The Gun Found with Vincent Foster

Evidence Of A Coverup

Government operatives, reacting to the FBI FD-302a form describing a "silver colored" gun, has tried to suggest that the gun shown in the ABC photograph is actually silver, but looks dark because color perception is "subjective". So, this page has been created to lay to rest for once and for all the question of what color (or lack thereof) was the gun found with Vincent Foster's body.

NEW! Allan Favish's FOIA photo of the gun.

[FOIA photo of the gun]Click for full size picture.(189.2K)

Allan Favish has recently won (partly) a Freddom Of Information Act lawsuit which, while it failed to pry loose any of the photographs which would settle the issue of whether there was a neck wound or not, did reveal for the first time some new photos from the investigation, including the one above, which settles for once and for all whether the gun found with VIncent Foster's body could be mistaken for a "silver colored" gun.

What was the gun found with Vincent Foster?

The Colt Arms Report

[Colt Arms Report]Click for full size picture.(125.2K)

This is the official description by the Colt Arms company of the gun found with Vincent Foster at Fort Marcy Park (based on frame serial number).

The gun is a .38 cal revolver, with a 4 inch barrel. Note that the gun was shipped with a blued steel finish.

Park Police Report Of The Gun Found With Foster

[Park POlice Report]Click for full size picture.(45.2K)

This is a scan from the United States Park Police report which describes the gun found with Vincent Foster's body as a "black revolver" (underlined, 1/3 of the way down the page).

Park Police Photo Of The Gun Found With Foster

[Park Police photo]Click for full size picture.(59.3K)

This is a scan from the United States Park Police report of photographs of the gun found with Vincent Foster's body.

The White House photo

The following photograph was leaked by the White House to the Reuter's News Agency, from which it made it's way to the ABC Television network where it was aired on Friday, Match 11, 1994.

[Foster's Hand]Click for full size picture.(308K)

This is how the same photo appeared in the March 18, 1996 issue of TIME magazine.

[Foster's Hand]Click for full size picture.(76K)

The Test Photo

The following photograph was taken on the ground outside the Rancho Runnamukka.

[Foster's Hand]Click for full size picture.(81K)

The larger gun is a civil war (Confederate version) Colt .36 with brass frame and blued steel cylinder and barrel. To be accurate, this is a modern reproduction used in a recent film.

The slightly smaller gun is a .45 cal gambler's "belly gun". The breech and lock are polished brass, but the barrel is polished steel, not yet blued.

The polished steel barrel is similar to a chrome plate, or silver plate (not that silver is actually used as a gun finish anymore) and certainly represents what a blued steel gun barrel would look and photograph like with the blueing removed.

The important thing to note is that in the "silver" colored barrel (unblued) reflections of the local environment are easily seen, as they are in the polished brass breech and lock, and also in the gold ring seen on Vincent Foster's hand just two inches from the gun.

The blued gun, even though dark, does catch reflections of the environment, though clearly not to the same extent as does the "silver" gun. If anything, this example of a blued gun is more reflective than that in the ABC TV photo, yet it is still a dark colored gun.

The Bottom Line

Note that the "silver" (steel) portion of the gun is almost identical in reflectivity and shine to the "gold" (brass) adjacent to it.

Note that on the surface of the gun in Foster's hand, no reflections of the environment, not even of Foster's hand hovering above it, can be seen. Yet the gold ring on his hand is just as reflective of the environment as the example above.

The gun in the ABC-TV photograph is not shiny, and it is not reflective. It cannot therefore be considered as "silver".

Randolph Langley's Test Photo

A visitor to my site, Randolph Langley, decided to conduct his own test photo session, in this case, testing the claim that the gun found at Fort Marcy Park was a very worn blued gun which could be confused with silver.

In this photo is a "silver" revolver, a gold watch, white fabric, two automatic pistols in good shape and one old and faded automatic pistol.

Note that in the case of the faded pistol, it's albedo is clearly much higher than that of the new automatic pistols. Direct measurements of the albedo with a paintbox of the faded gun relative to the gold watch reveals that it is far brighter than the gun under Foster's hand relative to the gold ring.

Note also that the faded blueing on the worn gun is NOT faded uniformly, but shows a great deal of variance. Such variations are not seen on the Foster gun.

Confirmation Of The Ring As Being Foster's

Photo of Vincent Foster with Hillary Clinton.

Detail from above. Note ring on right hand.

"Don't believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been." -Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93.
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