The Death Of Vincent Foster

The Tommy Burkett Photos

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    13456 Muirkirk Lane
    Herndon, VA 22071
    Dec. 5, 1992
    Dr. James C. Beyer
    Deputy Chief Medical Examiner 9797 Braddock Road
    Suite 100
    Fairfax, VA 22032-1700
   RE: Your responses to requests for information regarding the location
   of and custodians of photos of the body of our son, Thomas C. Burkett
   In our letter of Nov. 29, we requested information regarding the
   present location of and the custodian of the photo I saw in your
   office on Jan, 2, 1992. The photo was of the right side of the head
   and the upper torso. The body was unclothed and lying on a table. You
   pulled that picture out after I asked why the injury to the right ear
   did not appear on the autopsy report even though both funeral
   directors and others who saw the body commented on it. On April 7,
   1992, in my presence, our lawyer asked about other photos when you
   showed him the close-up of the face. In your answer you acknowledged
   the existence of other photos but said they were " police photos" and
   we couldn't see them. Now you say in your letter of Dec. 1 that there
   were no other photos and that I could not have viewed any others on
   Jan. 2.
   You are lying.
   Thomas D. Burkett

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