Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and the state’s GOP-controlled General Assembly will take $10 million in college money away from illegal aliens and give it to blacks who attend historically black colleges and universities.

A Cornell University professor claims the school's library has took down a bronzed Gettysburg Address plaque and statue of former President Abraham Lincoln, due to an unknown complaint.

"Someone complained, and [the plaque and bust are] gone," professor Randy Wayne told the College Fix, referring to the pieces of American history that had been part of Cornell's Kroch Library since 2013.

It’s difficult to think of another country more different from the United States than North Korea. United States is big, North Korea is small. United States is rich, North Korea is poor. United States is free and democratic, North Korea is totalitarian and repressive. United States is individualist, North Korea is collectivist. And yet, there are striking, even alarming, similarities between the two nations in the area of political psychology.

Modern-day historians look back at the Soviet criminal system with a mixture of sorrow and disbelief.  For example, Lavrentiy Beria, head of Stalin's secret police, often boasted, "Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime."  Beria was bragging that he possessed a fearsome array of tools that could banish any political opponent to the gulag.  An accusation became the legal equivalent of a conviction.

San Francisco's last good public high school voted to end their merit-based admission system in 2021 as part of the Great Awokening.

Lowell High School, which was previously overwhelmingly Asian and White, elected to switch to a lottery-based admissions system and became around 45% Hispanic and Black. The previously top-performing school saw grades swiftly collapse with 25% of freshmen students receiving either a D or an F in the fall 2021 semester, Legal Insurrection reported.

The campaign to waive student loan debt continues to be a critical debate in the United States. Supporters of this policy argue that loan forgiveness will make people’s lives better and provide more opportunities, while opponents have said the policy is tantamount to fool’s gold.

In the days and weeks after George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose, America’s universities proudly proclaimed an imminent “racial reckoning” on campus. “Diversity,” understood in a very specific way, became the top objective.