NWSA2237. New ship defense system approved
     WASHINGTON (NWSA) -- The U.S. Navy's Cooperative Engagement
Capability (CEC), a unique and revolutionary war fighting system,
received final approval for fleet tactical use Sept. 30.
     "Through our collective and cooperative efforts, we have
brought forth a new era of theater air defense (TAD) to the
fleet," stated RADM Rodney P. Rempt, TAD program executive
officer, in a message announcing the CEC's Initial Operational
Capability (IOC) certification.
     The CEC technology enables a group of ships to process and
share target data quickly and launch a defending missile in
flight before an enemy missile crosses the defending ship's radar
horizon.  Without CEC, a ship's radar can detect enemy targets
only after they have crossed the ship's radar horizon.  With the
"sensor netting" hardware and software, a ship's survivability is
greatly increased.
     The Navy's most recent successful live missile firings and
testing of CEC, which led to IOC certification, were performed by
USS Anzio (CG 68) and USS Cape St. George (CG 71), near the AEGIS
Combat Systems Center, Wallops Island, Va.
     The Navy plans to deploy CEC aboard aircraft carriers,
destroyers, cruisers, selected classes of amphibious ships, and
E-2C Hawkeye aircraft between 1996 and 2007.


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