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The whole firearm was constructed by hand from steel tubing, shaft lock collars and a few nuts and bolts!



Weapon Type - Machine Pistol
Action - Open bolt fully automatic
Calibre - .32/.380
Capacity - 16/14
OAL - 18 ¾
Barrel Length - 9"
Weight unloaded - 4lbs 9oz
Sights - None
Safety - None
Construction materials - Tube, Collars, Nuts and Bolts
Material availability - Good
Tools required - Hand only

Purpose - Home underground manufacture for defence and resistance

Opposite you can see a schematic diagram of the machine gun.

Please click the picture to zoom in.



The tube sizes shown below are those required to construct the major component parts for the expedient machine pistol, i.e. receivers, barrel, magazine and breech block etc.

1. 30x30x2mm UPPER RECEIVER
2. 30x30x1.6mm LOWER RECEIVER
3. 25.40x12.70x1.6mm + 12.70x0.91mm MAGAZINE
4. 14.29x3.25mm BARREL
5. 12.70x2.03mm BREECH BLOCK
6. 15.88x34.93x1.6mm MAGAZINE WELL
7. 40x20x1.6mm GRIP
8. 50.80x1.6mm TRIGGER GUARD

The ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) tubing is very useful for the construction of receivers and magazine, or as sleeving to reinforce or increase the diameter of another tube. It should not be used as gun barrelling - unless nothing else is available - due to its welded-seam construction. The SMT (Seemless Mechanical Tube) is ideal for improvised gun barrels. Because of the many different tube sizes available, it is possible to construct a barrel to suit almost any calibre of firearm. Where possible, heavy-gauge tube should be used for barrel or a lighter gauge suitably reinforced with a second tube or steel collars. While many tubes will be of perfectly adequate strength on their own, it is only common sense to make the tube as strong as possible, providing the design of the gun will allow it.

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