The Jorge Cabrera Scandal

Why Wasn't Clinton White House Checking Drug Kingpin

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     Bill Bennett Asks:
     >Bill Bennett Asks:
     >"Why Wasn't Clinton White House Checking FBI File on Drug Kingpin
     they Invited to Dinner?"
     Dole/Kemp '96 National Co-Chairman William J. Bennett, former
     President Ronald Reagan's drug czar, raised two possible questions
     today on the episode of the twice convicted drug smuggler, Jorge
     Cabrera, to dinner at the White house in exchange for a $20,000
     * What should young people think when the president invites
       convicted drug dealers to the white house and laughingly tells
       them on MTV that if he had it to do over, he would inhale when he
       "tried" marijuana.
     * Why was the White House checking hundreds of FBI files of
       Republicans who, under prior administrations, had access to the
       White House, while, at the same time, not even checking the FBI
       files of people given access to the White House, if they had
       contributed large sums of money to the Democratic National
       Committee. Could a terrorist or assassin gain access to the
       President merely by contributing a large sum of money to the
       Democrat National Committee?
     Bennett stated:
     "For some time, I and many others have been highly critical of Bill
     Clinton's unwillingness to continue the successful Reagan/Bush
     fight against drugs. Now comes further astounding evidence of the
     Clinton administration's laxity.
     "According to reports, the Clinton White House invited Jorge
     Cabrera, a convicted big-time cocaine trafficker, into the White
     House in return for a $20,000 payment to the Democratic National
     Committee (DNC). Let me underscore this fact: Cabrera had been
     indicted and convicted on two separate occasions prior to his
     $20,000 payment to the DNC. Cabrera had his picture taken with the
     First Lady and another picture taken with the Vice President, yet
     barely a month after attending a White House pre-Christmas event,
     Cabrera was arrested again in a drug bust that seized 6,000 pounds
     of cocaine.
     "This is outrageous; it is shameless; it is reprehensible; and when
     it comes to the Clinton White House, it has become all too
     predictable. A question: instead of spending so much time
     improperly collecting hundreds of FBI files on former Republican
     officials, why wasn't the Clinton White House checking the files on
     the convicted drug kingpin they embraced in return for $20,000? The
     scandals continue to pile up, one after another, as the Clinton
     White House continues to define the presidency down."
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