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"No one ever is selected by the puppet master to be the POTUS unless they agree to carry out an essential piece of the agenda.  Once they sign the contract to become President of the U.S. Corporation, they work for the Federal Reserve not the American People.  So, it's the foreign owners of the FED who always choose the POTUS.  However, that does not mean a POTUS, once installed in the Oval Office, cannot go rogue.  JFK did just that.  So did DJT." -- Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer


Six out of 10 French think that the text’s main purchasing power measures are “effective”. Le Figaro QUESTIONNAIRE – According to our Odox / Le Figaro poll published on Friday, the main provisions proposed in the law are welcome, but respondents are very pessimistic about the future. While the National Assembly adopted the Purchasing Power Bill at first reading, the Odox poll for Le Figaro reveals a number of instructive elements about French perceptions of the main measures. First observation: feeling of economic insecurity.
While the amendment to the Finance Act is currently under debate in the National Assembly, the amendments tabled by the majority aim to raise the ceiling for the overtime tax exemption. A logic that has been debated since 2007. Blinking is more or less requested. While the Finance Act was being amended last week, the amendments tabled by Mathieu Lefèvre and Aurore Bergé, two Renaissance MPs and their Horizons colleagues on the Finance Committee, were adopted. First “Aims to raise the limit of tax exemptions for overtime and additional hours worked by employees to 7,500 euro” for 2022.

Although the Bastille and Versailles are safe for now, NATO tyrants and their flunkeys are once again becoming fair game.

The spirit of La Marseillaise, that greatest of all national anthems, is again infusing citizens in countries as diverse as Ukraine, Canada, England, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands, where the banners for liberté, liberté chérie are again unfurled against NATO’s “horde of slaves, traitors, plotting kings.”

Experts have warned that parts of France are currently facing a “heat apocalypse” as temperatures reach record levels across Europe. Aside from triggering horrifying forest fires, these scorching temperatures are now also threatening to worsen France’s energy crisis. As a result of higher temperatures, rivers like the Rhone and Rhine, which are used by nuclear power plants for cooling, have become too warm to be used in the energy generation process.

Germany is demanding that Russia guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrity, but such a deal was previously signed, only to be “killed” by Berlin and Paris, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday.