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Here are some home-movies of people shooting various fully-automatic weapons. Enjoy!

3 belt fed guns a ".wmv" movie, 870,980-bytes in size

AR-10 shorty video a ".mpg" movie, 473,092-bytes in size

CAR-15 Video a ".mpg" movie, 3,788,391-bytes in size

Dry Creek Arizona Machine Gun Shoot Video a ".wmv" movie, 2,769,779-bytes in size

Full Auto Glock Video a ".mpeg" movie, 3,169,936-bytes in size

G11 Video a ".mpg" movie, 1,396,740-bytes in size

9mm M16 Video a ".wmv" movie, 9,935,768-bytes in size

M60 Video a ".mpg" movie, 1,683,460-bytes in size

MG-42 Video a ".mpg" movie, 1,138,692-bytes in size

PPSH video a ".mpg" movie, 1,064,964-bytes in size

ROF submachine gun video a ".mpg" movie, 537,216-bytes in size

RPD video a ".mpg" movie, 1,073,156-bytes in size

Full Auto Ruger 10-22 video a ".mpeg" movie, 681,988-bytes in size

Silenced MAC-10, 50-rounds Full Auto a ".mpg" movie, 1,292,292-bytes in size

Sten Gun Video a ".wmv" movie, 14,313,576-bytes in size

Swedish K Video a ".mpg" movie, 1,064,964-bytes in size

Silenced Uzi Video a ".wmv" movie, 6,123,636-bytes in size

Uzi Video a ".mpg" movie, 6,347,816-bytes in size


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