"A decision based on knowledge produces less commotion than one based on emotion." -- Jim Tanner

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Following Wednesday’s unsuccessful coup, observers have raised suspicion that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was part of the master plan. Users on X, formerly known as Twitter, speculated that the coup attempt was secretly backed by the CIA, either because of Bolivia’s vast supplies of lithium, in retaliation for its closeness to Russia or its hostility to Israel. One X user said: “This is the second CIA-backed coup plot against the Bolivian state in under five years.

HEARTBREAKING tributes have been paid to a tourist crushed to death by an elephant in front of his screaming fiancee in South Africa after getting out of his car to take photos.

He was horrifically crushed to death by an angry herd of elephants in a nature reserve after wanting close-up photos of them on July 7.

About a half-million migrants made the journey across the gap in 2023, and about 200,000 so far this year. On the campaign trail, President Jose Raul Mulino emphasized his intent to end Panama's role as a critical link in a path that funnels northbound migrants into Central America.

JOE Biden has addressed rumors about dropping out of the 2024 presidential election, stating that he is still running and aims to beat Donald Trump.

Following the disastrous presidential debate leading up to the November election, people have been begging Biden to pull out of the race