The Crimes of Mena:

The Witnesses and the Evidence

Question asked of President William J. Clinton at a News Conference held in the East Room of the White House at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday, October 7, 1994.
     Yes, Sarah? 
     Q: Sir, the Republicans are trying to blame you for the existence
  of a small airbase at Mena, Arkansas. This base was set up by George
  Bush and Oliver North and the CIA to help the Iran-Contras, and they
  brought in planeload after planeload of cocaine there for sale in the
  United States, and then they took the money and bought weapons and took
  them back to the Contras, all of which was illegal as you know under
  the Boland Act. But tell me, did they tell you that this had to be in
  existence because of national security? 
     A: Well, let me answer the question. No, they didn't tell me anything 
  about it. They didn't say anything to me about it. The airport in question,
  and all the events in question, were the subject of state and federal
  inquiries. It was primarily a matter for federal jurisdiction. The state
  really had next to nothing to do with it. The local prosecutor did conduct
  an investigation based on what was within the jurisdiction of state law.
  The rest of it was under the jurisdiction of the United States attorneys
  who were appointed successively by previous administrations. We had
  nothing -- zero -- to do with it, and everybody whose ever looked into
  it knows that. 

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