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                          COOPERATIVE ENGAGEMENTS
   The fire control quality composite track provided by CEC allows an
   AEGIS ship to engage an attacker that its own radars do not hold, with
   initialization of the missile, calculation and uplink of guidance
   commands, and pointing of terminal illumination performed solely from
   the remote data. The CEC composite track also allows cueing of ships
   with other weapon systems, such as Seasparrow, providing earlier
   detection and engagement of attackers.
                              Engage On Remore
   For Engage On Remote cooperative engagements, the CEC composite track
   formed from the remote data is provided to the firing ship's AEGIS
   Weapon System, which processes the target data normally, as though it
   were coming from ownship radars. The ship may fire on the attacker
   before it crosses the radar horizon, allowing intercept at the maximum
   possible range. Cooperative engagements may be conducted when the
   target is still beyond the horizon, when track has been denied by
   jamming, or when the firing ship's radars are not radiating.
                                Cued Engage
   For Cued Engage, the CEC composite track is provided to Seasparrow as
   a precision cue, which assigns the Target Acquisition system and Fire
   Control Radar to acquire, track, and illuminate the target. The CEC
   cue allows earlier detection and tracking of the attacker, extending
   the intercept range closer to the ship's radar horizon.
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