The Death Of Vincent Foster

The Beyer Autopsy

These are scans of the 8 page autopsy notes appended to the Fiske Report. Pay special attention to the wound list!
Cover sheet for the autopsy report, listing cause of death by gunshot wound to the head. Note that the cover sheet of the report is signed and dated for the 28th, but a closer look at the lower portion of the eight reveals a line which suggests the date was altered from a seven. Possibly an honest mistake.

Far more significant is the date on the page that describes the exit wound out of the back of the head. That page is dated for the 21st, two days BEFORE the FBI teletype reporting there was no exit wound at all!

[Cover sheet]Click for full size picture.(86.7K)

The gross description sheet, listing the gunshot wound to the head but no other signs of injury.

[Gross Description]Click for full size picture.(80.3K)

First autopsy drawing of the whole body. Foster's appendectomy scar is shown. Note the drawing indicating the blood flow from the mouth. This pattern is consistent with the head lying to the right with the blood flowing out under the force of gravity alone. IN a real suicide, the blood pattern would be far wider and centered, as the blood would be pumped out both by residual blood pressure and the heart's beating, which would persist for a minute or two after the head trauma.

[overall drawing]Click for full size picture.(56.5K)

This is the top view drawing of the head cross section showing the wound track. This track indicates that the gun was placed into the left side of Foster's mouth. While not impossible, this position would be somewhat awkward for a right handed shooter.

[Head Drawing 1]Click for full size picture.(46K)

Second top view head drawing from the same point of view as previous, but indicating the top of the skull and the location of the exit wound. While "generalized" the drawing is slightly inaccurate as when the skull is viewed from directly above, the occipital bone is not actually visible. This means that the exit wound may not actually involve as much of the occipital as is suggested by this drawing.

[Head Drawing 2]Click for full size picture.(37.8K)

This is the drawing of the head front and back. IN the rear view of the head, the exit wound is indicated, above where the occipital bone would reach. There is nothing sinister about this discrepancy, but it does indicate a high degree of sloppiness in the work.

[Autopsy page 6]Click for full size picture.(40.6K)


The wound list. This lists the actual measurements for the location of the entrance and exit wounds. On plotting these wounds onto the copy of Grey's Anatomy, I note that the front barrel of the gun would have pressed on the soft palette, triggering a gag reflex. Note that on the very bottom, above Dr. Beyer's signature, are the boxes which are checked indicating that both photographs AND X-Rays were taken. Where are they?

[Autopsy page 7]Click for full size picture.(71K)

Toxicology report. Note that the tests contradict the claim that Foster had taken anti-depressants.

[Autopsy page 8]Click for full size picture.(20.1K)


Beyer's past history isn't the most reassuring. Indeed he seems to be the Virginia version of the infamous Dr. Fahmy Malek, the Arkansas M.E. under Bill Clinton who ignored clear evidence of homicide in the deaths of Don Henry and Kevin Ives and in one case ruled that a man who had been beheaded was dead of natural causes.

Beyer himself, in the case of Tommy Burkett, ignored a broken jaw in order to rule that Burkett had killed himself with a gun. Despite having shown the autopsy photos to Burkett's father, Beyer later claimed (as he did with the Foster X-rays) that they had never really existed. After a second autopsy, the case was reopened as a homicide.

Likewise, in 1989 there was an autopsy on establishing the death of a man named Tim Easley. Mr. Beyer, the coroner, ruled that Easley killed himself by stabbing himself in the chest. He failed to notice a defensive wound on the man's hand. The case was reopened, and, after an outside expert reviewed the case, Easley's girlfriend confessed to murdering him.

In short, Dr. Beyer's consistent performance (indeed his "specialty") appears to be the cover-up of murder by declaration of suicide!

New evidence has surfaced that Dr. Beyer either missed or deliberately obscured a second wound to Foster's neck.

"Don't believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been." -Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93.

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