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"Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other." -- Oscar Ameringer, "The Mark Twain of American Socialism"



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A student newspaper at Australia’s University of Queensland is defending a controversial article that provided shoplifting tips to cash-strapped students. 

The piece, “The Subtle Art of Shoplifting,” was published in the student newspaper Semper Floreat on Saturday. 

In the piece, the anonymous writer advised readers on “frifting,” or “free shopping.” As explained by the writer, frifting is “a legitimate action for the working class to take in ongoing class war.” 

This article is a result of a discussion I had with Dee [McLachlan] about a case I did back in 1988-89. I was approached by some people that were challenging the Egg Industry Act. The plaintiff, an egg farmer, had run out of money and now they needed a barrister to continue the case on a spec/pro bono basis. Having lost at the Supreme Court level, the case was now in the Court of Appeal. I was only two years at the Bar and had never appeared in the Supreme Court, let alone the Court of Appeal.

In the latest blow to Australia’s ambitious plans to acquire nuclear-powered submarines, overstretched US and UK shipyards may not be able to supply Canberra with the boats within the decade as outlined in the three sides’ AUKUS agreement, according to reports in late August.

You may have heard of a company’s “ESG score”: The initials stand for environmental, social and governance — and the scores businesses receive can determine whether they have access to capital and at what interest rate, among other things.

Now, Bank Australia wants to export that kind of thinking to an individual’s choice of car.

Leonard Siffleit was an Australian Special Forces radio operator who was sent on a mission to Papua New Guinea to establish a coast viewing station.


In September 1943, his patrol was sent to Japanese-occupied New Guinea to regroup the Japanese forces stationed there. Siffleet and two other Australian soldiers were captured by local natives friendly to the Japanese and handed over to the Japanese.


All three men were interrogated, tortured and confined for nearly two weeks before being taken to Etape Beach on the afternoon of 24 October 1943.


Have you been seeing reports of deaths and injuries attributed to COVID vaccines in the mainstream media?

Yeah, me neither.

Somehow, Australian television news is reporting on blood clots that follow the use of AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines in a way that we don't see here in the U.S.

I wonder why!