The Death Of Vincent Foster

Vincent & Hillary

  The following quote is from the January 1994 issue of American Spectator,
article entitled "Living with the Clintons" by David Brock

"Patterson once saw the two in a compromising position at a birthday 
party for Hillary held at the little Rock French restaurant
Alouette's. Bill also attended. While seated at the restaurant's bar,
outside the dining room, Patterson said he observed Hillary and
another woman from the Rose firm, Carolyn Huber, come out to the bar
for a private chat. Soon thereafter, Foster emerged from the dining
room on his way to the men's room. 'He came up behind Hillary, and
squeezed her rear end with both of his hands. Then  he winked and gave
me the 'OK'  sign,'  Patterson said. 'On the way back, Huber was
turned away, and  Vince put his hand over one of Hillary's breasts and
made the same 'OK' sign to me. And she just stood there cooing, 'Oh
Vince. Oh  Vince.'" 

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