"Fear is a very foolish way to rule a nation, because fear is very tiring over time. No matter how tyrannical the despot, no matter how great the imposed terror; there comes a time when the people simply lack the energy to be afraid any longer, Fear vanishes from the population, and all that is left is blind uncompromising unquenchable rage." -- Michael Rivero

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Rights groups and social media frequenters react to US President Joe Biden’s decision to cancel his re-election bid, saying he will be remembered by how he facilitated the Israeli regime’s ongoing war of genocide against Palestinians.

The reactions began pouring in on Monday, immediately after Biden announced in a letter on social media that he was stepping aside as a candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

After President Donald Trump’s courageous response to the assassination attempt captivated the nation and the Republicans held a successful and unified national convention, Democrats are frantic. They are worried they may suffer a landslide loss to President Trump and lose control of the House and Senate.

Shortly after Biden’s announcement letter was released, several journalists noticed Biden’s signature in his announcement letter did not match Biden’s official signature.

Journalist Dr. Naomi Wolf took to X and compared Biden’s official signature, according to Wikipedia, with the most recent signature on his dropout letter.

President Biden hesitated to drop his re-election campaign in part because he and his senior advisers worried that Vice President Kamala Harris wasn't up to taking on Donald Trump, according to three Biden aides familiar with recent talks about his plans.