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White House Refuses to Release Pictures

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     White House Refuses to Release Pictures of Drug Smuggler With
     >White House Seizes and Hides Pictures of Drug Smuggler With
     ABC News reported last night that the Clinton Justice Department
     "is now refusing to make public" pictures taken at the White House
     of Jorge Cabrera, a major contributor to the Democrats and a
     convicted drug smuggler. The Dole-Kemp campaign announced today it
     would file a Freedom of Information Act request to force the
     Clinton Justice Department to release the photos to the press. ABC
     reported that the Justice Department has demanded "all copies and
     negatives of those photos."
     "Every parent in America should be outraged that Bill Clinton is
     selling White House access to convicted drug smugglers -the very
     people we-re trying to protect our children from." Dole-Kemp
     Campaign manager Scott Reed said in a press release.
     It appears that the Justice Department is now trying to cover up
     Bill Clinton's close relationship with Cabrera who served 42 months
     in prison resulting from 1983 charges of racketeering and drug
     distribution. In 1988 Jorge Cabrera pleaded guilty to income tax
     evasion after being charged with managing a continuing narcotics
     operation. He served another year in prison on that charge.
     In November 1995, Cabrera gave a $20,000 campaign contribution to
     the Democratic party. In December, when the twice convicted Cabrera
     was setting up his latest cocaine smuggling deal in the Florida
     keys, Democratic fund-raisers were arranging for him to attend a
     White House dinner with President Clinton. In January 1996, Cabrera
     and several accomplices were arrested in a Miami bust that netted
     nearly 6,000 pounds of cocaine.
     All it took was a $20,000 campaign contribution to the Democratic
     Party. Even Cabrera's own lawyer, Steve Bronis, had a hard time
     believing $20,000 could get a man like Cabrera into the White House
     to meet the President of the United States.
     The interview with Brian Ross: October 22, 1996
     * Steve Bronis: "He wore his best outfit and met the First Lady and
       was invited into the White House."
     * Brian Ross:"And this was $20,000 he had given?"
     * Steve Bronis: "Correct. He certainly had the money to donate, to
     * Brian Ross:"As to how Cabrera got inside the White House, the
       Democratic Party said today it did not know of his criminal
       record, and he had been referred to them as a prominent member of
       the Cuban-American community in Monroe County, Florida. Tom Cash,
       the former top federal drug agent in Miami, said the only thing
       prominent about Cabrera is his criminal record."
     * Tom Cash:"That particular name, as soon as I heard Cabrera from
       Monroe County,that's all you need to know.."
     * Brian Ross: "According to Cabrera's lawyer, there are pictures of
       the drug smuggler at the White House and at another dinner here in
       Florida with Vice President Gore, but federal prosecutors demanded
       all copies and the Justice Department is now refusing to make
       those Public.
     The Cabrera Record:
     * 1983 Indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of racketeering
       and drug distribution. Pleaded guilty to conspiracy to bribing a
       witness in a grand jury investigation. Served 42 months in prison.
     * 1988 Charged with managing a continuing narcotics operation.
       Pleaded guilty to income tax evasion. Served one year in prison.
     * Nov. 1995 Donated $20,000 to Democratic National Committee
     * Dec. 1995 Met Vice President Al Gore at Florida fund-raiser
       Invited to, and attended, pre-Christmas event at the White House
     * Jan. 1996 Arrested in a Miami drug bust with over 6,000 pounds of
     * Oct. 1996 Under pressure, DNC returns $20,000 check from Cabrera
       to Federal Treasury.
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