The Death Of Vincent Foster

The Gun Color Swindle by the FBI

The ABC TV Photograph.

The following photograph was leaked by the White House to the Reuter's News Agency, from which it made its way to the ABC Television network where it was aired on Friday, Match 11, 1994.

[Foster's Hand]Click for full size picture.

The Gun Color. Proof of deliberate FBI deception.

Of particular note in the above photo is the color of the gun itself. It's dark metal, a fact confirmed by the official record of the first Senate investigation, which discovered that the gun was assembled from parts of two different Colt revolvers. There were 2 different serial numbers stamped on the pieces/parts indicating that originally serial #356555 was purchased on 09-14-13 at the Seattle Hardware Co., Seattle, WA., and serial #355055 was purchased on 12-29-13 at Gus Hasich Co., Indianapolis, IN.

the FBI's FD-302a of the Lisa Foster Interview

The following four scans are taken from the FBI's FD-302a, the official record of the FBI interview with Lisa Foster following the discovery of her husband's body in Fort Marcy Park.

[the FBI's FD-302a Page 14]Click for full size picture.(47.2K)

[the FBI's FD-302a Page 15]Click for full size picture.(57.4K)

[the FBI's FD-302a Page 16]Click for full size picture.(49.1K)

[the FBI's FD-302a Page 17]Click for full size picture.(49.3K)

The red underlining is mine. The black marks were on the document as scanned and the blank areas with question marks were deleted prior to the release of the document. Note that the gun shown to Lisa Foster is described as a silver colored gun no less than three times! The sentence which begins at the bottom of page 16 (third image) and ends at the top of page 17 (fourth image) leaves no doubt that Lisa Foster is convinced that a silver colored gun was found with her husband.

How the above was used in the Fiske Report.

[Fiske Report Cover]Click for full size picture.(47.2K)

[Fiske Page 38]Click for full size picture.(47.2K)

[Fiske Page 39]Click for full size picture.(47.2K)

Immediatly above are the two pages (plus cover) of the Fiske Report that deal with the gun. I've underlined the passages which reflect the conclusions reached in the FBI's FD-302a regarding how the silver gun was brought to Washington D.C. Note that any mention of the gun color, black or silver, is avoided.

What does the above evidence mean?

It is clear that Lisa Foster was shown a gun she recognized, even though that gun she was shown was clearly NOT the gun in the photograph of Vincent Foster's hand in the ABC TV photograph.

Were the death of Vincent Foster a true suicide, there would be no need to ask the FBI to help manufacture evidence. Everything would fit together. Given that the FBI did indeed show the wrong gun to Lisa Foster, we must conclude that we may not be dealing with a real suicide. And if we are not dealing with a real suicide, then we are dealing with a murder!

The "Ditz" theory.

Recently, certain individuals, questioning whether the FBI would actually engage in such a crime as to manufacture evidence (and unaware of the COINTELPRO scandal) have put forward the theory that Lisa Foster, for whatever reason, was unable to distinguish between a black and silver gun.

While I do not subscribe to this interpretation of the evidence in the FBI's fd-302a, I do wish to point out that the mere fact that Lisa Foster is talking about a silver gun invalidates her testimony. The Fiske Report's conclusion that Foster used his own gun, being based solely on the FBI's fd-302a, is destroyed, and with it, the conclusion of suicide, based partly on the aforesaid conclusion of Foster's using his own gun, is now in doubt.

The "She's Lying" theory.

Still another theory has been put forward that Lisa Foster was lying to the FBI. Were that true, why would she even use the word "silver" in describing the family gun, and why would the FBI interviewers write down such obviously useless testimony, > then transcribe it to the typed report?

The "Placeholder" theory: Where did the silver gun come from?

One question arises at this point. Just where did the FBI obtain the gun shown to Lisa Foster, the gun she did recognize as one belonging to Vincent?

During his testimony in the Whitewater Hearings, ex Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbel, in describing his actions FOLLOWING the discovery of Foster's body, stated,"We searched for Vince Foster's gun in his house".

"We searched for Vince Foster's gun in his house"

That is a very odd thing to do with the deceased's hands clutching the gun he supposedly shot himself in the mouth with.

Webster's statement only makes logical sense if he searched for Vince Foster's gun in his house to find and TAKE a gun to show to Lisa Foster to help sell the apparent suicide, not expecting a photo of the real suicide gun to hit the TV news.

It's likely that the dark blued gun found with Foster was a mere "placeholder", intended to be later traded for Foster's real gun. But the plan was ruined when Foster's real gun turned out to be silver. The cover-up was then stuck with the dark blued steel gun, with no fingerprints on it.

In any event, at the time Foster's body was discovered, Webster Hubbel was eating dinner with his family in a restaurant and appeared to be in a generally good mood. Hardly consistant with a man who knows a murder of a high ranking official and former law partner is taking place. When informed of the discovery of Foster's body, Webster is reported to have displayed genuine surprise and shock.

Ergo, unless Webster Hubbell is a masterful actor, the death of Vincent Foster caught him by surprise. His actions following may make him an accessory after the fact, but I do not believe he is the murderer.

But I firmly believe he knows who is.




[comparison photo]


[Park Police photo]

More documents.

Gun color verification. "Blood Sport" excerpt with gun color. The Hamilton request to block all photos of the suicide note. Lisa Foster's odd behavior over the gun color. Secret Service Document 2551.


"Don't believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been." -Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93.

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