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                                   RIMPAC 96
                        Pacific Missile Range Facility
                                 Kauai, Hawaii
   Since 1958, PMRF has performed over 6000 major training and T&E
   Over the years our customers have included all the services of the
   United States Military, many agencies of the Department of Energy &
   NASA, and many university & contractor research and development
   United States allies such Australia, Japan, Canada, and the Republic
   of South Korea utilize PMRF for a variety of training and T&E
   Lead range in the Pacific for Aegis Combat System Ship Qualification
   Training, PMRF puts new Aegis platforms through extensive testing &
   training prior to initial deployment.
   Collocated with the Sandia National Laboratory Kauai Test Facility,
   PMRF is the lead range for launching the Strategic Target System. No
   other range has the unencroached geographic expanse necessary to
   support wide area defense sensor and cooperative engagement capability
   PMRF is capitalizing on new and affordable technologies to improve
   existing products, systems, and processes.
   Using a combinations of military and commercial communications
   pathways PMRF is expanding its inter connectivity with command staffs,
   test ranges, laboratories, and simulations facilities worldwide to
   enable real-time exchange or sharing of data.
   PMRF truly is "The Range of Possibilities".
   The Mission of the Pacific Missile Range Facility(PMRF) is to facilitate
   Training, Tactics Development, and Test & Evaluations for air,
   surface, and sub-surface weapons systems and Advanced Technology
   PMRF provides the full spectrum of instrument range support,
   including; radar, underwater instrumentation, telemetry, electronic
   warfare, target remote command & control, communications, target
   launching facilities, data display, data processing and target/weapon
   launching and recovery facilities.
   The headquarters and primary operation center of PMRF occupies
   approximately 1800 acres and is located on the western shore of the
   island of Kauai. The nearest town, Kekaha, is eight miles to the south
   and east. Supporting instrumentation sites at Makaha Ridge and Kokee
   Park overlook the vast ocean range areas to the west and north Kauai.
   The range encompasses 42,000 sq. miles of sea and air space and has
   minimal encroachments. The underwater tracking range extends over a
   1000 sq. miles areas.
   PMRF features a state of the art instrumentation suite & communication
   Western Kauai is blessed with an ideal climate, averaging 361 sunny
   VFR flying days per years.
   PMRF is world's largest instrumented, multi-dimensional testing &
   training range. PMRF is the only range in the world where subsurface,
   surface, air and space vehicles can operate and be tracked
   This capability allows range users extraordinary flexibility in
   planning and conducting realistic multi-participant, multi-threat
   freeplay operations to train crews, evaluate tactics, and test weapon
   PMRF offers scheduling flexibility that allows users limited
   operations up to 24 hours a day.
                          PMRF System Capabilities
  Measurement Systems
   PMRF measurement systems provide the capability to track, surveil, and
   collect telemetry from surface, airborne, and space vehicles.
   Underwater tracking is accomplished by a bottom mounted hydrophone
   Tracking and telemetry data is recorded, displayed in a variety of
   user formats, and may be electronically transferred in real time to
   customer data processing sites.
  Communications Network
   The PMRF local area network utilizes fiber optic lines to ensure a
   clean, reliable information exchange. established connectivity with
   CONUS ranges, labs and facilities enables the sharing of data.
  Electronic Warfare
   PMRF has developed an EW capability for use with all service
   requirements. Available ECM and threat emitter systems include land
   base, portable mobile, marine, and airborne systems, All combine to
   provide a multi-axis multi-threat presentation.
   PMRF EW assets are available to conduct in-port, on deck, in-transit,
   and on-range EW training and testing in designated areas throughout
   the state of Hawaii.
   PMRF support the full spectrum of subsurface, surface, and airborne
   targets. Targets can be specially augmented with flares, emitters, and
   reflectors to affect their presentations. PMRF's C-12 aircraft, H-3
   helicopters, Septars, and range boats all perform as cooperative
   mobile targets PMRF's helicopter, Septars, and range boats all perform
   as cooperative mobile targets. PMRF's helicopters and range boats
   perform target launch and recovery functions.
  Battle Management
   PMRF's Battle Management Interoperability Center (BMIC) contains the
   operational systems necessary to communicate and coordinate the
   complex activities involved in live fire testing and training.
   The BMIC enables a Joint task force Commander to access, display and
   disseminate tactical information (via OTCIXS) and Imagery (via STU
   The BMIC scenario generation system enables the use of synthetic data
   to stimulate C3 systems to enhance training realism.
      Source - Pacific Missile Range Facility
                                 RIMPAC 96
                                 RIMPAC 96
                             Commanding Officer
   Revised: 6/05/96 18:30 HST
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