"Corporations have taken over the government and turned it against its own people." -- Ralph Nader, The Progressive magazine, April 2000, p39

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Causes of death:

  • 18 cardiac arrests
  • 12 died from cancer
  • 7 died from infection
  • 3 died from aneurysm
  • 3 died from blood clots
  • 2 died from seizures
  • 2 had transplant complications
  • 2 died in their sleep
  • 1 died from dissection

Activities when sudden death occurred

'Is This In Fact A Bioweapon?': Roger Marshall Grills Doctor About COVID-19 Origins MikeRivero

At today's Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) questioned Dr. Steven Quay about the origins of COVID-19.

BREAKING NEWS: Rand Paul Reads Out Secret Communications Of Fauci's Team About COVID-19's Origins MikeRivero

At today's Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke about secret discussions about the origins of COVID-19 from Dr. Anthony Fauci's team.

End Of Zelensky Era? Russian Intel Reveals Name Of New Ukrainian President | Watch MikeRivero

Russian intelligence agency SVR claimed that Western powers are prepared to sacrifice Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, asserting his position is dependent on Western support which may soon be withdrawn. Click for more details.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Baily on Thursday announced that he's suing the State of New York over what he called a "direct attack on our democratic process through unconstitutional lawfare against President Trump."

"We have to fight back against a rogue prosecutor who is trying to take a presidential candidate off the campaign trail," Baily posted on X, adding "Stay tuned."

Judge Aileen Cannon was told to STEP DOWN from the Donald Trump classified documents case by fellow judges in shocking move MikeRivero

Senior judges in Florida approached Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon last year to ask her to step back from his Mar-a-Lago classified documents case – but she steadfastly refused, according to a shocking new report.

Cannon has been the source of fury and puzzlement among Trump critics after she issued rulings in the case that got overturned and failed to get it on track for trial before the November elections.

SUMMARY: Any and all elected representatives who encourage and/or harbor illegal immigrants are violating United States Code and should be removed from office (with no benefits) and jailed, as per the law.

Especially ANY politician who supports sanctuary cities, counties or states should be in jail:

According to the US DOJ website and our laws:

"1907. TITLE 8, U.S.C. 1324(A) OFFENSES