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     CEC Initial Operational Capability (IOC) was formally declared in
   September 1996 with the system installed in USS Anzio and USS Cape St.
   George. Extensive testing of new features, such as passive ranging and
     first launch deferral, and Independent Verification and Validation
   (IV&V) were conducted in mid-1996 for certification of CEC and Combat
     System computer programs for shipboard use. Testing culminated in
    September 1996 with live missile firings at the AEGIS Combat System
                     Center, Wallops Island, Virginia.
   CEC Operation with the SPS-48E, SPS-49, and Seasparrow systems in USS
   Wasp was initially demonstrated during DT-IIA testing at the Atlantic
       Fleet Weapons Testing Facility (AFWTF), including live missile
                             firings. [INLINE]
     [INLINE] CEC operation with the AEGIS systems in USS Anzio and USS
     Cape St. George, including live and simulated missile firings, was
   demonstrated repeatedly prior to IOC (during DT-IIA at AFWTF, in Joint
      Operations at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF), and in
      fleet/joint exercises such as JTF-95 and the All Services Combat
                 Identification Evaluation Team). [INLINE]
   [INLINE] CEC operation with the SPS-48C, SPS-49, ACDS, and Seasparrow
     systems in USS Eisenhower was initially demonstrated during DT-IIA
     live fire testing at AFWTF. The IOC and Combat System modification
      will also be tested following USS Eisenhower's overhaul to allow
                       computer program verification.
    The current equipment set, based on pre-production equipment used in
      testing, is installed on USS Anzio, USS Cape St. George, and USS
                            Eisenhower. [INLINE]
   The CEC equipment and computer programs are being evolved to provide a
       Common Equipment Set for surface, airborne, and possible joint
    applications. The current antenna and transmitter are being replaced
     by a lightweight active array antenna and the remaining equipment
   downsized to meet aircraft size and weight restrictions. The resulting
        common elements, the CEP, receiver/synthesizer, and the DDS
    processors, will then be packaged with various antennas as required
                      for the different applications.
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