"We do have information that there was something in the sky. A number of people have seen it. A number of people have described it similarly. It was ascending." -- James Kallstrom

NEW! Scans of actual police interviews with eyewitnesses!

"We saw what appeared to be a flare going straight up. As a matter of fact,
we thought it was from a boat. It was a bright reddish-orange color. Once it
went into flames I knew that it wasn't a flare."
- Lou Desyron, Flight 800 eye-witness; ABC World News Sunday; 07/21/96.

"I looked up because it sounded like thunder. I kept looking trying to
figure out what it was. And that's when I saw a flare come off the water.
The flare, trailing orange flame, shot up roughly at a 45 degree angle, then
rapidly increased its angle of ascent. Then it appeared to strike
something. This was the strangest thing I ever saw. Everyone calls it a
'missile theory,' but when you see something, you know what you see, and I
didn't see a 'theory'."
- Tom Dougherty, Flight 800 eye-witness; interviewed on Hard Copy, 1996

"It was what we would best describe as a boat flare, a reddish object going
up. It went up and a few seconds later we saw an explosion in the sky. I
can't say if it came off shore or on shore. At first, we thought it was a
boat flare. It zigzagged a little. We thought it was strange. Then, several
seconds later, we saw an eruption of fire. We never heard anything. We saw a
fireball, and at that point we identified what was an aircraft. We could see
it fluttering down. We were the third boat on Long Island to report the
incident to the Coast Guard. It was something going up to it beforehand.
Yes, I saw flaming debris go down. Something attracted us to the area before
it exploded. And even my wife and my oldest daughter, we all were witnesses
to it. There definitely was something there first before the aircraft went
- Donald Eick, Flight 800 eye-witness; October 20, 1997; The
Press-Enterprise, Riverside, CA.

"I picked it up three seconds before it turned into a bright white ball,
which split. I thought it was fireworks. And then I didn't know what to
think because from the white ball, I saw two wide orange bands of light fall
down, obviously the fuel igniting. I'll lay my ass on the table and tell the
president or the FBI, and someone can hypnotize me: There was no way that
red light was descending. It was ascending. It made contact with what turned
out to be that airplane and made a white bright light and then split in two.
If I were in a courtroom and the prosecutor says I've got an eyewitness,
then I become a trump card. We're not just one witness but 135 or more
strong. I saw something hit the right side of the plane. My opinion was it
blew the wing off on impact. I assumed something went through the airplane,
like behind first class and into the wing. My honest opinion, my gut
feeling, is that we have the most brilliant people in the world and the best
technology, [and] if they've been on scene for a year and they've not come
up with something, as a critical thinker I have to ask, could they be
covering up something?"
- William Gallagher, fisherman from N.J. who witnessed Flight 800 crash;
October 20, 1997, The Press-Enterprise

"[The FBI] said, 'Are you sure you didn't see something going down and not
going up?' I said, 'No....Gosh sakes I ain't that stupid. I ought to be able
to tell if something is going up in the air or going down in the air. No,
and I said I'm not changing my mind about it. I'll stick to that until I
die. I said I saw something going up and I said there was no question in my
mind. I said I'm telling you what I saw."
- Roland Penney, Flight 800 eye-witness; quoted from an interview with Cdr.
William Donaldson presented at the AIM conference, October 18, 1997.

"It looked like a big skyrocket going up. The flash looked like a rocket
launch at a fireworks display".
- Paul Runyan, Flight 800 eye-witness; N.Y. Daily News, 11/09/96

"More than 150 credible witnesses - including several scientists and
business executives - have told the FBI and military experts they saw a
missile destroy TWA 800. 'Some of these people are extremely, extremely
credible,' a top federal official said. 'When we asked what they saw and
where they saw it, the witnesses out east pointed to the west, and the
people to the west pointed to the east'."
- The New York Post, September 22, 1996.

"Almost due south [of the helicopter], there was a hard white light, like
burning pyrotechnics, in level flight. I was trying to figure out what it
was. It was the wrong color for flares. It struck an object coming from the
right and made it explode."
- Capt. Chris Baur, eye-witness to Flight 800 crash; July 1996.

"This is either a train wreck in the sky, or an explosive device - mid-air,
outside the plane. The measurements [from the flight recorder] indicate
there was an explosion - a big explosion - outside the cockpit."
- Navy Cmdr. William Donaldson (ret.); a former plane crash investigator;
Louisville Courier-Journal, 1-9-98

"My God! Somebody's shooting at that airplane!"
- Crew of a British Airways jet flying behind Flight 800 whom radioed to air
traffic control; July 17, 1996.

"I know what I saw. I saw an ordnance explosion. And whatever I saw, the
explosion of the fuel was not the initiator of the event. It was one of the
results. Something happened before that which was the initiator of the
- Frederick C. Meyer, An Air National Guard helicopter pilot who witnessed
the explosion of TWA Flight 800; 7/29/97; Riverside Press.

"I know what I saw, I saw several fires go across the sky. One hit the plane
at the tail and the second hit at the front, just before the wings. The fire
came from both ends and met in the middle and exploded. Then the nose
dropped, hung there for a minute. I understand that when a plane bursts into
flames the flames fall, but this was a fire going up towards the plane."
- Barbara Pacholk, Flight 800 eye-witness; November 19, 1997; The New York

"We know what we saw. We weren't drunk. I looked up and my immediate
response was, I never saw an alert flare like that. It was projecting upward
with a stream of smoke behind. I don't think our accounts will be reflected
in the final version [of the FBI report]. I have a hard time believing that
the FBI believes its conclusions. I don't believe that the truth is ever
going to come out."
- Jim Naples, Flight 800 eye-witness; November 24, 1997, The New York
Observer, (p.16)

"C.I.A. analysts have determined that the eyewitness sightings thought to be
that of a missile actually took place after the first of several explosions
on the aircraft. Our technical analysis concludes that what these
eyewitnesses saw was in fact the burning [Boeing] 747 in various stages of
crippled flight, not a missile."
- C.I.A. spokeswoman Carolyn Osborn - September 24, 1997
No they didn't. Click here for why the CIA video was a lie.

"She [Ms. Osborn] said they were mistaken in what they saw. That's not very
professional, and its not the way to dispute eyewitness statements. Those
witness statements should be part of the public record. And they [the
F.B.I.] have to come up with a credible scenario of why the eyewitnesses saw
what they saw."
- Paul Marcone - Press Secretary to Rep. James Traficant - House Aviation

"It's (the C.I.A.) message to the eyewitnesses: Shut up, you didn't see
- Philip Weiss - The New York Observer - November 24, 1997

"All evidence would point to a missile. All those witnesses who saw a streak
that hit the have to assume its a missile. In an
investigation like this, you can't overlook anything."
- Adm. Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff;
Louisville Courier-Journal, 1-9-98

Naneen Levine
"I thought it was something on the beach going straight up. The red dot
went up like this, sort of curved. It came to a point where I thought
little fireworks were going to come down or just fade and be a flare."

Capt. Chris Bauer - Airborne
"I saw a track of light and saw a hard explosion, then another
explosion," - "told officials, repeatedly that I thought a missile hit
the plane."

Sven Faret, Private Pilot - Airborne
"Pin flash of light near the shore" - "It looked like a rocket launch at
a fireworks display. My first impression was that the National Guard had shot down one of
their own planes."

Roland Penney
". . . a pencil thin white trail rising like a Grucci fireworks in the
middle of the night sky, until it turned into a big ball of just plain
white. Seconds later, as the ball of light descended, it exploded into
an orange-red fireball."

D.A. Walsh
"It is No rumor about sabotage or a missile. Having lived on Long Island
for 24 years and only 8 miles from the crash site  I am familiar with
the area and too many of us saw what happened that nite. I believe that
someone is trying to cover up for mistakes."

From: (C.C. Jordan) Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997
02:55:29 GMT Message-ID: <33C59B43.10074841@NETNEWS.WORLDNET.ATT.NET> I live
on eastern Long Island. I am good friends with several of the Air Force
flyers out of West Hampton. An USAF Blackhawk was flying (training) only
three miles away from Flight 800 on a heading to observe the crash. The Plane
Commander, a Major, said, in my presence, that he saw what he believed was a
missile, coming from sea level go up and explode. He stated this to NTSB
investigators and to Air Force debriefers. He is a gulf war veteran and has
seen many night time SAM launches, both shoulder launched and fixed sight. No
one has yet to refute his observation. Could he be mistaken? Sure. Is it
likely he is mistaken? No. NTSB and the FAA have no **real** answer for the
crash, or do they? ....By the way,  This guy was one of the pilots who flew
the Blackhawks 650 miles out into the atlantic to rescue stranded seamen,
refueling several times from a C-130. The Air force believes him. They are
the 106th Rescue Wing flying C-130 and Blackhawk aircraft. Top notch

11-9-96  N.Y. Daily News
"Red meteor with a smoke trail"
             Paul Angelides

Olympic Airline Engineer
"Suddenly, I saw in the fog to my left, toward the ocean, a small flame
rising quickly towards the sky. Before I realized it, I saw this flame
become huge. My first impression is that it was a flare shot off a

Colonel Stratemeier - Pilot
"said he had seen what appeared to be the trail of a shoulder fired SAM
ending in a flash on the 747"

Heidi Krieger
"I think it;s a missile or friendly fire or something like that."
(She took picture from her boat, squiggley white line in photo, FBI took it and negs)

Richard Grauer (25 yr old Fishing Tackle sales)
"It was a thin trail of smoke going up fast - then there was this huge
pink ball of fire"

     Patrick Grant - 02:27pm Jul 19, 1997 ET (#300 of 321)              
     I live on Long Island. And there were more than a hundred people 
     out here including cops, firemen and National Guard who saw       
     something streak into the sky before the plane came down. Now
     experts can tell you what would of, or should of, or could of 
     happened. But an eye witness will tell you what really happened.
     And when a hundred people see something, its not an illusion. I    
     believe the investigators are lying when they say they don't know
     what happened. And I'd like to see them be forced to take          
     polygraphs. And even those who believe that the government isn't    
     running a cover up should support giving the investigators lie     
     detectors. We all want the truth, don't we?                         

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