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My comments follow.


TEST ONE RESULTS from the red residue visible on 15 seats of the reconstructed TWA 800 in Calverton Hangar. The test was performed at Santa Fe Lab in California under the direction of James Sanders, which he printed in his book "The Downing of TWA Flight 800" and the Press-Enterprise, Riverside California, March 10, 1997 edition.

TEST TWO RESULTS for 3M 1357 adhesive from an UNSOAKED sample performed by Coffey Labs, Portland Oregon.

TEST THREE RESULTS from Atlantic Ocean water soaked - 22 days - fabric from sister ship to TWA 800. Tests were performed under the direction of student/researcher Thomas Stalcup.

 Magnesium  18%  2.5%  .007%
 Silicon  15%  .0005%  .0004%
 Calcium  12%  .0020%  .0011%
 Zinc  3.6 %  .043%  .0002%
 Iron  3.1%  .0041%  .001%
 Aluminum  2.8%  .0065%  .0018%
 Lead  2.4%  NONE  NONE
 Titanium  1.7%  .00012%  .0002%
 Antimony  .53%  NONE  NONE
 Nickel  .38%  NONE  NONE
 Manganese  .21%  NONE  NONE
 Boron  .081%  .0016%  .001%
 Copper  .053%  NONE  NONE
 Silver  .032%  NONE  NONE
 Chromium  .032%  NONE  NONE



"On December 4, 1997 I received a FedEx package containing fabric from a seat in a sister ship to TWA 800 (or FAA Tail Number N93119) that was retrofitted at the same time - Location: JFK.

On December 26, 1997 I received a FedEx package containing two quart containers of Atlantic ocean water taken off the coast on a ferry between Maryland and Cape May, New Jersey.

I, Kay Pennington, on January 1, 1998 in the presence of a Notary Public licensed by the state of Arizona, the County of Mariposa, did then open both packages and proceeded to soak the fabric strips in one sterilized bottle, containing the sea water.

The test was concluded 22 days later, upon which time, I Kay Pennington, shipped the package, US Postal Express Mail, to the Florida State University Laboratories to the Attention of Student/Researcher Thomas Stalcup. Included in the package were all the notarized "Chain of Custody" and "Evidence Certificates".

The results were made public by Thomas Stalcup at the Florida State University on April 12, 1998.

Notarized Affidavits, Biographical Information, Testing dates, locations and names of chemists are available upon request.

The chief function of this testing was to obtain a comparison to the tests conducted by James sanders of the "red residue" seat samples taken from the front shoulder area of seats in rows 17 - 19 of the reconstructed TWA 800 in hangar at Calverton. An NTSB Official, not being satisfied with the way the official investigation was being handled, sought outside testing of the "red residue". James Sanders' testing was done at the Santa fe Lab in California and the results are VASTLY different than the independent tests that we had done. Those results are available upon request or are listed above

Kay Pennington of Smith Brandon Int'l Tours, along with the "TWA Flight Attendants Independent Investigation" initiated these tests in the interest of clearing all mechanical theory charges leveled against Trans World Airlines and Boeing Corporation."

Kay Pennington

Smith Brandon International Touring Club

Lakewood, Colorado

My comments.

It should be evident from the above that the government claim that the red residue found on three rows of seats from TWA 800 is yet another lie. The red residue contains elements which are not present in either the glue or seat fabric or Atlantic Seawater.

The key issue is that the government could have performed these same tests, indeed it is known that the government did perform such tests, but have never released the results. The reason should be obvious. The red residue isn't glue. The claim that it is glue is a lie.

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