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                       Passive Ranging and Deghosting
   Currently, ships must achieve burnthru on jammers in order to engage,
   either by waiting until the jammer has approached closely or by
   expending additional time and energy in burnthru. CEC allows the ships
   to form a composite track on the jammers based on passive angle track
   data from each of the ships.
   Passive angle track data on the jammers is distributed by the CEC net.
   Elevation and azimuth data are combined by a CEC
   triangulation/deghosting algorithm to provide a fire control quality
   track on each of the jammers. The ships can then engage the jammers
   using the CEC composite track at much greater ranges without the need
   to achieve burnthru.
   A deghosting feature removes the "ghost" tracks formed where the
   passive angle tracks from the different ships cross.
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   Updated: 10 Oct 1996

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