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Bidens SCOTUS Pick Sides With All Justices in Striking Down Gun Crime Provision MikeRivero Thu, 09/21/2023 - 11:04

The Biden administration just got stung with yet another unanimous ruling from the Supreme Court, which of course, included his nominee, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

In a 9-0 ruling, the Supreme Court found on Friday that some individuals convicted of gun crimes may receive reduced prison sentences. In those cases, gun-related offenses can be served concurrently.

“Congress could certainly have designed the penalty scheme at issue here differently. But Congress did not do any of these things. And we must implement the design Congress chose,” Jackson wrote in the ruling.

The Israel Police spokesperson suggested that Jews should carry weapons on Yom Kippur in a Tuesday press statement.

The recommendation came in a message regarding police preparedness as the approach of the Jewish High Holy Days brings increased security risk in a Tuesday press statement.

As part of the measures that the public should take, he emphasized was for citizens to carry weapons and be trained in their use.

Those who understand the heinous nature of the United Nation as well as their failed nature as a so-called  “peacekeeping” force, should understandably be concerned with the impending presence of UN soldiers on the streets of Chicago.

Extreme gun violence is listed as the primary reason why. This may be the one truthful aspect of this planned UN occupation of an American city. Eventually, the UN is going after the guns of all Americans and on this point, history has spoken. Gun confiscation is always followed by genocide.

Biden to create White House office of gun violence prevention MikeRivero Wed, 09/20/2023 - 14:01

The White House will announce this week that it is creating an office of gun violence prevention to focus on efforts to curb gun violence, two sources familiar confirmed to The Hill.

Gun violence prevention advocates and Democratic lawmakers have been pushing the White House to establish a designated office solely focused on gun violence.

We all know how California feels about guns. They've got the most extensive gun control regulations in the nation and it seems they're always looking for more.

And if they can make it harder for poorer Californians to get a firearm, so much the better, right?

Oklahoma's Pushmataha County Sheriff's Office is investigating the ATF for their recent SWAT raid of one of their county's most respected residents, Russell Fincher, PCSO Undersheriff Dustin Bray said Tuesday.

No one at the ATF warned the Sheriff's Office in advance that highly armed federal agents would be conducting the SWAT raid, the Undersheriff said.

With the twin tides of public opinion and legal decisions running against her, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has scrapped her plan to ban legal gun owners from carrying firearms in Albuquerque and its surroundings.

However, Lujan Grisham is still trying to create gun-free zones through her executive order.

As a lawsuit is challenging the headline-grabbing order issued by New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham that banned legal gun owners from carrying their weapons in and around Albuquerque, a top prosecutor says he wants nothing to do with the edict.

A homeowner in Georgia took matters into his own hands when he shot an intruder not once, but twice, after the intruder appeared to taunt him over the first gunshot wound he sustained.

According to Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb, the incident occurred on Thursday when the homeowner called the police about the intruder. Simultaneously, the home's alarm company also alerted the authorities about the presence of an intruder.

Earlier this year, the Biden Administration announced its intent to move the United States "as close to Universal Background Checks as possible without additional legislation."

After much speculation on how far-reaching the rule would be, it has finally arrived, and it's worse than expected.