HSprunt's CIR

This is the text portion of HSprunt's Report.

HSprunt's Report on Starr's Report

This is Hugh Sprunt's critique of Kenneth Starr's report.

REPORT MAPS. North is to the top

[MAP 1 Washington D.C. Map]Click for full size map.(199K)

This is the large area overview of Washington D.C. showing the location of Fort Marcy Park.

[MAP 2 USGS Map of area]Click for full size map.(164K)

This is a section of the USGS map of the Fort Marcy Park area. This view includes bearing lines of certain features of the historic Fort itself.

[MAP 3 USGS Map Detail]Click for full size map.(109K)

Detail from the USGS survay map. This shows the remnants of the Fort earthworks relative to the surrounding houses and civil features.

[MAP 4 Map of the Fort]Click for full size map.(94K)

This is a sketch of the original fort from the National Archives.

[MAP 5 Map of the park]Click for full size map.(52K)

Annotated map showing specific locations within the park referred to by HSprunt and the Fiske Report.

[MAP 6 Assesment Map]Click for full size map.(81K)

This is the Virginia tax assesment map showing the properties surrounding the park.

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS. North is again to the top

[Infrared overview]Click for full size map.(43.8K)

Infrared aeirla view of the whole park. This view corresponds to the annotated map above.

[Infrared overview]Click for full size map.(133.8K)

Visible spectrum image of the northern cannon area.

[Infrared overview]Click for full size map.(93.3K)

Visible spectrum image of the southern cannon area. The cannon wheel is visible next to a tree shadow to the eastern edge.

"Don't believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been." -Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93.

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