’ said one man while being violently arrested.

Mere hours after freedom fighter and veteran James Topp completed his 4,000km march to Ottawa, where he was joined by hundreds of supporters in the capital, the city’s police descended on rally attendees making violent arrests.

There are many cancellable offenses in the land of the free. Expressing the wrong opinion on a multitude of issues – from immigration policy, to drag shows for children, to whether Kyle Rittenhouse deserves life in prison – is a surefire way to find yourself vilified and, quite often, unemployed. What’s worse is that the borders of wrongthink continue to expand, rendering it difficult to know which opinions result in life ruination. Such was the lesson Griffin Green learned when he made the grave mistake of having the ‘wrong’ opinion on bodegas, of all things.

Peter Navarro, 73 years old, was Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing Policy during the Trump administration. I do not know him.

Last February the Democrats subpoenaed him to appear before the Democrats’ “Select Committee on the January 6 Attack,” a show trial operation trying to invent an “insurrection” by people who took selfies sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.

As Trump had declared executive privilege, Navarro simply observed the president’s right and refused to appear.

The Washington, D.C. swamp is dirtier and more widespread than we ever could have imagined. Have you wondered why Democrats and certain Republicans are so obsessed with going after former President Trump and his allegations of fraud in the 2020 election?

Trump’s allegations of malfeasance in the election is nothing new…Democrats have made the same arguments every time a Republican has won a national election in the past twenty-something years. So what is different now?

While we notice the closest integration among emerging countries, we notice a certain disparity among the richest, first-world countries, because they may not seem like it, but they also have internal problems that cannot always be fought. And the most recent of these is inflation, with an unprecedented rise in prices.

Government is the problem, not the solution. After more than fifteen years of a lingering and deepening recession, it is time to change course. In a democracy, governments are elected by the people to serve them, not to play authoritarian dictators, as is always the case. Governments use all their power and resources to influence your way of life.

The US Supreme Court last week overturned the right of a woman to take the private decision to terminate a pregnancy.

What had been a constitutionally settled right for 50 years, was abrogated by the stroke of a pen. This followed decades of relentless work by right-wing anti-abortion groups, including top lawmakers, to erode rights to healthcare and control over one’s body, family and future.