The Allan Favish FOIA photos.

Allan Favish has recently won (partly) a Freddom Of Information Act lawsuit which, while it failed to pry loose any of the photographs which would settle the issue of whether there was a neck wound or not, did reveal for the first time some new photos from the investigation.

Photos of the gun.

[Official death gun ]Click for full size picture.(279K)

[Official death gun ]Click for full size picture.(259K)

[bullets ]Click for full size picture.(273K)

Photos of the area where the body was found.

[Heavily foliaged area ]Click for full size picture.(55.9K)

[Foster's eyeglasses on ground ]Click for full size picture.(276K) Note Foster's glasses.

Photos of the oven mitt.

Kenneth Starr, in perpetuating the claim that Vincent Foster committed suicide, offered the suggestion that the gun found with Foster's body was devoid of fingerprints because Foster had carried the gun to Fort Marcy Park inside an oven mitt.

[Oven mitt in glove compartment of Foster's car ]Click for full size picture.(315K)

[Oven mitt in glove compartment of Foster's car ]Click for full size picture.(316K)

Now, it hardly needs explaining that if the oven mitt is still inside the glove box, then Foster would have had to carry the gun into Fort Marcy Park in his hands, thereby getting his prints on it.

But there is something very odd about the oven mitt photo. It very clearly was taken sometime after the night of July 20th, 1993. Observe the photo below taken while the Honda was still at Fort Marcy Park.

[Foster's car ]Click for full size picture.(129.9K)

Note the debris on the passenger side floor. That debris is not visible in the photos placing the oven mitt in the Honda Accord glovebox. Clearly the "mitt" photos were not photos taken of an undisturbed crime scene.

Most questionable is that Detective Braun emptied the glovebox (her list of items does NOT include the oven mitt) of all items SIX HOURS PRIOR to detective Smith removing and cataloguing the debris from the passenger seat floor. Neither inventory mentions an oven mitt.

The photos showing an oven mitt in a glove box full of papers with the clean floor below proves that these shots of the oven mitt were staged.

Photos of the Honda.

[Foster's car ]Click for full size picture.(295K)

[Foster's car ]Click for full size picture.(325K)

[Foster's car ]Click for full size picture.(312K)

[Foster's car ]Click for full size picture.(263K)

[Foster's car ]Click for full size picture.(108K)

"Don't believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been." -Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93.

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