"Gold is a pretty metal, soft and easy to work with for artists and with some interesting electrical properties, but otherwise rather useless other than as a symbol of wealth and power. If an alien race wanted to conquer the Earth (although one has to wonder what there could possibly be here on Earth worth the trouble) all they would have to do is start handing out 500 pounds of gold to every living human being and the financial/political foundations of our civilization would crumble overnight. I am not convinced that would be a bad thing in the long term" -- Michael Rivero

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Boycotting NYC will be declared "antisemtic"! polyb1123

Wait for it...!!!

Senate Commerce Republicans probe Chicagos migrant shelters at airports, warn of 'illegal immigrant magnet' deepanshugautam
: Republicans on the Senate Commerce Committee are investigating the housing of illegal immigrants at the city's two airports in Chicago — asking whether the city is violating funding requirements, and accusing the city with its sanctuary city policy of "illegal immigrants." Accusing him of being an "immigrant magnet".
DEI Priorities Interfere With FBI Hiring, Undercut National Security, Report Claims Ladylove


A recently disclosed report by an alliance of retired and active duty FBI agents and analysts claims a concerning decline in FBI recruitment standards due to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) priorities, posing a potential threat to national security.

FBI Director Christopher Wray looks over notes as he arrives for a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, on May 10, 2023. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

CNN Ex-Pat Chris Cillizza Takes A Virtual Beating Over Claim Biden Never Told Coal Miners To Learn To Code deepanshugautam
Ex-CNN reporter Chris Cillizza got some backlash — and a community note — for his claim that President Joe Biden never suggested that workers in one profession could change jobs simply by learning to code. The conversation began with reports of recent layoffs in several media outlets – including The Los Angeles Times – and a response posted via X by DeSantis' press secretary Jeremy Redfern. "The LA Times is not having a good day, and I'm OK with that."
Republicans demand FBI, DHS update Congress on ongoing TikTok investigation deepanshugautam

 A pair of top House Republicans are calling on the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to brief Congress on the ongoing federal investigation into the popular Chinese social media platform TikTok.