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                     Battle Space Extension through CEC
   CEC provides for a steady increase in weapons range by combining data
   from many sources to enable earlier detection through cueing and
   accurate and more continuous tracking with improved ID consistency.
   Extension of battle space through CEC remote data engagements was
   demonstrated repeatedly during formal Navy testing in 1993/94 at AFWTF
   and this capability was incorporated into the CEC IOC version.
   Extension of battle space using airborne sensors and illumination was
   demonstrated experimentally using sensors and illumination at an
   elevated land site at Kokee Park, Kauai, in February 1996 as an
   Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration. This capability can be
   incorporated into subsequent versions of CEC if suitable sensors and
   illumination become available. [INLINE]
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   Updated: 10 Oct 1996

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