Zogby Poll: Nearly 70% of Americans Don't Accept Foster "Suicide"

  Zogby Poll: Nearly 70% of Americans Don't Accept Foster "Suicide"
       For Immediate Release
       February 23, 1998

  Contact: Joe Farah/Western Journalism Center 916-852-6300
  For Radio Interviews: Christopher Ruddy 718-229-8209

  A national poll conducted last week by Zogby International for the
  Western Journalism Center finds that more than two-thirds of the
  American public have not accepted the official "suicide" ruling of
  Vincent Foster's death.

  Zogby, the polling firm which most accurately predicted the results of
  the 1996 Presidential elections, also finds that most Americans believe
  a cover-up took place of Foster's death.

  Foster was deputy White House counsel and personal attorney for Bill and
  Hillary Rodham Clinton when, on July 20, 1993, his body was found in a
  Washington area park. Dead by an apparent gunshot wound to the head,
  Park Police quickly ruled suicide. Subsequent inquires by Special
  Counsel Robert Fiske and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr rubber
  stamped those findings.

  But the Zogby national survey of 948 adults across the US shows that the
  repeated suicide rulings have not swayed public opinion. The poll
  indicates that 22% of the public--more than one in five
  Americans--believes Foster was murdered. Only 32% hold the opinion of
  suicide, and 46% of the public still aren't sure as to whether Foster
  killed himself or was murdered.

  "The public has not been fooled," Joseph Farah, executive director of
  the Western Journalism Center (WJC), said. The WJC is a non profit
  organization that supports investigative reporting.

  "Since Foster's death no adequate homicide investigation has taken
  place. The poll proves that the media elite and the Inside the Beltway
  crowd have not persuaded Americans that Foster's death was suicide and
  that the cover-up did not take place."

  Farah noted that the WJC has funded investigations into Foster's death
  by investigative reporter Christopher Ruddy. "Ruddy's new book ‘The
  Strange Death of Vincent Foster: An Investigation' (FREE PRESS) has made
  a persuasive case that the facts and evidence show a cover-up took place
  of Foster's death," Farah said.

  Polling supports that contention, Farah said. The Zogby poll found that
  by a margin of two-to-one Americans believe a cover-up took place of
  Foster's death. An astounding 77% of Americans would not disagree that
  one had taken place.

  "One reason no one believes Starr's conclusion of suicide is that the
  investigations have been so ridiculous," Farah said. Independent Counsel
  Starr took almost three years, spending nearly $30 million and never
  even conducted a second autopsy. This would have been important because
  several witnesses said there was a wound on Foster's neck and the head
  X-rays have all disappeared, he noted.

  In the end, Farah concluded, Starr closed the case by hiring O.J.
  Simpson's chief forensic expert, Dr. Henry Lee. This demonstrated how
  desperate Starr was to end his inquiry.

  The Zogby poll also found that Americans were not satisfied by Starr's
  Foster inquiry than those that did(31%). An additional 35% of the public
  responded that they were "not sure" about Starr's handling of the case.

  In 1995 60 Minutes cited a TIME/CNN poll which showed that 65% of
  Americans had not accepted the suicide ruling in Foster's Death. 60
  Minutes credited reporter Ruddy for having changed American public
  opinion on the subject.

  "Since then, even more people have come to Chris Ruddy's and the Western
  Journalism Center's side," Farah said. "Despite one of the most
  intensive discrediting operations by any White House, with the
  complicity of big media like Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes, the public
  once again shows it has a mind of its own."

  "These poll numbers underscore the importance and impact organizations
  like the Western Journalism Center can have," Farah said. To learn more
  about the Foster case, he strongly encouraged people to read and
  recommend Christopher Ruddy'' book "The Strange Death of Vincent
  Foster," available at book stores across America.

  Zogby Survey
       948 Americans surveyed between February 15 through February 17,
  Question #1
  White House lawyer Vincent Foster was found dead in July 1993. Do you
  believe that Foster ...?

       Was Murdered--22% Committed suicide--32% Not sure--46%

  Question #2
  Generally Speaking, do you agree or disagree a government cover-up took
  place involving the facts and circumstances of Vincent Foster's death?

       Agree--45% Disagree--23% Not sure--32%

  Question #3
  Do you trust of not trust Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's
  investigation, which found that Foster committed suicide?

       Trust--31% No Trust--34% Not sure--35%

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