The Death Of Vincent Foster

Witnesses ignored

Foster Eyewitness Ignored
by Chris Ruddy
Pittsburg Tribune-Review

	A couple present at Ft. Marcy Park on the evening of the Vincent
Foster's death told the FBI last year that at least two individuals were
in or around the White House aide's car shortly before his body was found.
	The witness statements, which they claim were incorrectly 
recorded by the U.S. Park police, "were completely ignored' by the staff
of the Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr said.
	With the resignation of Associate Whitewater Counsel Miguel
Rodriguez in March, Starr's
staff has apparently also chosen not to re-investigate the matter.
	The witness statements add to the several dozen inconsistencies
and discrepancies in the suicide ruling, homicide experts say.


	Foster's body was found in the Civil War roadside park shortly
after 6p.m. July 20, 1993--approximately five hours after he had left the
White House West Wing.
	No one saw him alive, as far as authorities are concerned, from
the time he passed a Secret Service checkpoint at 1 p.m. that fateful
afternoon until his lifeless body was discovered at Ft. Marcy.
	According to one FBI report:  
	The first firm sighting of his car was approximately 4:30 p.m., by
a motorist who entered the small parking lot off the George Washington
Memorial Parkway.
	The motorist noted a Honda with Arkansas plates in one of the
first spots in the lot, fitting the location and description of Foster's
car.  He also observed another ca, probably of Japanese make, parked
several spots past Foster's car.  The car was occupied by an individual
described as male in his late 20's probably Mexican or Cuban, with a dark
	When the motorist left his car to urinate in nearby woods, he said
the male occupant left his car and followed him, making the motorist "feel
extremely nervous and uneasy."
	The motorist quickly relieved himself and left.

	Shortly after 5p.m. a couple who have sought to keep their
identities secret drove up to the park to enjoy a late picnic.
	Both told Fiske's FBI investigators just over a year ago that when
they entered the parking lot there was only one car parked in the lot, and
their descriptions are generally consistent with Foster's 1989 Honda and
its placement in the lot.
	The female visitor told the FBI she believed that "a white male
was seated in the driver's seat' of the vehicle.  She said he had dark
hair and "could have been bare chested."
	As the driver of the car, she had an unobstructed view of Foster's
car. which was parked to her immediate left.
	Her male companion told the FBI that he remembered the hood of the
vehicle was up and a white male was standing near the hood of Foster's
car.  He was described as "mid to late 40s, approximately 6 feet in
height, medium build, long blonde hair and beard, appeared unclean and
	The male witness said he saw the unkept man standing near Foster's
car after the had backed into the parking spot, giving him a clear view of
Foster's car to his right
	The couple said they sat in their car until about 6 p.m., and then
exited the car to have their picnic. They first learned of a problem, they
said, when emergency workers stumbled upon them during a search for the
body shortly after 6 p.m.
	The park police report gives a decidedly different representation
of their accounts.
	The scene investigation report, prepared by plainclothes
investigator Cheryl Brum, contains the only witness statements of persons
found in the park after police arrived. That report cites the couple as
having observed "a small car with a man without a shirt sitting in it' who
the couple was quoted as saying "left shortly after their arrival."
	The man with the long blond hair who had the hood raised is
described in this way:  "The final vehicle the observed was a light
colored older model that pulled in next to the deceased vehicle."  The
driver then pulled his hood up, went into the woods for a short time and
then left.
	After being shown the park police statement of her account, the
female witness told the FBI that the police statement was not true, and
did not match her recollection of what she had told them.
	The police statement implies that two cars, in addition to
Foster's Honda, were observed by the couple, who saw persons either in a
car or with the hood up.
	The FBI witness statements make clear that the male and female
both saw only one car, apparently Foster's, and individuals in or around
	In two interviews this year, the female told the Tribune-review
that she stood by her account to the FBI, which she said is consistent
with her male friend's statement of seeing only one car in the parking
	The only other vehicle that parked in the lot while they were
there was a white utility van.
Fiske's investigators concluded the van driver was the first person to
find Foster's body.
	The female witness stated she has never been contacted by anyone
on Starr's staff, nor has she or her friend been summoned before a grand
	A spokesman for the park police, Maj. Robert Hines, said Officer
Braum was not available for comment on the case. He added that the park
police stood by her report and police report.


	Fiske's 58-page report makes no mention of the witness statements,
which were part of his investigation and released by the Senate Banking
Committee this year.
	According to a source close to the investigation, Rodriguez
believed the witness statements were supportive of evidence Foster's body
had been transported to the park.
	No time has ever been nailed down for Foster's death, and the
Fiske report concludes death could have occurred from the time Foster left
the White House up until the time the body was found.

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