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"Only one form of contagion travels faster than a virus. And that's fear." -- Dan Brown

Germany Is Preparing A Windfall Tax For Solar And Wind Generators MikeRivero Tue, 11/29/2022 - 06:27

Ah, yes. The sweet smell of saving the planet with "green" energy while getting to rake in even more taxes...nothing like having your cake and eating it too

Such is the case in Germany, where the country is getting ready to "table a €130 per megawatt hour cap on the earnings of wind, solar and nuclear generators", according to ReNews, citing Bloomberg. 

Major tax filing services such as H&R Block, TaxAct, and TaxSlayer have been quietly transmitting sensitive financial information to Facebook when Americans file their taxes online, The Markup has learned.

The data, sent through widely used code called the Meta Pixel, includes not only information like names and email addresses but often even more detailed information, including data on users’ income, filing status, refund amounts, and dependents’ college scholarship amounts. 

ELECTION 2020 TULSI GABBARD - Sputnik International, 1920, 19.11.2022

The Hawaii politician, once considered a rising star in the Democratic Party, quit the party last month, attacking its leadership for being an “elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness.”

The Great Decline: California To Have MASSIVE Budget Deficit Next Year

In 2021, California's Independent Legislative Analyst's Office forecasted the state would have a $97 billion budget surplus for the 2022 fiscal year.

Believe it or not, California thinks it has a solution to the homelessness problem that can be solved with additional taxation! Go figure.

A new measure in Los Angeles, called Measure ULA, is set to generate $900 million in taxes that will then be used for housing subsidies and tenant protections. The tax is essentially a levy on all property sales of more than $5 million, according to Bloomberg.


It's remarkable to think that it was just 6 weeks ago when the UK revealed its biggest spending spree in decades - one which sparked a bond market crisis, a political shake up and the resignation of the now former PM Liz Truss. Fast forward to today when in a dramatic reversal, we learn that the UK is sinking into Greek-style austerity: the Telegraph reports that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and finance minister Jeremy Hunt plan to reveal a stealth tax raid on pensions later this month.

A White House lawyer sent Hunter Biden and his business partner emails about then-Vice President Joe Biden’s taxes, calling into question the president's claim that he had no financial link to his son.

Counsel to the Vice President Cynthia Hogan sent Hunter and his Rosemont Seneca consultancy business partner Eric Schwerin an email in March 2010 discussing issues with Joe's IRS returns.

The Internal Revenue Service recently announced it is contacting millions of people who are still owed stimulus payments, earned income tax credits, child tax credits or other benefits. Now scammers are looking to cash in on the news, too, experts say.

GOP lawmakers have issued a stark warning to the IRS over their handling of millions of taxpayer filings during the first few months of the Biden administration.

Republicans are threatening the agency with increased oversight due to their apparent unwillingness to explain the destruction of 30 million “information returns” in 2021.