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                             Future Development
   Development of CEC beyond IOC includes application to Theater
   Ballistic Missile Defense (TBMD) and adaptation of the Common
   Equipment Set for integration with joint service sensor and weapon
   systems. Initial studies, including live missile firings based on
   display level CEC cues, have been done for Hawk.
   Initial analysis and studies for integration of CEC with the Arsenal
   Ship, Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft, Patriot, Aerostat,
   and Satellite systems are being or have been conducted. Other
   applications proposed for CEC include integration with THAAD/GBR, the
   Airborne laser, and CORPSAM/MEADS. [INLINE]
   Recent exercises demonstrated cueing of Hawk by CEC at the display
   level, resulting in successful live missile firings at PMRF in
   February 1996. Cues were provided both to the TPS-59 and to the Hawk
   High Power Illuminator, based on data from three AEGIS ships offshore.
   Additional studies are currently underway to provide direct
                     Theater Ballistic Missile Defense
   CEC contributes to TBMD by providing a continuous fire control quality
   track on the TBM from acquisition through splash. Although each ship
   is only able to maintain track for part of the TBM flight, the CEC
   composite track, based on all the data, is continuous. Cues based on
   the composite track allow the downrange ships to detect the target
   earlier and to maintain track longer. The CEC cues and relay of
   composite track data will also allow defending ships maximum battle
   space in which to engage TBMs when the SM-2 Block IVA missile becomes
   JTF-95 TBM Trackex
   This is the CEC composite track of a Sergeant missile launched from
   Wallops Island, Virginia, during Joint Task Force 95 exercises.
   Contributions to the track were made by USS Anzio, USS Cape St.
   George, USS Kidd, USS Eisenhower, the CEC Air Unit, and the CEC land
   site at Dam Neck, Virginia. Connectivity between the units was
   provided by the CEC Air Unit.
   USS Anzio has detected the target, and her data, distributed through
   the net, cues the other units for detection and formation of the
   composite track.
   CEC composite track and predicted impact are based on contributions
   from all the CEC units. The track is continuous from acquisition
   through splash. [INLINE]
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   Updated: 10 Oct 1996

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