The Oklahoma City Bombing

PROOF there were additional explosive charges.


Tiffany Bible affidavit

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Tiffany Bible was a paramedic called to the Murrah Building following the bombing. This affidavit reports three important facts. 
1. The ATF were not in the building.
2. That the ATF was already putting out a story that the Murrah Building was bombed "because of Waco" only a few hours after the actual blast and before Tim McVeigh was even arrested.
3. That an unexploded bomb was found attached to a gas line inside the building.

Arlene Blanchard Press Release

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Arlene was a survivor of the bombing. In this press release, issued at the time of her grand jury appearance, she reveals that she was ordered to keep silent about what she knew of the bombing by the Army under threat of court martial.

DoD Atlantic Command Memo

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This memo, issued 36 hours after the bombing, reports at least two additional bombs were found in the Murrah Building.

FEMA Situation Report

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This FEMA memo also reports at least two additional bombs were found in the Murrah Building.

U.S. Forces Command Daily Log

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Again, confirmation of at least two additional bombs which were found in the Murrah Building.

Joe Harp affidavit

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Joe Harp, based on his military explosives experience, refutes the ANFO claim and identifies the additional bombs he sees removed from the building as being military in nature.

Jane Graham Statement

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This statement by a survivor tells of three men she saw in the Murrah Building Garage the week prior to the bombing, and the FBI's obvious disinterest in the matter.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Radio Logs

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These four pages are the radio log of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Note that the reports of additional bombs are confirmed by the fire department.

Virgil Steele Affidavit

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Virgil Steele is the elevator inspector who discovered that the story told by a senior BATF agent about being trapped in a plummeting elevator was a lie. The elevators were in working order except for being without power, and nobody had been trapped in them. Virgil also sees two additional bombs being removed from the building.

Recently, in response to repeated attempts to claim that the above documents are fakes, independent corroboration of the above documents was performed by two posters to the Free Republic web site named "roughrider" and "rwfromkansas".

Working from the information contained within the documents themselves, roughrider arrived at the following conclusions.

06/13/2001 16:05:32 PDT by roughrider

The following investigation was conducted at 11:00 AM this morning. I obtained the following information: 

The FEMA Regional Office that is responsible for the Oklahoma City area was telephoned. The woman who answered
provided the following information: 

There is no one in DELL GREER's former office, as there are two disasters to which the FEMA Regional Office was
responding on 6/13/2001, one in Southern Louisiana and one in Texas. DELL GREER has not worked for FEMA in
some years. GREER did work in that office for FEMA at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing. The name RICHARD
W. KRIMM was familiar to the woman, but KRIMM also no longer works for FEMA. FEMA employs "media
monitors" in their regional offices. The media monitors watch television coverage of disasters to which FEMA is
responding. The purpose of the media monitors is to ascertain if the media coverage is accurate, so that FEMA can issue
press releases if any inaccurate information is broadcast. FEMA officials like DELL GREER would not put reports
from "media sources" in a press release, but might put them in internal communications such as a Situation Report.
FEMA is not responsible for investigations of such criminal matters as the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal
Building. FEMA is tasked with providing personnel, material, and other assistance for search, rescue, and disaster
relief and recovery. This being the case, until the responsible law enforcement agencies disseminate information to
FEMA, FEMA must learn what is happening through monitoring the news media. FEMA does receive information from
the wire services. She concurred that FEMA is not responsible for informing the public what caused the explosion at the
Alfred P. Murrah Building, and that the described content of the FEMA Situation Report Number 5, written by DELL
GREER to RICHARD W. KRIMM is only descriptive of the media reports to which GREER had access at that time.
Other situation reports subsequent to Number 5 might have been changed to reflect the change in the media reports from
two unexploded bombs to no unexploded bombs. The time 2100L on the Situation Report Number 5 is military time and
reflects that the document was written on 4/20/2001 at 9:00 PM. She suggested that the FEMA web site might reveal
more. She asked how a FEMA internal document found its way to the Internet, and I responded that I did not know, but it
was my understanding that several FEMA documents concerning the bombing have been made public, and there was no
classification stamp on the copy I saw on the Internet. 

Unless anyone is still not satisfied, I am closing down the investigation. The references in the FEMA and DOD
documents came from the same media reports that indicated two unexploded bombs were removed from the Murrah
Building, and it is my conclusion that this explains the similarity in wording. Both FEMA and DOD Atlantic Command
were only interested in disaster relief and recovery efforts and were not responsible for investigating the bombing,
therefore they were relying on extant media reports to inform superiors. It is reasonable to conclude that, as the media
reports changed, additional communications were disseminated by both agencies to update their respective management
teams about the changing situation. The documents only serve as proof that the media did indeed report that unexploded
bombs were removed, not that FEMA employees saw them. 

Subsequently, rwfromkansas telephoned the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee and verbally confirmed that the above documents are known to Charles Key's investigation.

The above documents are genuine.

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