The Death Of Vincent Foster

Hillary's fingerprints on Foster's records

April 30, 1996)
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The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a previous order of the House, the
gentleman from Indiana [Mr. Burton] is recognized for 5 minutes.

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Mr. BURTON of Indiana. Mr. Speaker, Newsweek magazine reported this week
that the FBI had discovered Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton's fingerprints
on billing records from the Rose law firm discovered at the White House
in January. These billing records have been under subpoena and could not
be found for over 2 years. Nobody knew where they were. And yet, just
recently, they were found in President Clinton and Mrs. Clinton's
personal residence at the White House by Mrs. Clinton's secretary.

Independent counsel Kenneth Starr is investigating to determine if
anyone obstructed justice by hiding the subpoenaed records. The billing
records supply important information about Mrs. Clinton's work for
Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan and the Castle Grande real estate
projects. Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, who at the time this was
taking place was the Lieutenant Governor under President Clinton, is on
trial right now in Arkansas for fraud because hedefaulted on loans over
$1 million related to Castle Grande.

Now, Mrs. Clinton was the billing partner at the Rose Law Firm for the
Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan account. However, she stated in a sworn
statement to the Resolution Trust Corporation that she did very little
work for Madison Guaranty and could not recall the Castle Grande

Yet, these mysterious billing records, that could not be found for over
2 years that were just found, tell a different story. They show that she
had 14 meetings and conversations with Madison executives about Castle
Grande and she drafted a comprehensive option agreement for this

Regarding the fingerprints, White House lawyers told reporters that Mrs.
Clinton reviewed the billing records during the campaign in 1992. Now,
this sounds strange, because if she reviewed them in 1992, she should
have remembered that she had done extensive work on this project and on
this comprehensive option agreement for the project.

Anyhow, they said that the fingerprints on the telephone records can
remain intact on paper and other materials for years, so her
fingerprints on the billing records do not necessarily mean that she saw
the records recently.

Now, this is very interesting, Mr. Speaker, because when Vincent Foster
died, you remember Vincent Foster , the assistant counsel to the
President at the White House, when Vincent Foster died, a suicide note
was found in his briefcase. At least that is what they called it.
Despite the fact that it had been torn into 28 pieces, you have to tear
it to get 28 pieces 14 of 15 times, there was not one single fingerprint
on any one of those pieces. Investigators and various Clinton
administration officials said at the time that it was not unusual,
because fingerprints do not attach themselves easily to paper.

Now, here we have the President's wife, the First Lady, Hillary Rodham
Clinton, her fingerprints are all over these telephone records that
nobody could find for 2 years and were found in their residence, while
they were under subpoena, incidentally, and they are saying that it is
not unusual for the fingerprints to be attached to paper, and that she
probably attached them to those documents in 1992 during the
Presidential campaign.

Now, you cannot have it both ways. Either it can be attached to paper,
you can get fingerprints on paper, or you cannot. Her fingerprints were
on the documents, but the fingerprints were not on Vince Foster 's
alleged suicide note.

Adding to the mystery, the first two times that the White House counsel
at the time, Bernie Nussbaum, search Vincent Foster 's briefcase, he did
not find any torn up note. The note was found 6 days later when another
White House aide searched the briefcase for a third time.

Now, Mr. Speaker, it has to be one way or the other. If fingerprints
attach themselves easily to paper and stay there for years, there is no
explanation for why Vincent Foster 's note had no fingerprints on them,
especially since it had been torn into 28 pieces. And if fingerprints do
not attach themselves easily to paper and if they wear off quickly, then
Mrs. Clinton must have handled the billing records more recently than
her aides are saying, which was 4 years ago, in 1992.

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